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White Label SMS Services

Increase Your Profits Immediately.

Rocket Driver is one of the largest and best White Label Text Message Marketing agencies in NYC and globally — and we have a killer track record to prove it. Our all-in-one messaging solution includes SMS marketing service, MMS, Digital Coupons, and a Loyalty Kiosk to boost your client’s consumer engagement!


Why Should You Use Our SMS Service?

White Label SMS services by Rocket Driver is the most powerful mobile communication platform ever developed and built totally from the ground up. It’s specifically designed for agencies that want best-in-class technology.

We have been in business since 2011, have an intelligent integrated strategy with the experience expected from a trusted agency. We provide cutting-edge SMS services that are robust, comprehensive, rich-featured, and with advanced tools that’ll make you and your clients feel powerful and in control.

The white-label service includes SMS and MMS messaging automation, digital coupons and loyalty rewards, reputation management, review generation, and appointment reminders…to name but a few.

Scale Your Agency. Earn Big.

Outsourcing your SMS service will provide your agency with an expert team of professionals for a fraction of the cost of employing them in-house.

As an agency owner, you must have a recurring revenue strategy and, preferably, many income streams. Learn how our white label SMS services will help you develop a recurring income business model that provides regular and predictable monthly cash flow year after year.

Earn huge recurring profits, save time and money, expand your client base and strengthen your business’s foundation tremendously by outsourcing your SMS services to Rocket Driver.

Recurring Revenue / Tips For Success

Recurring Revenue Tips For Success
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The Mobile Opportunity / A Growing Marketplace


3 billion people & 6 billion devices.


Messaging is the most used phone feature.


90% of texts are read within 3 minutes.


Millennials are 40X more likely to act via SMS.

The Value Proposition

Unsaturated market

Unlimited business potential across multiple industry verticals

No geographic territory restrictions

Operate anywhere across North America

Comprehensive Feature-Rich Software Platform

Differentiated from the competition. Digital loyalty kiosk for brick & mortar businesses

Recurring Revenue Business Model

Low costs and high-profit margins designed to promote your business' success


Mobile Marketing & Communications Platform

Your clients will communicate faster and more effectively with their by adding text messaging communications to their business!

Text messaging is the most efficient, simple, and easy way to communicate with prospects, customers, and employees.

Instead of phone calls and emails, encourage your clients to start texting – it’s the channel their customers prefer!

A variety of solutions for your client's business, including:

How the service works:

We enable texting from your client’s current business phone line or provide them with a dedicated 10-digit number for texting:

Your client’s consumers are already contacting your client’s toll-free, landline, or VoIP number, and our system text enables that number so you can give client’s customers the option to “text or call” them. *Optionally, they can choose to use one of our shared messaging shortcodes, toll-free #s, or 10-digit long codes.

How the SMS service works:
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Some Features

Reputation Management and Review Generation

Reputation Management and Review Generation

Use our system automation to generate powerful online reviews and redirect negative reviews to management for prompt resolution.

Automation of Text Messaging with "Trigger" Technology

Automation of Text Messaging with "Trigger" Technology

Setup automatic triggers that will deliver strategically timed messages to your subscribers based on prescribed events.

mobile wallet solutions

Mobile Wallet Solutions for Google and Apple Pay

Integrate your digital coupons with mobile wallet technology and leverage powerful geo-targeting features not available via SMS and MMS.

Digital Loyalty Rewards

Digital Loyalty Rewards Kiosk and Coupons

The digital loyalty kiosk has revolutionized rewards programs for brick and mortar businesses using our technology. It's an absolute game-changer for your clients.


Your clients will get access to our sophisticated text messaging software and services, including:

Our user-friendly software is packed with features and allows your client’s to text customers from wherever they are. They can log in with a computer, tablet, or mobile device to begin texting with our sophisticated system and automated capabilities.

Their messages get sent securely through our reliable network:

Our connections with top-tier wireless carriers like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Tier 2 and 3 regional carriers set us apart from other texting platforms and ensure the maximum deliverability of messages to your client’s customers.

Our Simple Onboarding Process



The software gets activated.



You will get immediate access to the white label APP, and there are tutorials available to assist you in getting started. Our amazing support team is always standing by to help you configure your user account and message campaigns if you need extra help.


Build Stronger Client Relationships

With each new product or service that you can offer, you can create an immensely deeper relationship with that client, making it far less likely that they will leave you for another company or supplier.

According to Rocket Driver’s churn research of 100K small companies, selling just one product or service associated with a 30 percent customer retention percentage over two years. However, offering four items or services to the same sort of client resulted in an 80 percent retention rate during the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

White Label SMS Marketing is when a white label SMS Marketing agency licenses an existing technology to a reseller, company, or agency at wholesale prices. As a result, the marketing service and platform is resold retail to their clients, allowing them to associate the technology with the reseller.

A white-label platform, often known as a white-label marketing and sales dashboard, is software meant to automate a sales and marketing funnel for entrepreneurs, resellers, companies, or agencies, seeking to scale. It is entirely configurable as a white-label platform to match the branding of the marketing company that utilizes it.

The United States government regulates and enforces the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the CAN-SPAM Act to protect people from getting an onslaught of unsolicited text messages.

A Text Marketing Platform is a text-enabled online inbox. It provides businesses and organizations the power to text back and forth with customers without the need for a smartphone. These powerful platforms exist to provide mobile message marketing services, also known as text marketing.