Converting Organic Traffic into Qualified Leads

A digital marketer sharing strategies for converting organic traffic into qualified leads

Businesses want to acquire as much traffic as possible because it means more eyeballs on their brand, products, and services. They can accomplish this in two ways, either by obtaining organic traffic or paying for it. The latter yields quicker results, making it a more appealing option for businesses that want immediate results. But organic traffic is extremely valuable.

Organic traffic matters because a business has already performed the pre-requisite activities required to redirect users to its website or social media profiles.

Debates often persist among marketers about inbound and outbound marketing channels. The community is split into camps: those who advocate inbound channels and others who think outbound marketing is better.

Whichever side your agency lies on, the reality is that inbound marketing is crucial for obtaining organic traffic. Most marketers unanimously agree that SEO is one of the most effective ways to acquire new clients. The same is also true for content marketing. Research shows that 76 percent of content marketers curate their content to maximize lead generation. Another study shows that lead generation is one of the main goals for over a third of content marketers.

It’s well-known that SEO and content marketing go together hand in hand. Research shows that content marketing is particularly effective because it helps convert customers during the early stages of their buying journey.

However, there’s more to marketing than just that. Generating traffic is good, but it’s not enough. There’s no point in redirecting customers to your client’s website or social media pages if they don’t perform actions. It’s akin to people window-shopping at stores. They might look at a store’s offerings, but they’re not buying anything.

Businesses approach digital marketing agencies with a specific goal. For instance, an E-commerce website might want your agency’s expertise to increase sales. An insurance provider might want to increase the calls it receives from potential customers.

These are desired actions that businesses want customers to take. Digital marketing is pointless without them.

Most marketers and businesses understand that inbound marketing channels like SEO and content marketing drive organic traffic. But they’re also necessary for converting organic traffic into qualified leads.

It’ll be harder to help your client achieve their marketing goals if your agency doesn’t provide content and copywriting services. Similarly, you must provide quality SEO services. If your agency lacks the resources or expertise to provide these services, consider partnering with Rocket Driver. Their white label content and copywriting services can help your agency turn organic traffic into qualified leads. They’re also a white label SEO reseller agency, which means you can outsource white label SEO services from them.

Ensure content matches user intent

Google’s latest update in August 2022 highlights the importance of creating helpful and informative information for clients. The update details that Google considers people-first content essential when ranking websites.

As a result, your agency will want to ensure content matches user intent. Many marketers often make the mistake of organizing keywords by volume rather than search intent. However, these keywords might not be catering to what your client’s target audience wants. For instance, let’s assume your client operates an online fitness equipment store. Keywords like “home workout equipment” might have a high search volume. However, they might not meet your client’s target audience’s search intent because they’re searching for “resistance bands to help weight loss.”

Curating content according to the audience’s search intent is important. Marketers must consider search intent before performing keyword research instead of focusing solely on search volume.

Creating content based on user intent can be difficult. Some agencies also don’t have the resources or personnel to create engaging and informative content. If your agency needs assistance, consider getting white label content and copywriting services from Rocket Driver.

Optimizing for branded searches

Optimizing for branded searches is also important because it allows your client to convert leads already on the verge of converting. These leads require a final push to help them get over the finish line. For instance, if a user searches for your client’s brand in the search engines, they’re already considering purchasing products or services from your client.

Search volume for such terms is lower than for more generic keywords. But optimizing for branded searches helps your client get qualified leads more easily.

Focus on lead nurturing

It’s important to remember that not everyone who visits your client’s website will convert immediately. Some users are more cautious. They prefer to research before buying a product or service.

Marketers are often so obsessed with immediate results they’ll ignore the users who don’t convert immediately instead of nurturing them for future conversions.

Emails are an effective way to nurture leads, and segmentation is extremely important. Your agency can segment leads based on pages visited, form capture data, cart abandonment, etc.

Use social proof

Research shows that most customers today check online reviews before purchasing from a business. Many consider online reviews as valuable as a recommendation from a friend. Your client’s website could have excellent content that fulfills users’ needs. However, customers will still refrain from purchasing products and services if there’s insufficient social proof.

Your agency can incorporate various types of social proof. Testimonials are always an excellent idea for bolstering social proof. Some websites will also show real-time statistics displaying purchases or sign-ups to increase social proof.

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