Why You Should Use a White Label Digital Marketing Agency

Why You Should Use a White Label Digital Marketing Agency

Running a digital agency is not an easy task. What is even more challenging is building it from the ground up or trying to scale. A common question that always comes to mind is focusing on the clients or the tools and resources needed to manage them. The answer is both. 

Because of the unprecedented circumstances in 2020 and that will continue throughout 2021 and beyond, businesses worldwide need to fix their online presence immediately to be competitive online. Your agency needs to have the ability to offer a wide range of digital services, have an experienced team, state-of-the-art technology, and the best prices and resources to acquire and retain them. When it comes to the reputation of your agency, you can’t afford to be unprepared.  

To ensure that you are ready to offer these digital services, you need to outsource to an entire white label digital solutions provider, Rocket Driver, an industry leader since 2011. 

What are White-Label Digital Services?

In the simplest of words, it refers to reselling digital solutions using your brand. It means that you can offer services allowing you to use your business name, logo, colors, and pricing. Each solution is rebranded to be sold by you (the digital agency) purchased at wholesale prices to be resold to clients at a retail price. 

Besides, it lets you offer these services without developing the software, wasting time maintaining the technology, or hiring a team to run the clients’ digital campaigns. 

Why Use A White-Label Digital Solutions Provider?

White-labeling digital solutions might seem like a new concept, but it’s not. If you want to compete in today’s market, you need to have an all-star team and state-of-the-art software to fulfill your client’s needs. 

The following reasons below will help you better understand why you should use a full white-label digital solutions provider. 

#1 Increase Profit 

Using a white-label digital solutions provider, you can quickly scale your business by utilizing the Rocket Driver team instead of having your in-house team, which is not scalable and very expensive. 

Our white-label digital services were explicitly designed for agency-to-client collaboration, allowing our in-house team to manage all of your client’s online digital needs in a scalable and fully transparent white-label way. 

Our white-label digital solutions are adaptable to any service model, so it works great whether you’re offering DIY solutions or having us manage them for you. 

#2 Jumpstart Your Business 

If you are struggling to jumpstart or scale your agency, there isn’t a better option than to use a white-label digital solutions provider. Trying to juggle various digital solutions or campaigns on your own is not an ideal situation for any agency. You can’t scale and will end up with issues on delivering the services to the client. With Rocket Driver’s white-label digital services, you get to fill in the gaps and show clients that you are a full-service digital agency. It will allow you to keep current clients and find new ones. There is no denying that acquiring new clients can be challenging. However, preserving them is even more complicated. 

Partnering with Rocket Driver allows you to diversify your service offerings and helps boost client retention to take your business to new heights.  

#3 Add New Services and Expand Your Business 

Business expansion is essential. But, scaling the business is even better. The goal is to increase revenue and minimize cost, and this can be accomplished when you use a white-label digital solutions provider like Rocket Driver. You get to grow your agency instantly by adding new services. 

By partnering with Rocket Driver, you have the opportunity to offer the core foundational digital services that all businesses need to look credible online, get found online, become competitive online, and eventually dominate their markets.

These services are: 

The fact is that most businesses need digital marketing services that easily align together. If you want to provide an additional service that aligns with a service you currently offer, it might be best to provide both services, giving you the ability to bring in more clients. 

Focus on Core Business Values 

When you partner with an industry leader like Rocket Driver, you can focus on your brand and core values. Our experienced white-label team sets up and manages all of the campaigns and handles your clients, letting you focus on your core business values, allowing your agency to become more efficient and attractive to businesses. 

What to Look For When Partnering with a White-Label Digital Solutions Provider?

Partnering with a white-label social media solution provider can sometimes be a difficult decision to make. However, the information that we are providing will help you make that decision relatively easy. 


Since we use our smartphones more than anything else, you must partner with a white label digital solutions provider that is fully mobile. This means all training portals, sales rep’s marketing portals, knowledge bases, and client-facing dashboards should be easily accessible on a mobile or tablet. Every solution needs to adapt to the device you use.  

100% Rebrand-Able

Another critical factor that can’t be overlooked is the capability of all the solutions, services, tools, and marketing materials to be fully rebranded. Agencies might want to place their logo on the reports. Thus, it would help if you found a solution that offers 100% rebrand-ability. 

Affordable Wholesale Pricing & Reliability 

A lot of agencies only focus on the pricing of services and forget about reliability. We understand that it all comes down to cost at the end of the day but don’t allow your agency to get in trouble by being pennywise and dollar foolish. Let us explain. 

The perfect scenario is for you to find the best of both worlds, meaning you need to partner with a white label digital solutions provider that offers competitive wholesale pricing without sacrificing quality. It’s the key to your agency’s success. 

White-Label Digital Solutions

If you partner with a full White-label digital solutions provider, like Rocket Driver, you will have the ability to offer various services and solutions to your prospects or clients. 

Here are a few critical services you must provide for clients to help them with their online presence. 

White Label Website Design Services 

Our web team has over 20 years of experience developing beautifully designed custom websites. We handle everything on our end, from offering you a wholesale quote to delivering the finished product in record time. 

The largest companies on the planet rely more and more on the world’s most advanced, responsive front-end framework that we use. By offering this unique website solution to your prospects, you will immediately separate yourself from the competition!

Your clients will be in the same league as these companies below. Here are some brands that are using Zurb Foundation.

Customers are searching for your client’s business online, and they can’t afford to have a professionally designed, conversion-driving website.  

Superior Custom Design Techniques to Drive Conversion

The Rocket Driver design team brings countless hours of design experience to each website that we build. We will always create gorgeous layouts that drive the types of customer actions your clients value the most. 

Cutting-Edge Technology

We offer your agency the most innovative technology in a website with Progressive Web Apps, Real-Time Site Personalization, eCommerce, and a whole lot more.  

Lightning-Fast Loading Speeds

According to Google’s best practices, every website our team designs for your clients is fully optimized to load at lightning speeds. This fantastic technology improves your client’s search rankings and ensures potential customers get the information they need as quickly as possible.

Ironclad Security & Hosting

Every website developed for your client’s website is hosted on the most trustworthy platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS). We maintain a 99.9% uptime, and all sites come with HTTPS encryption via SSL certificates, which is an extra layer of security for your clients and their online customers.

White Label Search Engine Optimization 

Get your client’s in front of potential customers first.

Our Top of the line SEO service makes it possible for your client’s businesses to compete online by propelling their websites higher in local search rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 

Why is it essential to have a high page rank on Google, Bing, and Yahoo? Because over 81% of consumers search online before making a buying decision, and with over 1.8 Billion Google searches a day, your clients need to be found online. Our SEO team is dedicated to helping your client’s website rank higher, get noticed, and drive more sales. 

Our SEO Solution 

Site Audit:

We check your site for any technical or content issues.

Keyword Research:

We pick relevant search keywords that will drive customers to your client’s site.

Content Strategy:

We develop a cohesive plan to support keywords that get you customers.

Onsite Blogging:

We write high-quality sharable content for your site to establish Expertise.

Guest Articles:

We write high-quality content that creates high-value links to your website to show Authority.

Local Citations:

This helps us establish Trust, and it’s a crucial indicator for showing up on Google Maps.

What Is Our Advantage


Our online Reporting seamlessly enables the collecting, organizing, and sharing of information.


We have a team of experts supporting them that have helped tens of thousands of clients get more customers.


Built into the reporting is a messaging app for easier and faster communication with the team and clients.


Because we have technology that automates workflow, we save money that returns to the actual work that helps the customer rank on Google.

SEO Sales Support! 

We are the only company worldwide that will help an agency close its client’s SEO deals. We know it sounds insane, but it’s true. We will be an extension of your sales team, helping grow your agency to new heights that you could never imagine. 

Many agencies don’t offer SEO because it could be challenging for them to promote and for a business to understand and find value. It’s the reason why we provide all our partners a dedicated team of SEO sales specialists to help educate, strategize and set expectations. We bring your client right to the finish line helping you close more business. 

How The Rocket Driver Sales Support Team Can Help Your Agency

The SEO Sales Strategy 

SEO typically isn’t a quick sale and can sometimes be challenging to bring up, even with an established client. If you have a prospect that you believe could be a good fit for Search Engine Optimization Services, then our team is fully prepared to design a strategy to approach the client, to help you close. 

SEO Planning

There are many factors to consider when suggesting an SEO plan to your prospects, and we make that process very easy. We help you and your clients fully understand the details about their market size, competition, keywords that will play an essential role in determining a realistic retail budget that will yield success. 

Customer Questions and Expectations

If your prospects have questions or concerns that you can’t answer, or if you’re uneasy about claims that you’re uncertain of, our team is always available to assist. You will always get the correct answers, and expectations will always be set correctly, which will result in more satisfied clients and more extended recurring revenue. 

SEO Proposals

After your client has learned the value that SEO can provide their business, sometimes a proposal can certainly help close. Proposals are also beneficial if your prospect can’t make a decision right away, or they need to present the offer to another decision-maker. In all of these cases and more, a proposal can always be an excellent way to move the sales process forward for your agency. Our dedicated Sales Support team will build a unique proposal with detailed analysis and recommendations specific to each prospect.

White Label Business Listings

Rocket Driver’s White Label Fully Managed Business Listings Service ensures your client’s business listings are always accurate across the web.

Business listings with errors will spread across the web like a deadly disease, affecting search engines that control local search results and significant online directories. 

Businesses need to be found and always have accurate online, offline, mobile, voice search, or GPS sources. When a customer searches for a need to be met, they go to a search engine. If your client is not visible online or only on a few listing sites, the chances of that customer finding your client’s business are slim.

There are hundreds of listings sites, and managing them all is a daunting task. Your clients need one place where they can easily create, manage, and update their online listings, saving them thousands of hours over a year.

Did you know that forty percent of most businesses have listing errors, and seventy-three percent (73% ) of consumers will typically lose Trust in a brand when their listings are incorrect online? (Search Engine Land). Guess where they’re going? The consumer will always go to the competition. 

The good news is, it’s an easy fix with significant benefits. When we claim and correct your client’s business listings across the web, we not only prevent charity for your client’s competitor but also boost your client’s SEO results, hence, gaining more visibility among their potential customers.

Proof-of-performance is essential when making your clients happy, so they can see where their business is being shown and if it’s accurate.

Your clients should be able to manage all of this from one location. The solution? Our Listings Suite of products. Your clients will also receive the listings suite with this service. 

Our Listing Builder APP empowers you to start the conversation about digital solutions with businesses. The free app will introduce you to online presence management and your digital marketing platform to hundreds of business owners. 

The Listing Builder APP offers three essential features to start helping your clients be found:

#1 Listing Sync: Your clients will have the ability to sync their business information to many of the most highly trafficked listing sources online – GMB, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

#2 The second feature is My Listing: It’s a free business landing page that a business owner can easily create in Listing Builder. The landing page includes branding, location, business info, and customers can leave feedback delivered straight to the business.

#3 Listing Builder: Offers GMB Insights. 

This freemium product delivers a ton of value and shows your client the importance of being present online, and is a fantastic segway into an upgrade to a paid version.

White Label Reputation Management 

What is reputation management?

“It’s the process of identifying what consumers or clients are saying or feeling about your client’s business and taking steps to ensure that the general consent is fully in line with their goals.”

Your client might be the best in their industry, but this is not enough in today’s marketing landscape. It doesn’t matter if they’re the best. They need OTHER people saying that they are. And a good reputation management strategy has the power to grow your customer base. 

We help businesses Manage Their Online Reputation

Every minute, millions of businesses are being shaped by consumers exchanging dialogue and sharing good or bad reviews about them online. Since ninety-seven percent (97%) of consumers find local business info on the web, your client needs a way to see what their customers are saying and a platform to join the conversation.

We help your client’s Take back Control of their Online Brand

Our Reputation Management service allows your clients to take control of their online presence by allowing them to correct their business listings, monitor and manage reviews, observe what competitors are doing, and much more.

We Monitor Reviews

Your client receives alerts the moment reviews are submitted on all of the most popular review sites, including Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp, as well as a multitude of sites that are relevant to your client’s specific industry (e.g., TripAdvisor, RateMD, Cars.com, etc.).

We Monitor Web Presence

They can view their business listing data’s accuracy on all major directories and citations and across the web. This listing service is essential to making sure people can find you on Google.

We Generate Reviews

We build our email and SMS campaigns to gather new reviews from delighted customers and ensure that negative reviews stay private.

We Respond to Reviews

Responding to review is an integral part of overall reputation management and a critical component in building a positive online presence while also encouraging other online consumers to leave their feedback and engage with your client’s business.

Competitor Insights

Our team monitors what your client’s competition is doing online, and we build strategies to gain more customers in your area.

Advanced Listening

The APP will find “mentions” from news sites, blogs, and social networks, so your clients get the full picture of what consumers or clients say about your business.

Simple Social Media Management

Our reputation management APP saves your clients time by monitoring and analyzing your social media efficacy by using one platform.

White Label Digital Marketing 

It’s Way More Than Just Impressions & Clicks—It’s Real Customers

We promote your client’s business across search engines, social media, and other websites that are relevant to their customers. At the end of each month, we provide:

  • Your client with the number of store visits.
  • The number of phone calls.
  • The revenue that they’ve generated.

After all, we’re not advertising to get impressions and clicks— we are doing it to get your clients more clients. 

We only target Consumers Who Are Actively Looking for Your Clients Services and Products. 

Targeting Only the Best Opportunities

Rocket Driver provides only cutting-edge technologies to promote your client’s business to a hyper-targeted audience, including competitors’ customers, past customers, people nearby, and more, never compromising any consumer privacy laws along the way.

Our State Of The Art Software Tracks Store Visits and Phone Calls 

Every sale that closes often starts with customer interactions. Our Digital Advertising campaign software tracks specific keywords in every phone conversation to gauge your client’s customer’s intent to purchase, like “make a reservation” or “book a room”). Additionally, we know when your client’s ads will result in actual store visits.

We always Focus on Revenue

Your clients will never get sidetracked with impressions and clicks—they want real customers spending real dollars. Our robust monthly reports in the client-facing dashboard will clarify how much revenue they’ve generated based on their average customer value.

Let Us Take Care of It All for You

Our experienced advertising professionals will take care of all the heavy lifting for you, including creating campaigns, designing graphics, targeting the right people, reviewing data to optimize over time, and generating revenue reports, so you know it’s working.

White Label Social Media Services 

Rocket Driver will provide you with a team of highly skilled marketing strategists to manage all of your client’s social media marketing needs. Our white-label social media services are fully managed to help grow your business while we do all of the heavy lifting like onboarding clients, creating content, and building reports.

Why should you partner with Rocket Driver to resell our white-label social media solutions?

Our White-Label Service

Our Social Media Team is an expert in white-label marketing services. We design, develop, and schedule your clients’ content on your behalf.

Our Onboarding Process

Our onboarding process is streamlined and straightforward and will introduce your clients to the best practices for social media and for us to help build their content strategy.

Our Dedicated Academic Writers

Every writer goes through a thorough process to ensure that the quality of the content is exemplary. 

All of our writers are USA-based. Our content is always written with SEO in mind to educate and to drive traffic. The quality is so good that the content can be shared on all social media channels. 

Our writers specialize in a range of different categories, always providing tailored content for any industry. 

Our Proof of Performance

Both you and your clients will have real-time access to reports in our white-label client-facing dashboard, allowing you to show the results of the work provided. 

Our white-label Social Media Marketing services were designed for agency-to-client collaboration, allowing our team to manage your client’s business’s social media accounts in a scalable and transparent white-label way. 

Our team sets up our all-in-one composer and a social posting scheduling calendar, giving you and your clients the flexibility to efficiently schedule your own social media posts to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Search (via Google My Business).

The software provides clients with the tools they need to manage their businesses. They will be given a single login for accessing all of the solutions. You get to decide which tools clients get to use.

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