How Video Transcripts Can Boost Your SEO Effort

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The internet has evolved considerably over the past two decades. Its wild west days are long gone. If you were to show an internet user from 2005 the internet today, they would hardly recognize it. Similarly, even the worldwide web from 2015 looks considerably different than today.

SEO has been around for a long time, but its current version is unlike anything from the past. SEO practices have evolved considerably since the internet’s early days. The time for keyword stuffing is over. Today, marketers and SEO professionals utilize the best practices to help clients rank well in search engines.

While most people acknowledge that content marketing and SEO complement each other, it’s also important to recognize that advancements have significantly altered the content marketing landscape. Blog posts and articles might still be popular, but they’re no longer the primary source of content consumption on the internet.  

The world has been shifting to video consumption for some time. Research shows that video marketing is growing exponentially for many reasons. Firstly, the human brain processes information 60,000 times faster when visually presented. In addition, video content is easily digestible because it can be consumed on the move.

As a result, marketers have adopted video marketing en masse. A recent survey shows that 86 percent of businesses use video marketing. In addition, 92 percent of these marketers considered video essential for their marketing strategy.

Video marketing continues to become more prominent. And while videos can help with your agency’s SEO efforts for clients, it’s still not enough. You must take a step further to maximize your SEO efforts. That’s where video transcripts enter the mix.  

Many agencies often don’t have the resources or personnel to operate as full-service agencies. As a result, they provide a few select services to clients. SEO is a valuable channel renowned for generating significant organic traffic. In addition, it’s also invaluable because it’s extremely effective at helping businesses acquire new customers. If your agency doesn’t provide SEO services, consider outsourcing white label SEO services from a reputable SEO reseller agency like Rocket Driver.

Video transcription and SEO

Transcribing videos might seem pointless for SEO, but it’s worthwhile. Video transcripts help your client’s site get more visibility. The World Health Organization predicts that almost 2.5 billion people will experience hearing loss by 2050. In addition, 700 million might need hearing rehabilitation.

Video transcription allows people who have hearing problems or are deaf to watch your videos. In addition, it also allows people who want to watch videos at work to understand video content. Similarly, it helps search engines crawl your client’s video content and index it.  

Transcriptions are also beneficial because they create additional internal link-building opportunities on your client’s website. You can also create complementary content for transcriptions and provide extra value to users.

Furthermore, transcriptions give valuable keywords and phrases your agency can use to optimize videos, improving their ranking in search results.

Finally, it’s important to note that captioning videos can increase watch time by 25 percent and views by over 12 percent.

Improve user experience with transcriptions

Google’s latest update shows that the search engine prioritizes user experience more than anything. Video transcripts are an exceptional way to improve user experience on your client’s website.  

Pause momentarily. Now, think about the different ways a transcript provides value to users. For instance, let’s assume a researcher wants to find information on a specific topic. But they don’t have time to view a video. They can quickly sift through the video to find relevant information. Similarly, a student sitting in a library without earphones cannot watch a video. However, they can use the video transcript as a study guide to improve learning.

Likewise, a non-native English speaker watching an English video can also benefit from it, using the transcript to clear confusion and learn English.

Simplify content creation with transcriptions

Video transcriptions can also make content creation easy because they allow your agency to create derivate content. Your agency can pair this content with a robust SEO strategy to help your client improve their search presence, depth, and reputation.

For instance, let’s assume your client hosts webinars regularly. Transcribing these webinars gives you a long-form transcript that can be repurposed into case studies. It can also be used as blog posts, white papers, infographics, etc.

Increase search traffic with transcriptions

Transcripts present spoken content in textual format. Web crawlers cannot watch videos or listen to audio files, but they index text. Video transcripts allow search engines to understand your client’s multimedia content. As a result, they understand how the video content matches your client’s niche, enabling them to index it correctly.

For instance, compare a blog post and a video. A blog post will have several indexable elements for search engines, including a title, byline, various subheadings, and paragraphs. Meanwhile, a video only has a title and a brief description, which means search engines can’t understand most of the content.

Including a transcript on your video page resolves this issue. A case study by 3PlayMedia on This American Life shows that transcribing videos can also increase traffic. Their case study found that This American Life – an American radio show – noticed that 6.26 percent of all unique visitors landed on a transcript page from search engines.

Video transcriptions and accessibility

Videos transcription is also important because it helps your client adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act. It’ll also make your client’s videos accessible to over 37.5 million Americans who, according to Help America Hear, have hearing difficulties.

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