Increase Your Client’s Organic Traffic with Rocket Driver’s White-Label SEO Reseller Services

Increase Your Client's Organic Traffic with Rocket Driver's White-Label SEO Reseller Services

Limitations like staff, timeexpertise, and technology will inhibit agencies from offering SEO services to their clients and hurt them financially. The best way to avoid these limitations is to partner with Rocket Driver and become an SEO reseller by offering white-label SEO services. If you have explored growing your agency by adding SEO or you want to scale because you hit critical mass, white-labeling is the best and only option. 

SEO is a tremendous offering to your prospects or current clients; in fact, 70% of marketers consider Search Engine Optimization a more effective way of marketing than pay-per-click campaigns. Another significant statistic is that 59% of small businesses admit to struggling with incorporating new technologies. There is so much value there for SMBs, but they often can’t do it themselves. 

SEO can be pretty complicated when done correctly and by the book (white hat); your best alternative is to outsource your SEO to Rocket Driver. We give you peace of mind because we have a highly experienced white-label team of professionals handling your fulfillment. We have been in business since 2011 with an impeccable reputation. Another great reason to outsource your SEO to Rocket Driver is that we help you close the sale! Sounds unbelievable, right? Well, it’s true; we have a sales support team available from 7 am ET – 2 am ET, 100% dedicated to helping you close. We close 33% of everyone that we speak to!

Now, it’s time to dive deep into white-labeling, where we will cover the fundamentals so you can determine if becoming an SEO reseller is a feasible option for you and your agency.

The opportunity to sell SEO is very profitable, and the market is enormous. As of today, there are 30.2 million small businesses in this country. Small businesses comprise 99.9% of all United States businesses, and most of them need SEO. 

Integration Note: Rocket Driver’s white-label solutions offer complete integration services, making it effortless to add seamlessly to your current offerings. You won’t have to build an entirely new standalone product because our white-label solutions are DESIGNED to be used by other companies and come like a puzzle piece ready to be added on. 


What is white-label SEO?

White-label SEO solutions can be either a service that optimizes your client’s digital content or an external platform. White label means that it’s 100% re-brandable to your company to sell it as your product. 

These SEO services are designed to increase the local business’s online visibility against the competition and get found on SERP.

When you offer white-label SEO services, you can sell SEO services to your clients without ever worrying about fulfillment. These resellable SEO services are fully managed, where our team does the heavy lifting for you. 

Here’s how managed fulfillment works:

  1. Company A (Rocket Driver) sells white-label SEO services to resell to Company B (Your Agency).
  2. Company B (Your Agency) then sells the SEO services under their brand to their Local Business client.
  3. Company A’s SEO team (Rocket Driver) fulfills the SEO services that the Local Business purchased from Company B. Win-win-win!


Why do agencies or entrepreneurs want to become white-label SEO resellers?

The answer is simple. Rocket Driver’s white-label SEO reseller programs allow agencies or entrepreneurs to fully offer managed SEO campaigns to clients in a very cost-effective, hands-off way. We enable you to provide value to your clients while freeing up company resources and time to focus on company priorities and core competencies. 

1. They want to expand their digital offerings quickly

Not every agency has the time to invest in becoming an expert in SEO or the budget to hire an in-house specialist. The other reason that agencies or entrepreneurs want to become white-label SEO resellers is that your current customers might want you to help them improve their local search rankings. You don’t have enough people to do the work, or worse, prospects won’t hire you unless you offer SEO. 

2. They want to bring on more clients and or larger clients

Agencies will attract the bigger fish in the pond by diversifying their offerings and adding SEO reseller services. Agencies have a lot more credibility because larger companies will only hire the agency if it becomes a one-stop-shop for all of their marketing needs. Today, businesses don’t have the time or want to shop around for multiple digital marketing solutions. Our data shows that if agencies re-evaluate client needs and subsequently upsell with solutions to solve their evolving problems, it increases retention by nearly 20%. To avoid losing any business, you need to offer everything they need under one roof. 

3. Agencies want to enhance and build their company’s brand

We have seen way too many issues arise when agencies who offer services or SEO products under another brand’s name confuse their clients. We understand that an agency might want to add SEO to their offerings quickly; the downside is that it confuses their clients, and they could soon lose trust in your business. Never forget that it took time and effort for you to land your current client. They have put their trust in you. You are way better off putting your trusted brand name on a white-label product or service. It not only gets your brand name out there more; it further enhances your reputation as a trusted industry player.

4. Agencies want to be seen as a complete solution

Agencies realize that offering one or two services just won’t cut it these days for small businesses because they want a company that is a full digital solutions provider with a complete solution and from only one source. If you can’t accommodate them, they will go to another company in a heartbeat. 

We have a ton of experience in this industry, and based on our findings, agencies that only sell one product to small businesses will eventually lose 70% of their clients. On the upside, adding one more product increased the retention rate by 20%, and selling four products increased retention rates by 80% over two years.

5. Agencies want to focus more on sales to make more money

We all know that hiring a new sales team or training the current team to fulfill SEO services for clients is a massive commitment in terms of budgeting and time. The other issue is that it takes away from time spent on prospecting for new clients. As we mentioned earlier in this article, the best perk about becoming a White Label SEO Reseller at Rocket Driver is that your agency doesn’t even have to worry about sales because we have a team of sales pros waiting to close business for you! 

The bottom line is that the market has consolidated, and your agency is more likely to acquire and keep businesses of all sizes when you offer more of the quality solutions they need.


How a Law Firm increased organic traffic by 56% with white-label SEO

Rocket Drivers’ white-label SEO services will help your business clients with real-life results and benefit your agency.

When Rocket Driver’s white-label SEO was offered to a Law Firm through a local agency partner, the results were impressive: The Law Firm experienced a 56% increase in daily organic traffic and a 61% increase in additional keyword exposure over the three months of the campaign.

A local agency sold the SEO services to a major Law Firm with the help of our SEO Sales Support Team, knowing that SEO wasn’t their strong suit. The Rocket Driver SEO team of professionals managed everything, and in turn, they hired our team of SEO experts to manage and optimize their client’s campaigns under their brand. 

By utilizing Rocket Driver’s white-label SEO services, we built a much better SERP presence for the Law Firm in some large, competitive cities like New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and North Carolina. The best part is that the agency made a name for themselves as an SEO expert and gained a great success story to bolster their credibility and reputation


Benefits of the Rocket Driver White-Label SEO Reseller Services

Our white-label SEO campaigns have significant benefits for you and your clients compared to any white label SEO company today. With a team of highly trained SEO experts with over ten years of experience at the wheel, you will always receive the highest campaign management and optimization level. 

1. Acquire more clients without hiring an in-house team

One of the core benefits of our white label SEO services is that your agency receives a dedicated team of SEO experts to manage everything without hiring in-house employees to do the SEO. The actual cost of hiring a new employee goes way beyond a salary: there’s working space, equipment, recruiting fees, benefits, taxes, and a lot more to consider. By partnering with Rocket Driver, you don’t have to deal with any of this. 

2. You get a team of experienced SEO Sales closers 

SEO can be a real challenge for agencies to sell and all businesses to understand and find value in. We knew this and came to the rescue; that’s why we provide all our partners with a team of SEO experts to help educate, strategize, set expectations, and close more business. 

No other company on the planet offers this service, and it doesn’t cost anything extra. Our team of seasoned sales professionals is here to assist you, and your sales team from 7 am ET to 2 am ET, covering all time zones. 

3. Bundle SEO with other complementary services

Like I highlighted above, adding white-label SEO services allows your agency to become a complete turnkey digital solutions provider for current or new clients. When you partner with Rocket Driver, you can assess your client’s needs and bundle SEO with other services that they need to succeed.

4. Generate significant organic traffic for your clients

SEO is like purchasing real estate on the first page of Google and pays for itself over time if done correctly. To drive substantial growth, most businesses need organic traffic in their arsenal, along with reputation, digital advertising, and social marketing. 61% of marketers consider SEO growth to be their top priority.

5. Outsource complicated offsite SEO tactics to a proven SEO team

SEO is a very complex aspect of digital marketing. There are so many factors that affect the success of organic and local SEO tactics, and it takes constant training, state-of-the-art technology, and testing to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of search. Delegating this critical responsibility to a proven SEO team allows you to focus on your agency’s core competencies.

6. Take the pressure off costly PPC campaigns

Adwords search campaigns do the dirty and quick job of a successful, sustained SEO campaign. Both types of marketing strive to drive traffic to your client’s website by targeting relevant keywords. However, PPC is like renting; you need to keep paying, and when you stop, you disappear off of page one of Google. SEO can keep your client on the first page of Google for extended periods without further investment. Having both advertising campaigns going for clients is the most deal, but effective SEO + some patience can yield sustained traffic for your clients.


Comprehensive White-Label On-Site and Off-Site SEO

More than likely most of your clients will need a multi-faceted approach to improving their rankings. When you partner with Rocket Driver, our seasoned white-label SEO team does all the heavy lifting, saving your agency from doing the time-consuming and challenging work required by proper SEO. Tasks like link building, creating pages around target keywords, consistent monitoring of the campaign, providing your clients with a state-of-the-art client-facing dashboard that’s branded to you with proof-of-performance live reporting. At Rocket Driver, our primary focus is to help your agency grow its SEO revenue while you focus on maintaining relationships, making sales, and driving home some serious profit!

Recommended SEO Solution: 10-20 or 30-hour campaigns. 


White-Label SEO Audits

As an agency, your job is to identify all the SEO issues that hold your clients back from dominating their local SERP and snack pack results. If you have a team of skilled SEO gurus and a streamlined process, you can do it, but having an audit done by our experienced white-label SEO team is more efficient, quicker, and requires fewer tools no expertise at all. 

White-Label SEO Reseller Reporting Platforms 

All agencies must have clear and concise reporting that will communicate the value of your SEO campaign.

Customers expect and need to know exactly where their dollars are going. It’s essential to offer state-of-the-art reporting solutions that show your customers the work done on their SEO campaigns and track their SERP results for their targeted keywords.

White-Label Link Building

For any successful SEO campaign, building links to relevant, reputable websites is a must. It falls into the “Trust me, you don’t want to do this yourself.” category. The last thing your agency wants is to be in a horrible situation where your clients get hammered by a Google penalty for unnatural outbound linking. When you partner with Rocket Driver as an SEO reseller, you can sleep at night because we have been in business since 2011 and have an impeccable reputation. All of our SEO is done white-hat and will keep your clients from pandas, penguins, or any other animal that Google unleashes in the future. 


White-Label SEO Analysis

SEO analysis is another vital part of the SEO campaigns that we run for your clients. Factors that guarantee a campaign and SERP success are user intent analysis, keyword research, competitor research, and content mapping with pages and a funnel. All of these tasks will be taken off your plate when you partner with Rocket Driver. 


White-Label Local SEO Citations – Listings 

Brand mention, or as it’s called in our industry (citations or business listings), is a necessary component of any SEO campaign. Citations will help the person searching for businesses, and they also impact SERP rankings. We have the most comprehensive business listing solution for businesses. Our Listing Builder software empowers your agency to start the conversation about digital solutions for local businesses. You can introduce hundreds of business owners to online presence management and your digital marketing platform at no additional cost. 

In today’s competitive and complex digital world, all businesses must have their correct contact information readily available where consumers are looking. Business listing citation volume and accuracy constitute a significant factor contributing to local businesses ‘ organic search rankings. 

There are hundreds of sites online where listings appear. Our Listing Builder software gives local businesses the power to create, fix, and protect in a few simple steps. Our State-of-the-Art technology instantly creates, fixes, and protects your client’s listings on up to 70 sites, depending on their business category and location. 


Our Final thoughts & other white-label digital services

For many agencies, lack of time, people and knowledge, are serious limitations to your agency’s growth. When you partner with Rocket Driver White-labeling SEO services, we help you scale successfully. 

At Rocket Driver, SEO is only one of many resellable digital marketing services you can offer: other possibilities include web designreputation managementsocial media managementdigital advertising, and much more. 

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