How Can Your Agency Get More Reputation Management Clients

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The internet has changed things considerably. Today, consumers will research a brand’s reputation online before purchasing products or services. In addition, they’re more than happy to use the internet and social media to voice their opinion about a product or service.

For instance, let’s assume your client operates a local pizza parlor in Manhattan. Some customers walk into your client’s business and order a Pepperoni pizza, and your client prepares the pizza and serves it to them. The customers take the first bite and love the taste. However, things change a few bites later when one of the customers notices an inconsistency in the texture. The customer unfolds the pizza and flips it over. They realize the dough has been undercooked. It’s soggy. The customer becomes unhappy with the service and food quality and posts a negative Yelp review.

Negative reviews online can tank a business’s popularity and credibility, affecting sales. A BrightLocal consumer survey shows that 52 percent of people read online reviews regularly.

Reputation management has also become more important than ever because the internet and social media have allowed normal people to broadcast their opinions to the masses. For instance, a customer could post a negative review about a business on Twitter. They might only have fifty followers on the platform. However, their post could reach millions if it picks up virality. It’s inevitable because over 4.7 billion people use social media.

The digital age has affected how consumers perceive businesses because they’re armed with all the information needed through the internet. Word-of-mouth marketing has always been effective, but social media and the internet have poured gasoline on the fire. Previously, people would share positive or negative reviews about a business with their social circle, and their social circle would relay that information forward. Today, digital media bypasses those limitations and lets people inform millions of users about their thoughts immediately. Online reviews have also become credible because research shows that 85 percent of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends.

As a result, reputation management is crucial for businesses. Most companies understand the importance of reputation management, but some still aren’t privy to it.

As a digital marketing agency, you’ll want to target both groups. Companies already privy to the importance of reputation management will be easier to convince. Some will also willingly seek out your agency. However, you’ll need to prepare a convincing pitch for companies that don’t recognize the value of reputation management.

Reputation management services are an excellent complement to SEO and content marketing services. If your agency doesn’t offer reputation management services, consider getting white label reputation management services from a reputable white label industry leader like Rocket Driver.

Convincing some clients to get reputation management services is difficult. But it isn’t impossible if you use the right strategies.

Educate clients about reputation management

Some clients don’t understand the importance of reputation management. Educating clients about their importance by using facts and figures to support your pitch can help your agency get more reputation management clients.

Illustrate the importance of maintaining a positive online reputation for businesses. Then demonstrate how your agency can help them establish a robust online presence. You can also explain how reputation management affects a brand’s reputation and identity.

Include reputation management in full digital marketing packages

Some agencies operate as full-service digital marketing companies. If your agency also offers 360-degree digital marketing solutions, include reputation management in your services. It’s also an excellent opportunity for you to explain the benefits of reputation management services to clients when providing them with a full-service digital marketing package.

Sell reputation management as a complementary product

Your agency can also sell reputation management as a complementary product. For instance, you can pair reputation management with SEO or content marketing services if your agency’s already providing those to clients.

Improve your SEO

Most businesses with a poor online reputation will be aware. They’ll search for solutions to fix their reputation online. Improving your agency’s SEO will help you get more reputation management clients because these businesses can find your services more easily through a quick Google search. There’s significant competition for generic keywords like “reputation management.” While you could rank for these keywords, it’ll take time, effort, and resources. As a result, you’re better off focusing on variations and long-tail keywords.

In addition, you’ll also want to ensure your agency utilizes the best SEO practices to improve its visibility on search engines. Optimizing your site and content for target keywords is crucial. Similarly, you’ll want to create high-quality content addressing how you can help clients improve their online reputation with your reputation management services.

Regularly creating high-quality content is challenging. If your agency needs assistance, consider getting white label copywriting and content services from Rocket Driver.

You’ll also want to create an internal linking structure that makes navigating your site easier. In addition, create backlinks to gain more visibility in SERPs.

Find companies with poor reviews and low rankings

Another strategy your agency can use is finding companies with poor reviews and low rankings and approaching them. You can prepare pitches and proposals for them to illustrate why they should work with you. You should convince them that your services can help their business change its online reputation, which undoubtedly will improve their rankings in search engines.

 Agency members discussing how to get more reputation management clients

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