Top Digital Marketing Trends Agencies Must Follow in 2023

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The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing, especially as new technologies and platforms revolutionize how people interact with the internet, businesses, and each other.

Agencies must prepare themselves to adapt to the latest marketing trends and practices to deliver the best marketing results for their clients.

Whether your agency operates as a full-service digital marketing agency or offers a few select services, you’ll need to stay updated on these latest trends because they’ll affect your marketing strategies. Let’s assume your agency specializes in providing organic and localized SEO services to clients. Search engines like Google and Bing constantly update their ranking systems and algorithms. The best SEO practices in 2022 might not yield the desired results in 2023.

Video marketing and Video SEO

According to Wyzowl’s 2022 State of Video Marketing Report, approximately 86 percent of businesses use video marketing to generate leads. The report also found that roughly 92 percent of marketers considered video essential for their marketing strategies. The findings also showed that 87 percent of video marketers agreed that video gave them a positive ROI.

Agencies and businesses understand the importance of content for generating leads and sales. Traditionally, the content was delivered through blog posts and written text. But technological advancements and the exponential growth of social media platforms, like Twitter, TikTok, and  Instagram, have ushered in a new era where video marketing reigns supreme.

Research shows that people are consuming more videos than ever, which gives you a chance to create a well-thought-out video strategy to market your client’s products and services. Cisco’s  Annual Internet Report shows that 82 percent of global internet traffic will come from video streaming and downloads in 2022.

Statistics show that YouTube receives 1.7 billion unique monthly visitors and accumulates about 14.3 billion monthly visits. It’s the world’s most popular video streaming platform and boasts significantly high dwell times and engagement rates. YouTuber viewers spend an average of 19 minutes watching videos on the platform.

Search engines like Google have also adjusted their search engine ranking criteria. For instance, Google introduced video carousels, and they quickly became a game-changer and propelled video marketing adoption to new heights.  

Video carousels have made video content more visible in search engine results, causing their clickthrough rates to increase. These carousels are search elements within Google’s SERPs that provide users with videos related to their search intent. They’re usually included on the first page of the search results, making them more accessible.

Let’s assume a B2B business owner wants to create a marketing strategy for their business. They’re looking for assistance in marketing to other organizations. They search for B2B marketing solutions on Google. Google’s video carousel will show them helpful content meeting their search intent on the first page. The carousel displays video thumbnails and key moments on the search results page. Since these thumbnails and key moments are hard to miss, they attract more users. As a result, video carousels effectively improve the clickthrough rate of videos. Your agency will ideally want to create video content for your client and either embed it on their website or post it on YouTube. Once users search for related keywords to your client’s video, it’ll appear in the video carousel and generate significant traffic.

While most search results feature video carousels, some don’t. Instead, video results may appear as organic results. These video results still show on the first page of the Google search results and count as one of the ten organic links featured on Google. They’re also accessible for mobile devices and can be played within the search results without being directed to the video hosting platform.  

Interactive content

Research shows that interactive content is becoming increasingly popular for marketers on social media platforms. Using polls, games, augmented reality, and other types of interactive content are especially effective for increasing engagement because users are more likely to participate.

Voice search

AI assistants like Alexa and Siri have significantly advanced since their early days. Today, these AI assistants boast an accuracy rate of over 95 percent. According to a survey by Search Engine Journal, 22.8 percent of SEO professionals believe voice search is the most important emerging SEO factor to watch. They believe voice search will continue to gain popularity, overtaking regular searches. Voice search is already especially popular with mobile users, but it’ll take time before desktop and laptop users become acquainted with voice search.

The exponential rise and prevalence of voice search will also undoubtedly affect the approach of most digital marketing agencies. They’ll need to revamp clients’ websites to ensure that pages load more quickly. Research shows that the average voice search page loads in approximately 4.6 seconds, which is significantly faster than regular search result pages, which load 52 percent slower.

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AI in marketing

The modern world runs on data. The importance of data capture and organization has prompted many people to refer to it as the new oil. Sifting through large volumes of data is challenging for most humans. As a result, AI enters the mix. AI and analytics can help agencies determine user preferences and search intents, which they can use to create better marketing campaigns.

Local SEO

Organic SEO has always been important for businesses, prompting agencies to offer SEO services to clients. But localized SEO is also becoming more prevalent. Some businesses need local SEO more than others. For instance, let’s assume your client operates a car washing business on Upper West Side, NYC. National and international traffic won’t mean much to your client because customers from across the United States or the globe can’t bring their vehicles to your client’s car wash for cleaning.

Instead, your client will want to attract people who live in Upper West Side or surrounding areas and convert them into customers. Users searching for Upper West Side car washes will already have a clear search intent to buy these services. Statistics show that approximately 72 percent of consumers performing a localized search visited a store within five miles. Local SEO can help your client convert these users into leads.  

In addition, the internet and social media have provided users with countless resources to get information online. They can use this information to make educated decisions in their buying journeys. Research shows that 97 percent of people learn about local businesses online. Local SEO, search engine results and Google Business Profiles have replaced Yellow Pages. Similarly, it has replaced other traditional avenues people used to learn about local businesses.

Local SEO has become especially vital in the past few years. It’s unlikely to stop growing anytime soon.

If your agency doesn’t provide local SEO services, consider outsourcing white label SEO services to a white label digital marketing agency. Rocket Driver’s white label SEO services can help your clients target the ideal demographics in their region, leading to more leads and revenue.

Content reigns supreme

Content marketing will continue its supremacy in 2023. While outbound marketing strategies are still useful, they’re quickly becoming outdated because people don’t want to be constantly inundated with paid advertising. It has also prompted more users to install ad blockers and use email spam filter services to stop being inundated by such advertisements.

Consumers are instead searching for helpful resources that provide them with informational content. For instance, let’s assume your client sells printers and scanners. Inundating consumers with pay-per-click advertisements might be beneficial, but your agency can get better results by creating blog posts, articles, and newsletters about how to change toner cartridges, where clients can find affordable toner ink, etc.

Research shows that content marketing is one of the most effective ways to get new clients. Content marketing is also heavily correlated to SEO. Blog posts on your client’s website’s domain create more indexable pages, allowing search engines to crawl and rank them. As a result, it helps your clients rank better on SERPs.

While content marketing is especially effective, it’s also time-consuming and resource-intensive. If your agency is a startup, you might not have the necessary resources to perform these activities for clients. Similarly, established agencies might have their resources stretched too thin to perform these activities adequately for clients. Consider getting white label content marketing and copywriting services from Rocket Driver.

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