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Social Media Management Tools

Great for agencies that want to keep their Social in-house or for clients who desire more of a DIY solution.

Our White Label Social Media Management Software provides a complete suite of social media management tools under your brand that enables businesses to manage, analyze, and develop their social media presence.


White Label Social Media Management Tools, positioning you as the industry expert.

Instantly offer clients your social branded app, which includes everything they need to effortlessly manage and track the ROI of their social media — no setup or coding necessary.

Quickly discover new clients who need assistance with their social media presence.

Provide your sales reps with in-depth knowledge of the businesses that require your assistance. Personalized social media reports spark meaningful discussions that lead to increased sales for your agency.

Build your clients' following on social media

Provide stellar service on behalf of your clients

Deliver quality social content while saving time

Quickly make posts to multiple locations.

DIY solution for your clients.

Empower your clients to create the ideal post for each social network in one location – in an app that both parties can manage.

Rocket Driver provides you with social software that you can call your own, delivering your clients a cutting-edge solution.

DIY Solution For Your Clients.​
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Reporting that drives your client's success

Access a 360-degree view of all your social media efforts through robust, automated reporting.

The white label client-facing dashboard rolls everything up into an executive report, providing you and your end clients a deep understanding of their post-performance and your marketing efforts. Both parties can better understand how their social media is performing today and the flexibility to plan for tomorrow.

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By analyzing all social networks and ad campaigns in one place, you save time.

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Track the metrics that you care about with rich engagement statistics.

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Understand which hashtags and keywords are the most effective across networks.

Product-Led Growth Strategy

We provide partners with a suite of freemium software solutions called the Online Business Suite that offers immediate value to your prospects and clients.
Offer A Business Suite Of Software

Offer A Business Suite Of Software

Offer limited software editions for your clients' most important products, such as social media management, listings, and reputation management, providing your agency with instant credibility and value.

Powerful Product Upsells

Powerful Product Upsells

We enable the agency to offer product upsells to pro versions of our white-label software with all the bells and whistles.

personalized upgrade path

Personalized Upgrade Path

Create a personalized upgrade path for any product or service, including your own managed reputation services or those provided by Rocket Driver.

Frequently Asked Questions

White Label Social Media Management Software is when a white label marketing agency licenses an existing software technology to a reseller, company, or agency at wholesale prices. As a result, the Social Media platform is resold retail to their clients, allowing them to associate the software with the reseller. The Social Media Software will have your company name, logo, colors, and your retail price.

White Label Social Media is when a white label social media agency provides the service for another reseller, company, or agency at a wholesale price. As a result, the social media services are resold for retail to their clients, allowing them to associate the finished product with the reseller.

There are three types of social media tools in general. There are platforms for listening, publishing, and competitive analysis are all examples.

Each tool tackles social media from a unique perspective. They may all work together to help your brand fulfill all of its social media and business goals.

Social media management tools are available to make the social media manager’s job easier while also increasing marketing efficiency and performance. Social media management tools are pieces of software that marketers use to monitor better and manage their social media networks. They frequently assist marketers in more efficiently planning, drafting, and scheduling content.

Social media analytics tools are components of web application analysis software used to monitor, analyze, and ultimately enhance the performance of social media campaigns.

Definitely! For a long time, it has been one of the most cost-effective web marketing strategies. Social media allows you to increase your exposure and brand recognition. Good social networking tools assist you in finding new content to promote.