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Mike Deluca

Mike Deluca,
Managing Partner

Professional Summary
Mike Deluca founded Rocket Driver in 2011, offering white-label digital solutions and infrastructure to entrepreneurs and agencies worldwide, as well as best-in-class services, technology, resources, and world-class support.

He assembled a team of award-winning marketers, designers, and developers that understand what it takes to produce results. He will continue to focus on the most critical KPIs, such as leads and revenue generated.

Mike has learned over the last 30 years that accomplishing these objectives propels businesses further, and he recognizes that your client’s success is the best measurement of his own performance.

He works hard at Rocket Driver to develop innovative strategies, products, and services that exceed his competitors’ and clients’ expectations. Because he understands that each of your clients is unique, he believes in crafting personalized tactics and creating a one-of-a-kind strategy to assist your clients in attaining exceptional results.

His solution-oriented approach empowers everyone, including his staff, partners, and, of course, your clients, to achieve greatness. Furthermore, Rocket Driver’s ability to deliver unique products and services designed with forwarding scalability allows him to capitalize on every opportunity that occurs.

Always a step ahead of the competition
While some white label service providers fear change, Michael sees it as a necessary measure in the complex world of digital marketing. Rocket Driver approaches online marketing, design, and development with a proactive mindset regarding new technology and methods. By having an open mind to change, he has helped clients move past the competition and achieve outcomes that exceeded their initial expectations by keeping an open mind to change.

We appreciate you and your clients
Michael has never undervalued the importance of any partner or client; after all, both parties are our most essential stakeholders, which is why our staff provides a smooth experience and outstanding results to any one part of the Rocket Driver family. We accomplish this by being inventive, one-of-a-kind, and personalized.

To develop results-driven and unique solutions for our clients, we draw on our limitless resources, abilities, and creativity. As a result, you and your clients will reach new heights of success and expansion, opening the road for your company to flourish.

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Mike Deluca

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