How to Reach Out to Micro-Influencers on Social Media

How to Reach Out to Micro-Influencers on Social Media

Creating content for your own company can take a lot of time and effort. While there are many different ways for you to build your marketing campaigns, some are bound to be successful. One of these is through working with Micro-influencers on various social media platforms.

While micro-influencers might have fewer followers than some of the trendy influencers in your niche, they can still help drive traffic to your website. All you need is someone who will introduce you to the right crowds while being easy to work with. Here are some of the best tips to help you reach out to the right micro-influencers in your niche.

Who are considered micro-influencers?

While many people online call themselves influencers, only a few of these impact people’s lives. The more popular an online persona becomes, the more money-driven they become. This is often a big reason why people lose their trust in the more famous influencers. Instead, they tend to prefer listening to the advice of people with a smaller following.

Anyone with a follower count between 1.000 to 100.000 followers is considered a micro-influencer. These people with a good amount of followers usually focus on a specific niche and tend to create stronger bonds with their audience. Collaborating with such people will help you gain the trust of their audience and increase your popularity and website traffic a lot faster.

In addition to this, micro-influencers will also be a lot more affordable to work with. Holders of more popular accounts will charge a lot more for making sponsored posts, which can be a deal-breaker for smaller companies. As a result, you will use these funds on much more important things and help your brand grow quicker.

1. Stay within your niche

The first thing you should keep in mind when looking for anyone to work with online is to be in the same niche. Finding people within your niche should not be difficult, and you should easily spot them with a simple search through your followers. The people who follow you will likely follow accounts in your niche as they will showcase similar interests.

Working with someone who has experience in your field will help both parties create targeted content that will be more successful. It is also more likely for them to understand your business’s needs and goals a lot easier. Platforms such as Instagram make this a lot easier through hashtags, so make sure to use these to your advantage when searching.

2. Build a relationship with them

A common mistake many businesses make that can cost them is trying to jump straight into business collaborations. While a generic search can help you locate people that would be interested in working with you, they might not be interested right away. Smaller influencers have a better sense of who is following them and might choose to work with people with whom they have built an online relationship.

The best thing you can do is follow a few people you would be interested in working with and show their pages some support. Leaving comments and likes will help them see that you are active and interested in building a working relationship. This way, when you reach out to them for a potential collaboration, they will be much more likely to accept.

3. Send them a direct message

One of the good things about social media is the easy access it gives people to communicate with one another. Emails can end up in the spam folder and be left unanswered. A direct message on a social media platform will almost always go through. 

By reaching out to the micro-influencers you want to work within this fashion, they will be more likely to get back to you. In addition to that, they will enjoy chatting with you on a more personal level. Going back and forth through emails can be tedious and impersonal. This form of communication will help you build that relationship you are looking for with these smaller influencers. 

4. Work with people who already love your brand

Another thing you can try to guarantee the success of the collaboration is to choose to work with people who are current fans. If you scroll through your likes, comments, and followers list on any post and social media platform, you will come across popular accounts. You can also see who tagged you in their posts and find the micro-influencers that have already taken the time to review your brand.

This will help you gain more positive reviews for your branded content and ensure the collaboration’s success. It is much more profitable for you to work with someone who will show genuine excitement when reviewing your product. The audience will trust their word a lot easier and give your brand a try without a second thought.

5. Use the right professional tools

When reaching out to any person, you might be working with online, you want to make sure that whatever you type looks professional. Written content full of spelling and grammar errors will look unprofessional and leave a wrong impression. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to prevent this from happening.

Using the right online tools such as GrammarlyEssay Supply, and Hemmingway Editor can help you edit your messages before sending them out. Whether these are business emails or direct messages, you will easily edit them and make them polished and ready to send.

In addition to these, tools such as Rocket Driver can be beneficial for your business. If you cannot run your own marketing team, this compact tool can help you efficiently complete many different tasks. This can be the perfect tool for any new and experienced business owner, from running online ads to improving your social media marketing strategies.

6. Be honest and direct

Last but not least, you need to make sure that you are direct and honest when reaching out to a micro-influencer. Letting them know about your goals and expectations from your collaboration is essential and will help ensure the quality of the result. These people will be much more likely to pay attention to your requests and concerns, so you should always voice them.

Keeping such business relationships with micro-influencers honest will make it more likely to team up with them for more fruitful collaborations in the future. Building long-term business relationships will be beneficial for both ends and help you build your social media profiles and follow quickly.

Pairing up with the right social media influencers 

There might be many people you can work with online, but micro-influencers will be the ones to take the job very seriously. Having fewer followers will motivate them to put more work into their content to please their audience and you. This will truly help make your brand look more likable in the eyes of its followers and help you gain popularity quickly.

Have you ever worked with a micro-influencer, and how was your experience?


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