Types of Content Marketing: What you need to know about this strategy

Types of Content Marketing: What you need to know about this strategy

Types of Content Marketing: What you need to know about this strategy



Several types of content marketing can revolutionize the way you work today. Blog posts and audiovisual productions are the most widely used currently, but many other types of content strategies can be applied. When we talk about content marketing, we talk mainly about the power of making relevant information available to your users.

With that in mind, we have prepared this article with preliminary information on the subjects that you need to know, considering the progressive potential of content marketing for businesses.

Here, you will learn a little more about the concept, the types, and tips for applying content marketing to your company.

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What is content marketing?

 Content marketing is a subclass or often referred to as a subcategory of digital marketing that aims to produce content related to a company’s market niche. Its goal is to add value to the brand on a digital platform so that people and search engines understand the relevance of your business. It’s a marketing strategy that regards the importance of relevant content on a given subject. The aim is for brands to show mastery of the product or service they are selling.



How does content marketing work in practice?

Suppose a mattress company has a website with recognized authority in the niche — complete and essential content on the subject — their leads (and the search engine tools) will understand that the brand has, in fact, knowledge on the subject. More than that, the user will also spend more time on the platform browsing the content and increasing the possibility of becoming a potential customer.


This strategy also generates engagement of consumers and potential customers with a brand through engaging content that will make a difference. To this end, some tools help entrepreneurs understand the biggest questions of the target audience on the subject. For example, keyword search engines are mechanisms that, in a nutshell, show what people are looking for and how they are looking for it. 


Still, in the same example, if you are a mattress store and noticed an extensive search volume for the keyword “best mattress options,” it is interesting that you produce content related to this subject, using this keyword as the focus of your production. 


This is a combined strategy between content marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), helping your site achieve a good ranking in search engines. We can also say that content marketing is one of the leading and most efficient SEO practices you can adopt.

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Learn about the main types of content marketing and application tips

Below, we have selected some content marketing possibilities for you to get inspired and include in your platform:



 1. Blog post-productions

Blog post productions are the best-known content marketing practices, and the reasons for this are their excellent results. This is a strategy to attract and convert users and customers. Another essential alternative is to use guest posts — in other words, produce content for sites with a similar market focus to your business to add even more users to your platform.

Don’t forget to consider the keywords pointed out by the keyword tools to reach your content as much as possible.



2. Images and videos

The importance of producing images and videos for your platform is mainly because users increasingly consume non-verbal communications. Therefore, it is essential to invest time in planning to create audiovisual content that is attractive and relevant to your user. Go beyond the aesthetics and think about what can be helpful for your consumers and potential customers.

Remember that the intention is to keep users longer on your platform and convert it into revenue organically.



3. Podcast

Podcasts are gaining more and more space within content marketing, but it is not for everyone. It’s essential to also consider the quality of your production, both for the content disseminated and technically. Podcast production is even more relevant for some niches and should be an efficient content marketing strategy.

In this case, you can also take advantage of the most searched keywords to decide the subjects discussed in each episode.



4. Infographics

In the same sense as audiovisual productions, infographics work by providing information in a visual and non-verbal way. For example, could you put it in images or GIFs instead of bringing data in text format? Generally speaking, there are three ways to make infographics: static, animated, and interactive.

Consider your target audience before deciding on the best infographic for your platform!



5. E-Books

Finally, the e-book is less well-known and used than the others on the list, but with the same conversion potential. This is a chance for complete and dense content, unlike a blog post, for example. It is essential to invest time and knowledge to include all the information in the document.

An interesting tip is to make landing pages available in PDF format to access the content easily.


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These are the main types of content marketing that you can consider applying to your brand. But, again, remember to think about the needs of your target audience and what they crave as consumers.

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