How to Improve Organic Click-Through Rates

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Marketing agencies often recommend clients focus all their SEO efforts on discoverability. They want to discourage keyword stuffing and promote the use of optimized keywords. The secret to success, however, somewhat differs from this claim.

Being on the first page of the SERPs won’t do businesses much good if the searchers are not interested in the content. Instead of focusing all efforts on creating search-engine-optimized content to bag the top rank, try to understand the trends.

Gain insights into what turns searchers into readers and then customers, and try improving the organic click-through rate (CTR). Not sure how to reach the right target audience and organically convince them to click? Professionals at Rocket Driver, a leading white label marketing agency, are here to help your agency drive better results for all clients.

The Link Between SEO and CTR

Click-through rate is important for organic and paid search engine optimization campaigns. Heatmap analyses have shown that users typically click on top-ranked sites, which means the CTR can decrease significantly if the site appears anywhere below the fifth position on the SERPs.

However, search engines like Google consider high CTRs are an indicator of content relevancy. Consequently, websites with higher CTRs can gain places in the SERPs. While it’s the egg and the chicken situation in the context of what comes first, higher ranking or CTR, top site ranking, and high organic CTR are the cornerstones of efficient marketing strategies.

More Reasons to Care About Organic CTR

Organic click-through rate refers to the number of people who click on a particular URL in the search engine pages. It means increased traffic on the client’s website without necessarily improving the ranking.

Research shows over 28% of users click the first organic search results displayed by Google. In addition, the top-ranking websites have ten times higher organic click-through rates than sites that rank below the 10th position in the search results.

Although it significantly depends on the ranking position, when more users come across the content, it increases the chances of them clicking. But a variety of factors influence it.

Search engines are focused on the best-matching web resources and users’ queries to make searches more efficient. If your client’s website has engaging, fresh, and relevant content, people will search for their URLs more frequently.

It will lead the search engine algorithm to consider their site valuable for future queries with similar keywords. Therefore, the algorithms will detect the most clicked search results, and websites with higher CTRs will rank higher.

Improving Organic Click-Through Rate

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#1- Long-Tail Keywords

According to a survey, a significant percentage of generic searches on the web resulted in zero clicks. Users rephrased their queries to find better answers. Searchers are motivated to click on descriptive URLs with long-tail keywords that match their search intent.

Understanding transactional and informational user intent and optimizing accordingly will help drive more traffic and improve ranking. Sometimes zero-volume long-tail keywords bring more organic clicks than high-volume ones because they help target the niche audience already at an advanced stage in the sales funnel.

#2- Effective Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions—the text snippets that appear below the title tags in the SERPs—inform the users what the page is about, assuring them the content answers their query effectively.

Turning the meta descriptions into elevator pitches rather than merely revolving them around product features convinces the users that the content offers solutions for them.

You can add statistics, exclusive offers, selling notes, celebrity mentions, and engaging CTAs to the meta description to make them high-targeting and relevant.

It compels them to click the URL to get answers or explore further. A properly optimized meta description with persuasive language and appropriate keywords help win battles to improve organic CTR.

#3- Add Schema markup for Answer Boxes and Rich Snippets

Help your client’s content appear in answer boxes and rich snippets by curating content that provides solutions or answers questions of searchers. Rich results involve searches that provide valuable information pulled from structured data.

Adding how-to blogs, tutorials, and similar content with a clear algorithm can help appear in the answer boxes of search engines on queries related to the topic in niche markets. It helps attract more clicks because potential buyers can get additional information that matters to them.

Ise scheme markup to make it easier for search engines to understand the content and make sure the information is promising, informative, and visually appealing. FAQs, reviews, recipes, and listicle schemas make the snippets catchier.

#4- Descriptive URLs

The URL of a page is the primary information users can see on SERPs. Help your clients optimize their URLs to help boost their organic click-through rates. Check all their web page URLs to ensure no random characters are jotted down mindlessly.

Try to add keywords and make the URL SEO-friendly and descriptive to grab the attention immediately. It will also help reinforce that the core topic of your content is relevant to the searcher. But keep the URL short to make it catchy and increase readability so that more people will tap on it to explore further.

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#5- Title Format

The title tag is another crucial element of the information displayed on the SERPs. Take your time to format it for your client properly.

People typically skim through the search pages to find the most relevant results. If the title is clear and simple and adheres to the pixel and character limits, it will help the target audience understand better.

Remember, users generally skim through the search results looking for most relevant results. If the title is simple and concisely explains the post, your clients can conveniently drive more clicks.

#6- Content Localization

Mobile phones have rapidly overtaken desktops when it comes to internet traffic sources. Devices with locations turned on for maps allow Google to collect insights about the user’s location to provide local solutions.

Content localization can be beneficial, especially for SMEs that offer services in certain areas. It’s a great way to target the audience efficiently and consequently receive high-intent customers that are already looking for something they offer.

Content can be localized by adding a location in the meta description, title tags, and content. You can also encourage your client to list their business on Google My Business to put the company on the map. Whenever someone makes a local search, the business’s info will appear alongside competitors as long as relevant information is offered.

With Google prioritizing web core vitals and page experience for ranking, site loading speed has never been more important. High-performance websites with converting landing pages that comprise elements such as HD images, well-articulated headlines, persuasive call-to-action buttons, animations, and concise information are also excellent sources of organic traffic. Optimizing for a positive user experience is also important for increasing conversions and improving the CTR organically.

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