Revolution in Digital Marketing: Enhance Consumer Engagement

Revolution in Digital Marketing: Enhance Consumer Engagement

Digital marketing trends keep changing with the changing times, but the goal remains the center of attention. Customer satisfaction and engagement are the primary goals around which digital marketing runs. Since marketing has gone digital, consumers’ expectations multiply, and a digital marketer must keep pace with the growing expectations. 

Businesses hence need to create marketing strategies that can pull more customers rather than push their services on to the customers. 2020 has been called the “digital year,” where almost everything went virtual with the emergence of new technologies. The current year implies the implementation of those technologies, including new ones. Read the blog post to learn more about the latest technologies that can revolutionize digital marketing this year.

What Are the Digital Marketing Trends to Focus On in 2021?

To raise your business’s productivity, one must focus on the trends that will give you the maximum benefit. Simultaneously, avoid the trends that do not help you at all. 

Although digital marketing principles remain the same each year, the tools change and vary from one year to another. When you sell your product digitally, you have to promote, advertise and capitalize your brand within the digital frame.

Below are the digital marketing trends that both larger enterprises, as well as the smaller ones, shall put their focus on in 2021:

● Content Marketing:

Content is the king of digital marketing. It has been and will remain the essential factor to fetch more and more visitors to your website. The year 2021 will also see a rise in authentic content marketing. Instill more SEO practices and get higher ranks on your web pages.

“SERP analysis will be a more prominent practice this year and the upcoming years as the user search intents are changing, it becomes crucial to keep up with recent trends. Therefore, adapt more SEO practices such as writing meta descriptions for every single page. Examine what’s happening within the search intents and create more competitive content accordingly.

● Chatbots:

2021 will remain the year of more revolutionary changes where there will be less need for human agents, and there will be more emergence of self-service options and chatbots. Also, Chatbots enable customers to find the information they are looking for instantly in a flicker of seconds. AI Chatbots perform that function very well; otherwise, customers will end up frustrated. Give unconditional support to the customers and get loyalty in return.

● Voice search:

Amazon’s Alexa is gaining widespread popularity, and since then, voice search has become a prominent area where you can enhance your value against the competitors. With advanced technology, it has become easy to put forward your content through podcasts. People can grab it more efficiently rather than reading the whole content. Also, they can search for your website or content via voice search.

● Data analytics:

Marketing automation software has been a trending hit tool for a couple of years. Apart from avoiding repetitive tasks, you can now automate the tasks and focus on earning higher revenues. Data analytics has completely changed the way marketers can now vouch for real-time insights and view their campaigns’ metrics. Also, they can view the real-time actions of the users on the website through user session replay.

● Social media marketing:

Social media continues to reign the digital marketing strategies in 2021. However, marketers will still focus on one-to-one communication with the customers via social media and could be using social media platforms as the representative of their brands.

The current year will focus more on communication being a two-way street instead of just initiating conversations. Let your customers also engage with you on social media. Be a kind and compassionate listener to your customers and reflect that in your brand.

Above all, the pandemic has created a massive shift amongst the customers, and they have chucked down the in-person shopping opportunities and focused more on digital platforms for shopping. It has prompted the marketers to focus on nurturing the relationship with the customers. New channels such as email and SMS marketing and web push notifications have opened up better avenues for marketers to push sales.

Now that we have discussed the digital marketing trends of 2021 let us focus on the technologies that can change the digital marketing face.

What Are the Technologies to Change Digital Marketing in 2021?

Below are the seven steadfast technologies that can bring a tremendous change in Digital marketing in 2021:

Augmented reality:

With the advancement of technology, brands are looking into other digital realms to build a special connection with the customers. Therefore, augmented reality and virtual reality can play a significant role in digital marketing in 2021. 

As per a technological company, virtual reality will be an essential technology till the next decade. When you blend virtual reality with augmented reality, the digital market can grow to over thirty billion dollars. You can now use the digital space to engage your audience and build their trust by showing how the product looks in physical reality. 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning:

Digital marketing is impossible without AI and machine learning in 2021. You can cut off the labor costs and humans and replace them with machine learning to deliver the best customer services. You can, therefore, focus on strategizing objectives and implementing them into physical reality.

Also, AI and marketing automation can unburden many challenges the business faces while doing mundane tasks such as engaging customers with SMS and emails, storing their data, and tracking their behaviors. Many marketing automation tools and machine learning can reduce labor costs by providing apt solutions such as drip campaigns, email autoresponders, etc.

Personification instead of personalization:

Personification refers to delivering relevant digital experiences to the users based on their inferred membership in a customer segment defined by you rather than their identity. It differs from personalization, where you merely address the customers with their names in a marketing campaign.

Personification is a notion of a buyer persona based on data-driven segments. Buyer persona refers to the attributes based on which you create a specific part. Personification enables the customers to update or correct their data included in the segment. It gives power to both the public and marketers.

5G Technologies:

The 5G technologies can bring a lot of economic power to businesses and individuals. As the networking infrastructures are upgrading, the levels of customer engagement shall improve in the upcoming years.  

Marketers need this technology to speed up data transfer and data processing. The communication rates will instantly increase, which will affect the businesses and economic situation above all. The enhanced technological capabilities will improve the delivery of messages and other channels that AI powers.

Collaboration and workflow automation:

The last year has been all about the remote work and going virtual for the meetings and conferences. In such a situation, collaboration is the main point in everyone’s mind. How can you collaborate in distant scenarios? It has given rise to automated workflow tools. Visual collaboration is one of them.

The visual collaboration tools enable you and your team members to edit anything in real-time. It is a live feature with which you can trace the live activity of any employee. Functions such as locating the objects an employee is selecting support their cursor as they continue to work. You can also resolve any specific query of the employees through remote access to their system. The functionalities also involve the sharing and permission features to have a real-time evaluation of the team.

Workflow Automation


Function-as-a-service, which is yet another technology that will mark a tremendous change in 2021. You can develop applications and build in your teams with this technology. Now the brand owners can easily discuss the significant marketing decisions such as planning and creating a budget.

The FAAS service helps you use your tools to transform the external costs such as licenses and hosting. You can now build up new business capabilities and turn them into power-packed utilization. In addition to FAAS, SAAS services will help you expand integrations and create an API-driven strategy to connect better with the customers and prospects.


Blockchain technology is yet another new kid on the front in 2021. This technology helps you link power purchases at a grassroots level to your regional or local projects (where you are supplying products in your local area). Blockchain increases efficiency and automates the processes such as compliances and payment reconciliations.


However, the basic concepts of marketing will remain the same, even if you change the technologies. But new technologies will lead to more successes and victories for your business. Before choosing the right technology for your brand in 2021, understand how an apt technology can help you and how to implement it to keep in mind the right budget and proper use in alignment with the customer needs. Once you determine the right technology, you can reach the zenith of success.

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