Eight Signs Your Agency Should Recommend a Website Redesign to Clients

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A user-friendly, well-designed, and engaging website is crucial for businesses looking to remain relevant in these digital times. Websites are more than just a way to outline the services a business offers to clients. They’re like a 24/7 storefront that connects potential and current clients to the brand anytime they want.

According to a survey, 83% of people think well-maintained websites make a business look more credible. However, businesses can only find success online if their website functions properly, reflects their brand, and doesn’t look outdated.

Agencies that provide website development services to small and medium enterprises frequently encounter situations where current or new clients show concerns regarding their existing website that they dislike.

The website could be deficient in a multitude of ways, ranging from clunky coding to poor user experience, low search engine ranking, security breaches, poor structure, inadequate conversions, and outdated design.

All these signs call for a complete website redesign instead of a refresh, which inherently just spruces a few things to give the website a new look but doesn’t practically result in measurable changes. A complete redesign gives your clients the best chance of achieving desired results from their online presence, which will result in increased traffic and revenue.

If you think your agency can use some help in improving the website redesigning services, partner with white label industry leaders like Rocket Driver. Experts at the white label web design agency can help you devise the right strategies to convince your clients for a complete website revamp.

What is Included in a Website Redesign?

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White label web design services include complete overhauls, incorporating significant changes to the underlying code, form layouts, site structure, navigability, content, and visuals. They could also include extensive changes made to the CMS (Content Management Systems) as well.

The logo, fonts, colors, textures, and other aspects are also given a facelift to help audiences connect better to a brand and make it easy for them to decipher what a company is all about.

Many businesses use the opportunity to re-examine their message hierarchy, rank higher in the SERPs, and make it easier for audiences to navigate through the pages easily to improve success metrics easily.

Signs Your Client’s Website Needs a Complete Redesign

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#1- Outdated website builders

Many businesses start off with website builders to simplify the website design process. Tools for free hosting and drag-and-drop WYSIWYG editors are not sophisticated enough to make a site stand out from the crowd.

The approach helps companies establish an online presence without needing too many resources or time. Using them makes sense when funds are scarce, or competition is low.

But you need to make your clients understand how the approach often leads to a bunch of hazards revealing themselves over time. The limited features restrict future expansion opportunities significantly. In addition, mobile friendliness, SSL, SEO, and other critical factors that impact ranking, security, and conversions can end up being neglected.

#2- Poor security

With drastically increasing cybercrime rates, users are more alert about data security. Websites need to be updated every couple of years to optimize security patches and update them with the latest standards in coding. If your client’s website holds valuable information about their customers, it’s important to ensure the site is HTTPS-certified and has robust security protocols in place.

#3- Low speed

Google research shows nearly 54% of users quickly go to the competitors’ websites if the page loading speed is above three seconds. In this fast-paced world, users don’t usually wait around to see if the design, UI, and content can make up for the slow speed.

The slow speed of loading could be due to infrastructure overload, a poorly developed site, or overstressing caused by a sudden increase in traffic. The search engine rankings are also affected if a website has poor performance. Proper search engine optimization is important as it helps people find a brand online, establish it as an industry leader, and drive organic traffic that’s more likely to convert.  

#4- Unresponsive Design

Research by Statista highlights that smart devices make up 59% of website traffic worldwide. Businesses must prioritize seamless mobile experiences with responsive web designs. Instead of investing in a second site for mobile visitors, responsive web designs allow the creation of platforms that scale the contents and design for different devices.

Everything is automatically adjusted for different-sized viewports or screens, which helps improve search engine ranking dramatically. You can use Google’s mobile-friendly testing tool to evaluate the client’s website within seconds. If the results are less than satisfactory, recommend a complete website redesign to improve the site’s responsiveness.

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#5- High bounce rate

Clients with websites that suffer from high bounce rates require a complete revamp. Bounce rate refers to the number of visitors who click the website but leave without viewing any other pages.

Many factors, such as poor UX design, unclear or poor-quality content, and slow page load speed, can cause high bounce rates. If the Google Analytics report shows a high site-wide bounce rate, it may indicate the need for improving the current website design with changes suggested by specialists at a reputable white Label web design agency.

#6- Low conversion rates

If users are finding and interacting with your website, but they’re not converting, it signifies a problem. Sometimes websites have a hard time generating leads because the on-page key components that help with the conversion process are missing. These elements could be anything, such as unclear CTAs, social proof, or content that effectively engages the target audience.

#7- Outdated or spammy website design

Since a website is the digital face of a business, customers will often interact with it and create impressions based on its online presence. Bad-quality images, cluttered layouts, poor color choices, un-strategic content placement, and other design flaws could prevent users from portraying the business professionally.

It affects the perception and trust-building abilities of a brand, causing potential customers to doubt the services or products offered by the company. An updated, functional, and aesthetic website is important for businesses looking to put their best foot forward in this highly competitive market.

#8- Low search engine rankings  

When a brand’s website doesn’t rank well on popular search engines, it can be problematic for its bottom line. Websites are one of the most powerful marketing tools available to businesses today.

Lack of proper optimization or website-related problems can lead to lower rankings. A proper SEO audit followed by tailored strategies from an experienced white label SEO markethite label SEO marketing agency will result in improved search engine rankings for your client’s website.

Since technology is advancing rapidly, agencies often fail to keep up with the best SEO and industry practices required to help clients stay on top of their digital marketing game. Partner with Rocket Driver to experience a digital revolution driven by data.

Our team uses the latest tools for analytics to identify critical improvement areas or features that may be the culprits behind less-than-desired results.

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