Helpful TikTok Tips for Social Media Marketing

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TikTok, as a social media platform, is extremely polarizing. Whether you like the platform or don’t understand its merit, you cannot deny that TikTok’s growth has been explosive.

TikTok officially launched in September 2016. Despite launching only six years ago, it has grown to become the world’s third-largest social media platform, overtaking Twitter, Snapchat, and other social media behemoths. CNBC notes that TikTok has officially amassed over one billion monthly active users. In addition, it has over 135 million active users in the United States alone.

While the application continues to divide opinion, one thing is apparent: it’s an exceptional platform for marketing products, services, and brands. For starters, it’s home to a young demographic. Statistics show approximately 62 percent of TikTok’s US-based users are under 30, which makes it particularly valuable for businesses vying for a younger audience. Many marketers and business owners are also averse to TikTok, which means they haven’t devoted time to learning to use it as a marketing tool. This aversion has resulted in minimal business competition on the platform.

Although TikTok’s demographics primarily constitute younger people, it’s also important to note that the platform’s average user base is getting more diverse, especially as the application continues gaining popularity. Moreover, TikTok’s user base is devoted to it. Research shows that 29 percent of people who have installed the application open it daily. More importantly, the application’s engagement is through the roof, with users spending an average of 95 minutes daily on it.

As a result, your agency needs to utilize TikTok as a marketing channel when providing social media marketing services to clients because it provides endless marketing opportunities.

Using TikTok for marketing purposes requires a different approach than other social media platforms because it has a unique algorithm that favors popularity and views. If your agency needs assistance with using the application for marketing purposes, consider getting white label social media marketing services from a reputable agency like Rocket Driver. The organization is a leading white label digital marketing agency based in NYC.

Understanding TikTok

Understanding TikTok as a platform is crucial before planning marketing campaigns on it. Most TikTok videos are fifteen seconds long, but you can combine them to make a minute-long video. Users can discover these videos by scrolling through their feeds or visiting your client’s profile.

The platform allows users to add editing effects and background music to their videos, which increases engagement. Since TikTok’s algorithm prioritizes popular content, utilizing trending hashtags and memes is crucial for marketing products, services, and businesses.

TikTok is also home to many challenges. Consider capitalizing on these challenges by making relevant content to gain a larger audience for your clients.

Use the right hashtags for SEO on TikTok

Creating engaging content doesn’t mean much if TikTok users cannot find it. Your agency must focus on finding and using the right hashtags to ensure the content you create for clients gains maximum visibility.

Finding relevant hashtags is necessary because they’re inserted in the video’s caption, and TikTok limits the caption to 100 characters. You’ll want to focus on roughly two or three hashtags because it’ll also give you room to write a short video description.

The hashtags you choose varies on your client’s brand and whether you’re capitalizing on an existing trend. For example, Kraft’s marketing team capitalized on the popular Duet challenge on TikTok and used the hashtag #KraftMacMeSkip, attracting over six million views.

Some marketers also opt for generic hashtags, but using these is risky. Your content might get buried under the content already circulating on TikTok.

Strike a balance between entertainment and promotion

While TikTok’s an excellent marketing tool, it’s primarily a social media platform. Striking a balance between entertainment and promotion can be challenging but necessary. Viewers often skip videos if they’re too focused on advertisements.  

Cultivate an audience by creating engaging and informative videos for your clients first. Your agency can create more promotional content once your client’s profile has a dedicated following.

For instance, let’s assume your client sells a premium French press coffee machine. You’ll want to start by creating content that informs users about the difference between French press coffee and instant coffee. Similarly, dedicating videos to informing users about how making coffee at home using a French press machine instead of purchasing coffee from Starbucks or other coffee machines can help save money is also useful.

Once you’ve cultivated an audience for your client, you can start creating more promotional posts, like how users can make the best coffee at home with your client’s French press coffee machine. Tutorial videos and product demonstration videos also perform well on TikTok.

Ensure Videos Follow TikTok’s Screen Format

Most TikTok users prefer watching videos in portrait mode. Your agency will want to create videos in a 9:16 format to ensure it meets their viewing preferences.

Use TikTok Ads

TikTok, like other social media platforms, also lets you use advertisements for marketing purposes. The benefit of using TikTok advertisements is that you don’t need to spend time cultivating an audience for your client. You can set up an advertisement campaign and reach the client’s target audience through six different types of advertisements. They include in-feed ads, spark ads, branded hashtags, top-view ads, branded effects, and brand takeovers. In-feed and spark advertisements generally produce the best results, especially for smaller businesses. In-feed ads appear to users as they scroll their feeds, and they can interact with them by leaving likes, comments, and sharing the content. They’re particularly effective because you can include a call-to-action button that links users to your client’s landing page, generating leads and sales.

Similarly, spark ads allow you to include a call-to-action button that redirects users to your client’s landing page, although you can also use them to link to your client’s TikTok profile. However, these ads focus on promoting existing content and user videos, unlike in-feed ads, which require you to create new videos from scratch.

Follow the Best Creative Practices

Whether creating user videos or targeted ads on TikTok, ensure that you follow the best creative practices because it’ll help your client’s content get more traction. TikTok recommends shooting videos in high resolution. According to TikTok, 83.2 percent of their top-performing videos are filmed in 720p or higher.

Moreover, changing the background and settings is important for creating compelling content that attracts viewers. Consider changing the scenery, viewpoints, and camera angles to make videos more appealing.

Furthermore, TikTok recommends adding sound, such as music tracks or voiceovers, to your videos because they help increase impressions.

You can learn more about the best creative practices for TikTok marketing by reading this blog post on their official website.

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