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Customer Reviews Software

Quickly gather reviews to grow your client's business. Industry-leading White Label customer feedback tool.

Our White Label Customer Reviews Software will aid your clients in acquiring authentic reviews via text or email on the sites that matter most and increase their customer loyalty. More reviews equal more traffic and sales.

Solicit Consumer Feedback

Solicit consumer feedback with personalized messaging

Help your clients customize messages to match their brand identity to boost open and click-through rates. Reach out to customers by text or email to successfully collect customer feedback for a single location or across an entire multi-site business.

Help your clients reach their customers any way they want

Customer Reviews Software provides easy-to-use solutions that increase the frequency and speed your clients receive online reviews.

Mobile Kiosk captures happy client reviews at the point of sale or service when they are most likely to leave a review. Use our Email Signature Widget to proactively ask for feedback in every email that your clients send.

Collect reviews on sites that only make a huge impact

Positive ratings help companies stand out in local searches! Your customers can provide feedback on third-party review sites, social network accounts, and first-party landing pages.

Thanks to our fantastic Review Generation Widget, they will never miss an opportunity to collect genuine consumer feedback on their website.

Collect Reviews On Sites
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Measure performance effectively

Measure your client’s success with a conversion funnel that will track their progress over time. Filter by specific locations or get an at-a-glance roll-up of a brand’s success.


Did you know that text messages have a 98% open rate?

Our SMS review requests feature is an effective method of collecting online reviews for your clients.
Customer Reviews Software

Provide your clients our Customer Reviews software for FREE!

We offer two editions of our customer reviews tool: Customer Reviews Lite and Customer Reviews Pro. The Lite edition is a simplified tool with essential features such as saving one template and sending 15 emails per month. Once your clients come to know and love the Lite edition, they can easily upgrade to the Reviews Pro edition and unlock more features to gather customer feedback and grow their online reviews.

Product-Led Growth Strategy

We provide partners with a suite of freemium software solutions called the Online Business Suite that offers immediate value to your prospects and clients.
Offer A Business Suite Of Software

Offer A Business Suite Of Software

Offer limited software editions for your clients' most important products, such as social media management, listings, and reputation management, providing your agency with instant credibility and value.

Powerful Product Upsells

Powerful Product Upsells

We enable the agency to offer product upsells to pro versions of our white-label software with all the bells and whistles.

personalized upgrade path

Personalized Upgrade Path

Create a personalized upgrade path for any product or service, including your own managed reputation services or those provided by Rocket Driver.

Frequently Asked Questions

White Label Customer Reviews Software is when a white label marketing agency licenses an existing software technology to a reseller, company, or agency at wholesale prices.

As a result, the Customer Reviews Software is resold retail to their clients, allowing them to associate the software with the reseller. The Customer Reviews Software will have your company name, logo, colors, and your retail price.


Find out what’s trending and discover new followers with our lead searches feature.

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