How Agencies Can Help Clients with B2B Content Marketing

A content marketer implementing a B2B strategy for a client

Marketing strategies must often be altered based on the client’s business services and core audience. For instance, a consumer-facing business’s marketing strategies will differ from a company providing B2B services or products.  

Agencies performing marketing activities for B2B clients must tailor their strategies according to their needs. While there are multiple avenues for marketing B2B clients, some channels are more effective than others. For instance, research shows that most marketers unanimously agree that content marketing and SEO are the most effective channels for B2B businesses to generate leads and acquire new customers.

According to the Content Marketing Institute’s State of B2B Content Marketing Report, 67 percent of marketers believe that content marketing is effective at generating demands and leads. In addition, 72 percent of marketers believe it helps educate their audience about a company’s products and services.

Similarly, SEMrush’s State of Content Marketing 2022 Global Report shows that content marketing is a widely used strategy for most marketers. The organization interviewed over 1500 digital marketers and found that 97 percent used content marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy.

Content marketing can be effective if used properly. Most marketers agree that it’s especially effective at capturing customers in the initial stages of their purchasing journeys. Content marketing is also popular for B2B businesses because it increases brand awareness and trust and promotes brand loyalty.

However, you or your client cannot expect to succeed by randomly posting content and expecting to gain customers. Instead, your agency will need to create a well-documented content marketing plan to ensure the produced content helps your client create value for other businesses. It’ll help your client land more clients in the long run.

A content marketing plan is like a blueprint. It contains guidelines to guide your agency in helping your client get from the starting point to their finished goal, which involves generating more leads and sales.

Devising a robust content marketing plan is challenging, and implementing it is even harder because producing unique and high-quality content is difficult. Many agencies often struggle with it because the process is exhaustive. As a result, agencies often get white label copywriting and content writing services from an industry leader like Rocket Driver to assist them in creating valuable and unique content for clients.

Identify your client’s target audience and their needs

Creating an effective content marketing strategy requires understanding your client’s target audience. Every target audience will have different wants and needs. Creating content that doesn’t satisfy your client’s target audience’s needs is pointless because the readers won’t convert. They won’t resonate with your client’s content and, as a result, won’t move through the sales funnel.

Identifying your client’s target audience can be challenging. You’ll want to use existing data to create buyer personas. It’ll help you better understand who your client’s audience is. You can also segment the prospective audience into subgroups based on factors like buyer behavior.

You must then decide with your client if you want to target all the subgroups or focus on specific segments that might convert more easily than others.

After you’ve decided, you can create that meets their specific needs.

Use micro-targeting

After identifying your client’s target audience, you’ll want to use micro-targeting to find the businesses online. You’ll want to generate brand awareness to ensure your client’s content reaches the right audience. Microtargeting allows your agency to use analytical data to learn more about buyer behavior, preferences, and search intent. You can use this information to create relevant content for your client’s target audience.

You can also use SEO tools to perform keyword research. If your agency doesn’t have access to such tools, consider getting white label agency tools from Rocket Driver to fuel your research.

Research competitors in your client’s niche

Unless your client operates in a unique niche, they’ll likely have some competitors vying for the audience’s interest. Research your client’s competitors to understand how they target their ideal customers. You can use their strategies and implement those into your client’s content marketing strategy.  

You’ll also want to assess their product and service offerings to determine your client’s unique selling point (USP). You’ll want to highlight this USP in all the content created for your client because it’ll help potential customers learn more about why they should opt for your client instead of one of their competitors.

Define goals

Many marketers often neglect to check how well their content performs. This mistake can be extremely detrimental because it prevents you from analyzing your content marketing strategy to determine if it’s working. Ensure you set measurable and achievable goals when creating a content marketing strategy. Regularly revisit these goals to see if your agency has achieved them in the designated timespan. You’ll want to reassess your strategy if your agency fails to help your client achieve their desired goals.

Create multi-layered content

Creating multi-layered content has become crucial for success in today’s world. Marketers incorporate video and multimedia into their content marketing strategies for a reason. It works. Research shows that 86 percent of businesses use video marketing. In addition, 92 percent of marketers consider video essential for their marketing strategy.

Creating blog posts and articles is an excellent way to stamp your client’s expertise and establish them as a voice of authority. Unfortunately, it’s not enough. Most people don’t like reading long walls of text on the internet. As a result, they’re more likely to become disengaged and lose interest.  

Losing interest isn’t something your client wants when catering to B2B audiences. Multi-layered content solves this problem because it allows you to use media like gifs, images, and videos to deliver a visually engaging user experience while still informing them about your client’s products and services.

A content creator devising a strategy for a client

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