Using Social Media to Build Authority

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Google’s Helpful Content Update was published in August 2022, making waves across the digital marketing world. It caused a significant stir in the SEO community as Google provided information about helpful content, product review, core, and Panda updates.  

Most SEO experts understand that creating a website that ranks well in search engines requires solidifying brand reputation first. If you’re working with a client, you’ll want to ensure their website has helpful information the audience wants to read because it’ll increase impressions, clickthrough rates, and dwell time. These factors will contribute to a better search engine ranking, meaning your client’s website will be more likely to get on the first page.  

Google makes thousands of updates to its algorithm annually. These updates affect how websites rank on the search engine. A website is the focal point of any effective digital marketing strategy, and since Google has over nine billion daily searches, you’ll want to ensure your client’s website ranks well in its SERPs.

You might wonder what Google’s latest update has to do with using social media to build authority. The reality is that Google’s search algorithm has improved considerably over the past decade. Today, everything on the internet is interconnected, and search engines like Google and Bing use social media references to rank websites.

Not only do these search engines use content from social media websites, but they also crawl a brand’s content on their relevant social media pages. Google even goes as far as assessing a brand’s content on public groups and discussion forums to evaluate the brand’s trustworthiness, credibility, and legitimacy.  

As a result, your social media marketing strategy for a client will also affect your SEO efforts for them, and vice-versa.  

Social media websites also rank well in SERPs. Branded searches will often display a business’s official social media pages below its website on Google. In addition, a brand’s social media profiles are also visible if it has claimed its Google Business Profile page.

As a digital marketing agency, you’ll want to develop a well-thought-out social media marketing strategy that aligns with your client’s SEO goals. If your agency doesn’t offer SEO or social media marketing services, you’re missing out on effective channels to help your client achieve their marketing objectives. Partnering with a white label digital marketing agency and getting white label social media marketing and SEO services can be beneficial.

Using social media to build authority can be challenging, but it’s effective and yields fruitful results.

Stay relevant and post interesting content

Whether your client shares best practices, news updates, or industry-related information, you’ll want to ensure the content is relevant and engaging. Sharing relevant content requires staying on top of the latest trends within the industry and social media. The audience is likely to relate to relevant content that affects them personally.

For instance, let’s assume you’re handling a skincare client’s social media page. You’ll want to ensure you create skincare routines for different seasons. You could also create specific posts for holidays. For instance, a social media post about how mothers can ensure their skin is blemish-free this Christmas would perform well.

You must also ensure that the content isn’t repetitive. Research shows there are 7.5 million blog posts published daily. In addition, millions of posts are created on each social media platform. Some of these posts will likely cover the same topics as your client. You’ll want to ensure you present a unique perspective that the audience won’t get anywhere else. It’ll help your client earn the audience’s trust and loyalty, making them an authoritative voice in their field.

Engagement is crucial

Engagement is particularly important on social media. Some brands often amass millions of followers. But a quick glimpse shows their engagement is dismal. They’ll get a fraction of the likes, comments, and shares their following would suggest.

Low engagement often occurs because brands don’t take enough time to respond to comments, reviews, recommendations, questions, etc. Instead, they’re too busy creating the next post and developing new content.  

While creating new content is essential, connecting with the audience is crucial. The audience is less likely to follow a brand that portrays itself as a faceless entity. They’re more likely to relate with your client’s brand if it feels like it’s run by regular people interested in getting to know them and solving their problems.  

In addition, increased engagement is also useful because the audience is more likely to trust your client’s brand and recommend it to their social circle.

Solve the audience’s problems

Another way to develop your client’s brand as a voice of authority is by helping solve the audience’s problems. Social media users will often comment on posts and tag their friends underneath them, sparking conversations. You can use this opportunity to answer their questions or assist them with any difficulties they might have. Some audience members will appreciate it, and, as a result, they’re more likely to spend money on your client’s products or services.

Use micro-influencers

Influencer marketing has become more popular than ever. However, while most brands often focus on nabbing the biggest name they can find, a more suitable approach involves using micro-influencers.

Research shows that micro-influencers have significantly higher engagement rates than mega-influencers. People trust recommendations from micro-influencers who shop, eat, live, and engage with their local community.

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