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White Label Client Portal

Included in your partnership

Help businesses succeed in their own Business Portal, Reporting & Store to manage their online strategy.

White Label Client-Facing Dashboard​

White Label Client-Facing Dashboard

Your clients and prospects get to access everything a business needs to succeed, end-to-end, under your brand, allowing them to manage their digital strategy and grow their business. Included for FREE, SMS Inbox Messaging, Booking Calendar, 3rd Party Connections Reporting, Automated Reporting, and a whole lot more.

Retain more clients and close more prospects with the Client-Facing Dashboard

White-Labeled With Your Brand And Logo Icon

White-labeled with your brand and logo

Your brand and logo on your client in the dashboard, positioning you as their local expert.

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Easy access with single sign-on

Provide a single entry point for your products, services, files, store, and reporting

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Give your clients access anywhere they are, on any device.

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Customer Management

Give clients a place to collect and manage their leads and customers.

File Sharing​


Send documents, PDFs, and files to your clients with file-sharing

Cutting edge reports that get your client's thinking

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Drive Sales - A Mobile-Friendly Up-Selling Machine.

Freemium solutions

Offer try-before-you-buy feature-rich software solutions at no cost that leads to upsell opportunities. Reputation Management, Listings Management, Social Media, SEO, and Advertising Apps show your prospects immediate value. Keep your agency top of mind.

Invite users to the client-facing dashboard

Business owners can add their staff to the dashboard to manage and collaborate as a team. Even better, there are no restrictions to the number of users a company may have on a single account!

SMS Inbox Messaging

It's an SMS messaging platform for local businesses, allowing them to connect with their consumers in the way they choose, all from a single location in their client-facing dashboard app for team collaboration. We also added Facebook and Instagram Messenger, Google Messages, WhatsApp, and others, resulting in a complete customer communications center.

Booking Calendar

This is also a free feature in the client-facing dashboard! Your prospects and customers can create booking links, sync appointments with Google Calendar, and specify their availability, among other things. It enables a company and its end-users to discover times that work, reducing the tedium of scheduling meetings, all from within their dashboard.

3rd Party Connections Reporting

By integrating everything into one app, the third-party connections provided by the client-facing dashboard enable your agency to demonstrate value and proof-of-performance quickly. We provide access to a growing number of partners, such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, and others.

Automated reporting

Proof-of-performance automated reporting within the client-facing dashboard to show your clients where they're winning or losing in multiple areas. Your clients receive an automated email every 30 days when their Report is ready, further engaging them within the client-facing dashboard.


Clients with several company locations? Not a problem! We have a multi-location client-facing dashboard that aggregates data from each location into a top-level display. Compare location performance easily to identify which are winning and which require more attention.


This section showcases all of the products and services your agency has to offer, and when your prospects or clients click on a product, the system intelligently notifies your company that they are interested, giving your team the perfect opportunity to hop on a call with the client. Embed the store on your marketing website and use it as a prospecting tool.