Social Media Management: Tips and tools for professionals

Social Media Management: Tips and tools for professionals

Social Media Management: Tips and tools for professionals 

Social media management tools are essential for marketing departments to organize, plan, and develop social media content that can bring excellent results for any organization. Much more than necessary, they are vital for agencies that work directly with digital marketing and a business’s online presence.

Luckily, there are a wide variety of tools and applications capable of managing social media efficiently. But, on the other hand, choosing the best tool is not an easy task because there are many options. The ideal is to select one that meets your companies needs, expectations, budget, and goals in the best way possible.

We have compiled qualitative information on the six top social media management solutions to aid in your decision-making. Furthermore, in this article, you may find other helpful information, such as the objectives of social media management, the role of the social professional, and their average salary.

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What are social media management tools used for?

In a nutshell, we can define social media management as a series of best practices to engage and increase the number of users and followers; this is the area of marketing that manages all the activities related to a company’s online presence on its social media. Therefore having the right social media tools is an essential part of the success of a social media campaign. 


Some of the objectives of a social media campaign are the following:

     · Improving a brand’s identity

     · Increasing page traffic

     · Maximizing user engagement

     · Transforming users into potential clients

     · Lead generation

     · Enhancing a company’s target audience

     · ROI

     · Strategy


What does a Social Media Manager do?


The job of a professional social media manager is to structure content and plan publications on a company’s social networks. Although the description is straightforward, the duties of a social media expert are challenging. They are responsible for diagnosing problemsestablishing strategies, and managing other employees in their department.

With the growing relevance of social media for businesses and consumers, the role of the social media manager has grown rapidly.


We can easily observe that social media is one of the primary sources of income for most companies and agencies today.

For organizations with a significant online presence and digital focus, social media is even more critical and capable of considerably increasing the number of customers and, consequently, the overall revenue of their business. From this scenario, it is possible to understand the importance and responsibility of a social media manager. However, it is not just about staying on Facebook and Instagram all day long, and there is a lot more to it. 

In this post, we explain some valuable tips for producing content that is engaging and discussed. So be sure to check it out!



How much do you pay a Social Media Manager?


The base annual salary ranges from $35k to $80k, with an accurate average of $52,339. The amount varies depending on the organization and especially on the experience of the professional. Based on the Payscale website, social media managers with 1 to 4 years of experience are averaging $42k yearly. 

To give you an idea, the average monthly compensation for a social media manager is $4,000. Other equally reliable sources also include an average of $30 per hour for entry-level professionals, who work about 15 hours per month for each client.



Now let’s get down to business: The 6 best social media management tools.


Now that you know the purpose of social media management, the roles of a social media professional, and the average salary, it’s time to learn a little about the top management tools. 

We have selected six of the main ones, with a brief description for you to understand which one best fits your business model. Check them out!



1. Sprout Social

Used by more than 30 thousand companies, the Sprout Social platform comprises several features for managing your customers’ social networks. With it, you can understand your target audience (their needs and desires), have a good reach of your publications, increase the engagement with your users – through social monitoring and analyze the performance of your page based on advanced dashboards.



2. Sendible

Another tool that you can consider for your enterprise is Sendible. It is known for being complete and having a platform with all the management functionalities that a company needs. 


The bonuses of this tool are:


     · possibility to customize your content;

     · avoid typing errors;

     · reports displayed in minutes.


3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a tool for those looking to optimize the time spent on social media. Its control panel enables the company to quickly respond to comments from its users, diagnosing what its customers are thinking about the page. In addition, your company can use it to increase the followers of a page in the right way.



4. Buffer

Buffer is another tool capable of managing, with excellence, the social media of a company. 


Check out a bit more about its functionalities:


     · evaluation about the performance of your pages;

     · campaign planning;

     · speed of response to comments;

     · monitoring management progress.


5. Social Pilot

Social Pilot joins the list of cost-effective tools. It’s mainly indicated for small businesses, as well as agencies and marketing teams. With it, you can publish popular content, make bulk uploads, and automate your feed, in addition to other features present in the social media management process.



6. Social Tool (Rocket Driver) 

Finally, our White Label Social Media Management Software offers a full suite of social media management tools under your brand, allowing businesses to manage, evaluate, and enhance their social media presence.  

Provide your clients with your social branded app instantly, which contains everything they need to manage and measure the ROI of their social media easily – no setup or coding involved.


Discover new clients that require assistance with their social media presence quickly and give your sales staff a thorough understanding of businesses that need your services. Our state-of-the-art personalized social media reports will inspire relevant conversations, which will lead to greater sales for your agency.


We hope you better understand these social media management tools that you can consider using for your agency, which will give you an upper hand in managing your clients. 

If you are interested in offering top-notch Social Media services to your clients, we strongly suggest that you look at the Rocket Driver White Label Partnership as we are the leaders in the industry. 


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