Five UX/UI Trends For 2023 That Are Sure To Impress Your Client’s Visitors


User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are both essential elements that website designers, developers, and marketers use to foster a seamless browsing experience to keep online visitors coming back for more.

Creating a website visitors love has more impact than many agencies realize. A website’s information architecture, usability, aesthetics, loading speed, CTAs, and relevance—are all little things that add up to a compelling, professional brand presence.

Research confirms that optimized UI and UX can increase a site’s conversion rate by up to 300% and 400%, respectively. Good UI/UX help visitors find what they need and move forward in the funnel.

Moreover, 89% of people say they wouldn’t prefer returning to a website that offers a poor user experience. And a whopping 78% of online shoppers revealed they’re willing to pay higher for a seamless user experience.

Delivering a satisfying UI/UX is crucial for many reasons, but it helps your client get many steps ahead of the competition. If you’re wondering why all your marketing efforts are going in vain, use white-label agency tools by Rocket Driver to determine lacking areas and follow the top UX/UI trends in 2023 for all clients, irrespective of the industry they belong to.

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#1- Immersive Scrolling

Experienced web designers have full control over what content should be displayed to site visitors and how. Immersive scrolling, or ‘scrolly-telling,’ allows displaying content to visitors more narratively and strategically.

Adding dynamic elements and animations with static website features prompts visitors to engage and explore the website in more depth. It sparks curiosity and invites customers to interact with the content on a website, especially in areas most people normally ignore.

However, make sure the immersive graphics and scrolling experience are tailored to the client’s business so it supports their unique marketing goals. Although an incredibly tending UI/UX tool, it doesn’t align with all types of businesses, so use it wisely.

#2- Chic Designs and Bold Colors

Just like so 60s, 70s, and 80s top trends, styles followed in Y2K are making a comeback and this is evident in patterns and color schemes as well. After minimalism, contrasting and bold gradients are regaining popularity in top UX/UI trends in 2023.

Gradients help add dynamism and motion to otherwise dull colors and flat designs. When incorporated professionally, they grab the attention and make every element, even static ones, feel more meaningful, energized, and memorable.

To add to the retro look, consider contrasting bold neon with muted colors to invoke a feeling of nostalgia. It also helps add an exclusive layer of personality to the website that represents the brand and draws people in, making it a trend you shouldn’t miss out on in 2023 and beyond!

#3- Personalized Experiences

From shopping suggestions to curated song recommendations, many contemporary examples prove the success of hyper-personalization. The trend of personalized user experience has intensified over the past couple of years, demanding web designers and developers adapt to the evolving needs of users.

The idea is to create campaigns that communicate on an individualized level andinvigorate users with emotions based on data collected from target prospects. It helps offer more convenient user experiences and convinces shoppers to share information without having to ask for it. On top of client satisfaction, technological advancements have also enabled the creation of meaningful experiences ethically.

a visually-impaired person using voice search on his phone

#4- Increased Accessibility

In 2023, user experience and interface are all about accessibility. Customers should be able to navigate your client’s website with ease. And accessibility through voice search, ADA-compliance laws, and responsive websites is the key to improving the overall site experience.

With over 25% of the global population using voice search on mobile devices, integrating voice search not only increases accessibility but also helps reach a wider audience while providing them with a hands-free user experience.

Sine audio detection technologies are advancing at a fast pace, the risk of audio commands being misheard is also decreasing, compelling users to ditch text-based searches.

People no longer have to type in queries into the search bar of your client’s website. They can speak to the device they prefer to get quick results. In fact, even visually impaired people can navigate the website better with features dedicated to improving usability for all.

#5- Mobile-First Designs

People worldwide love their phones! The latest research reveals over 68% of people already use mobiles to shop online. Moreover, not adhering to Google’s mobile-first indexing update will result in a dip in rankings.

So make sure your client has a website that functions flawlessly for users viewing it from desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. To further the seamless buying experience on all devices, you need to prioritize performance, loading speed, navigability, interactivity, security, scrolling, and aesthetic appeal as well.

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