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White Label Marketing

Increase Your Profits Immediately.

Rocket Driver is one of the largest and best White Label Marketing agencies globally — and we have a killer track record to prove it. With our elite Ads team and state-of-the-art technologies, your client can expect more targeted traffic, qualified leads, and more revenue with a custom marketing campaign specifically designed for their business.

Why Should You Outsource Your PPC?​

Why Should You Outsource Your Marketing?

White Label Digital Marketing Agency Services by Rocket Driver are always fully managed and turn-key. We have been in business since 2011 and have an intelligent integrated strategy and the experience that you can expect from a content marketing agency.

We are most effective at helping local, regional, national, and global businesses boost their client leads, increase their revenue, and help their business get traffic fast.

We can use Google, Bing, Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms to expand our reach and get in front of people looking for their products and services right now. It’s also the most cost-effective for resellers like you.

We’re your partner agency to accomplish measurable and specific goals ranging from customer engagement and sales conversion to web traffic.

With more than a decade of experience under our belt, we provide optimal white label PPC services to B2B clients. By partnering with Rocket Driver for white label PPC services, you can leverage our all-encompassing services featuring our state-of-the-art platform, dedicated team of advertising experts, timely and up-to-date campaign reports, and a proven strategy backed by pure experience.

It’s time to empower your marketers, clients, and sales staff and gain an unfair edge over your competition with our cutting-edge white-label marketing solutions.

What Your Clients Get

When they need to be noticed immediately, advertising is a powerful solution.

At Rocket Driver, we offer experienced advertising consulting and campaign management, so your clients can get:

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More Clients

Your client will attract more customers by appearing at the top of the search engine results using effective strategies.

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More Profit

Our team will lower the cost-per-click and increase click-throughs by fine-tuning the campaigns using A.I. and pure experience.

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More Calls

When we increase the targeted leads, it becomes easier to convert those leads into paying clients.

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More Qualified Leads

Your client chooses who receives the ads depending on various factors, including demographics and time of day.

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More Control

Your clients have the freedom of setting when, where, and how many times they want their ads shown, along with how much to spend on each ad.

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More Mobile Customers

Expand your client's reach to include people on the go. Mobile devices account for more than 68 percent of all paid search clicks.

Did you know that Google accounts for 64% of U.S. search traffic?

Our network goes above and beyond, covering 98% of places where consumers search on the web. How's that for reach?

Why do agencies love our White-Label Digital Marketing Services?

White-Label Platform

Use our state-of-the-art- white-label marketing platform to find more customers, sell advertising services, and grow your business.

Dedicated Team

Experienced team of advertising specialists certified by Google and Facebook to manage your clients' campaigns.

Proven Strategy

When we increase the targeted leads, it becomes easier to convert those leads into paying clients.

Campaign Reports

Your clients need the metrics that matter the most, automate their reporting and find out what's making your clients money. Be the trusted digital ad expert with our state-of-the-art reporting platform.

White Label Marketing Services

Social Media Ads

Our white label Social Media Ads build your client's business with an innovative social media ad solution that goes beyond likes.

Search Marketing

More traffic, better results. Search engine marketing can substantially increase your client's visibility to their customers quickly and pinpoint those ready to buy.

Targeted Display Advertising

With consistent and powerful marketing on trustworthy sites that frequently target your client's audience, your client will be top-of-mind everywhere on the web.

YouTube Ads & Video Advertising

Consumers have moved to online video viewing. Your client needs to embrace the trend to grow their local brand awareness.

Performance-Based Marketing

Our revolutionary strategy enables your clients to reach their target audience more frequently at lower costs based only on actual lead revenue generated.

Local Trust & National scale

Our white label Digital Marketing provides your clients with an unrivaled competitive edge for them to grow and thrive.

We reach one in every two adults in the United States, led by USA TODAY and augmented by local media brands in the USA TODAY NETWORK.
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Cutting-Edge Technology

Powerful algorithms do what no human can

Powerful algorithms do what no human can.

Rocket Driver's proprietary Optimization technology uniquely uses data-driven A.I. to learn how, when, and where to place your client's ads, then it adjusts automatically based on what's driving results.

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Your client's marketing budget doesn't stop at just search, and neither do we.

Utilizing the leads from your client's advertising campaign, Rocket Driver's platform identifies lookalike audiences across Facebook and Instagram and creates an ideal customer profile. We give your client's business more potential new customers while amplifying their marketing budget.

Invest your clients advertising dollars with total confidence

Invest your client's advertising dollars with total confidence.

Clicks and impressions are valuable, but quality leads are far superior. With the right technology and the proper guidance, Rocket Driver's digital marketing services get your client's noticed online.

Our White Label PPC Management



Supply us with the client’s website, target audience, budget, and location, and we’ll provide a robust white-label detailed analysis with a strategy based on your client’s objectives.


Project Management

You and your clients are assigned a dedicated project manager to discuss the next steps in the campaign and align your client’s objectives in the white-label project management platform.



Once the campaign goes live, we will hop on a call with you and your client and how to access the white label reporting dashboard and track results.



Our ads team will monitor the campaign performance and check in regularly to discuss campaign highlights and answer any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

White label marketing is when a white label marketing agency provides digital marketing for another reseller, company, or agency at wholesale prices. As a result, the services are resold for retail to their clients, allowing them to associate the finished product with the reseller.

A white label marketing agency provides Social Media Ads, Search Marketing, Targeted Display Advertising, YouTube Ads & Video Advertising, and Performance-Based Marketing, to name a few, at wholesale prices to be resold at retail.

The white label digital marketing services could be Web Design, Business Listings, Social Media Marketing, SEO Services, Reputation Management, and PPC Marketing, to name a few.

Choosing a reputable, high-quality white label digital marketing partner is critical since you will be incorporating another agency’s digital marketing services into your own.