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Digital Marketing Analytics Tool

AI-powered solutions let you run powerful campaigns with your software doing the bulk of the work.

Ad Intel, our white label reporting tool, consolidates your end client’s digital marketing ad campaigns from many platforms for easy comparison. Get the essential analytics, automate reporting, and understand what generates them money. With Ad Intel, you can become the go-to local digital ad expert.



Our multi-location digital marketing analytics tool is helpful for single-location and multi-location enterprises. Provide reporting on Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google Search, Display Ads, YouTube ads, and more.

Advanced Intel Reporting

generating revenue

Determine what is generating revenue for your clients.

Ad Intel provides your end clients with real-time automated reporting beyond standard ad metrics and data points. You can show actual digital advertising ROI by integrating live reporting and unique sales data, keeping them well informed without having to lift a finger.

AI Smarter Campaigns

Smarter campaigns are made possible by intelligent comparison tools.

With confidence, examine your advertising data with intelligent analytics and comparison tools to help you become an expert at determining which sorts of advertising are producing the best results for your clients.

collaborate on any level

Collaborate on Any Level

Ad Intel adjusts to the level of involvement necessary from each of your clients. Monitor their digital marketing campaigns together, handle it all for them, or let them do it all independently.

Rocket Driver Advantage

Single sign-on white label client-facing dashboard and weekly professional reports of all your client’s digital marketing.

White Label Ad Fulfillment

Our team of ad strategists can fulfill and deliver regardless of your agency’s experience or size. Use our elite white-labeled in-house professionals in tandem with Ad Intel.
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Product-Led Growth Strategy

We provide partners with a suite of freemium software solutions called the Online Business Suite that offers immediate value to your prospects and clients.
Offer A Business Suite Of Software

Offer A Business Suite Of Software

Offer limited software editions for your clients' most important products, such as social media management, listings, and reputation management, providing your agency with instant credibility and value.

Powerful Product Upsells

Powerful Product Upsells

We enable the agency to offer product upsells to pro versions of our white-label software with all the bells and whistles.

personalized upgrade path

Personalized Upgrade Path

Create a personalized upgrade path for any product or service, including your own managed reputation services or those provided by Rocket Driver.

Frequently Asked Questions

A good reporting dashboard will display statistics, but a great dashboard will be interactive. In actuality, visual data reporting, on the other hand, is considerably more thorough; it provides the information and also allows you to engage with it.

PPC reports are exactly what they sound like. It is a report that is used to show the results of your PPC campaign. By reviewing the data, you can determine how effectively your PPC campaign fulfills your objectives and what you can do to optimize it.

Here is a list of the finest digital marketing tools recommended for reaching, acting on, engaging, and converting your target consumers.

• Search Engine Optimization: Organic search.
• Paid Search: AdWords.
• Social Media Marketing (PR and influencer)
• Email Marketing / Marketing Automation.
• Content Marketing.