9 Lead Generation Strategies for Your Digital Agency in 2023

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Digital marketing agencies are like any other business. Agency owners want to maximize profits by growing their client base and offering more services.

Agencies need to generate more leads because it helps them expand their client base and scale. Let’s assume you’ve recently started a new agency after quitting your old job as an SEO executive. You decide to partner with an old coworker who was adept at website design and development. You probably don’t have enough resources or personnel to operate as a full-service agency. As a result, you’ll need to offer a few select services to clients.

Since you and your business partner cover SEO and web design, these services would be a good starting point for your agency. You get fortunate enough to land half a dozen clients during the first three months of your operation, and you and your business partner are juggling full workloads.

Growing your agency to the next level will require you to hire more people. But your agency won’t have enough clients in its current state to provide full workloads for all employees. You’ll need to get more clients to ensure the additions to your team are worthwhile. Lead generation is crucial for agencies to grow and scale, as illustrated in this example.

Constantly striving to generate more leads is also helpful for your agency because it’ll help your online presence grow. Businesses won’t sign up with your agency if they can’t find your agency online, and you cannot blame them. No company wants to entrust its digital marketing campaigns to an agency that doesn’t have a track record that speaks for itself.

Similarly, trying out new strategies for greater lead generation is also beneficial to your agency because it allows you to test if your methods prove results. You can try running campaigns in various ways and examine the results to determine their efficacy. It’ll prevent you from making costly mistakes when working on clients’ campaigns, saving your agency time, resources, and money.

As an agency owner or employee, you’re aware that generating leads isn’t easy. Marketing campaigns must be well-thought-out and properly executed to ensure optimal results. Some agency owners often outsource their marketing campaigns to white label partners because they’re too busy to perform these services for their agency. Similarly, some agencies want to focus on maintaining client relationships and streamlining workflows and processes, and they search for white label marketing solutions for their agency.

If you’re seeking white label services for an agency, consider teaming up with Rocket Driver. The company was established in 2011. It has since cemented its reputation as a white label industry leader.

If you want to increase leads without a white label partner, ensure you follow the best practices and techniques for agencies, especially for the coming year.

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Optimize your website

Very few things are as important as an official website in today’s digital world. It’s the centerpiece of your marketing activities and campaigns, which means customers and target users will eventually end up on your website.

You must ensure your website is properly optimized to create brand awareness and distinguish your brand identity. Performing SEO and content marketing for your website are crucial because they’ll help it rank better in search engine rankings. But your efforts cannot stop there.

You must also ensure your website’s navigable and functional because website design matters. For instance, a slow-loading webpage will cause your website’s bounce rate to skyrocket, affecting its search visibility. You’ll also want to ensure your agency’s website doesn’t have a poor user interface or loading errors.

If your agency doesn’t have website designers to handle this task in-house, Rocket Driver can help you. The company offers numerous white label web design services to help your agency optimize its website and generate new leads.

Perform A/B testing

A/B testing is also crucial because it allows your agency to experiment with different web pages and determine which one performs better. Research shows marketers believe A/B testing is the most effective method to improve conversion rates. Studies show that 77 percent of organizations already perform it on their website. As a digital marketing agency, you have no excuse for not performing A/B testing to improve your agency’s landing pages.

It’s particularly beneficial because it allows your agency to determine which elements aren’t working on your website or landing page since you can test two different versions simultaneously. A/B testing isn’t also only used for website pages. You can use it to improve your cold emails to potential clients, test social media marketing strategies, etc.

Perform routine website checks

Since your website is the centerpiece of your digital marketing strategy, you must perform routine checks to ensure its functioning properly. For instance, you might notice your agency’s online traffic has suddenly dropped considerably in the past few days despite not changing anything. If that happens, your website pages might be experiencing technical issues or breakdowns. These issues could affect audience engagement because potential clients might get 404 error pages when accessing your website.

Regular website checks are vital because your agency’s website reflects your brand. Clients are less likely to sign up with your agency for services if it doesn’t have a properly functioning website because that affects your credibility.

Develop a mobile-friendly website

Statistics show that nearly 59 percent of global internet traffic originates from a mobile device. As a result, you’ll want to ensure your agency’s website is optimized to run smoothly on mobile devices and tablets. Optimizing it for mobile devices will also help it rank higher in search engine rankings because search engines like Google and Bing prioritize mobile-friendliness for search visibility.

If you’re looking for assistance with optimizing your website for mobile devices, consider outsourcing services to a white label web design agency like Rocket Driver.

Utilize keywords for maximum visibility

It’s unheard of for a digital marketing agency to refrain from using SEO to enhance visibility. Most buying journeys today start online because the internet and social media have afforded countless resources to consumers to make more educated decisions about their purchases.

Clients might find your agency online after looking for digital marketing solutions to help their business generate more leads. However, they’re unlikely to find your agency if you haven’t been utilizing the right keywords for maximum visibility.  

Utilizing keywords is crucial for SEO because it helps you convert consumers with specific search intents. In addition, it’s also particularly useful for local SEO because most users performing localized searches already intend to purchase a product or service.

For instance, a restaurant owner searching for digital marketing agencies in Midtown is more likely to partner with a digital marketing agency than a user searching for the best digital marketing solutions in 2022 on Google. Ensure that you utilize localized and long-tail keywords in your website’s content for optimal results.

If your agency doesn’t perform SEO services in-house, consider outsourcing SEO services to a white label digital marketing agency like Rocket Driver.

Use SEO to build lead magnets

Developing lead magnets through SEO is another effective strategy for digital marketing agencies. Lead magnets are free items or services, like PDFs, white papers, newsletters, and free consultations, that contain specific information. Your viewers can download these files by exchanging their contact information. They help agencies create sales leads because they allow you to engage with potential leads that are not yet ready to partner with your agency but can be persuaded to do so.

Create personalized content and blog often

Content matters for websites more than website design and aesthetics. Consumers might like your website’s design, but they’ll stay for the content. Research shows that content marketing is one of the most effective ways of acquiring new clients because it allows you to capture customers during the early stages of their buying journeys.

It’s important to note that creating personalized and unique content is crucial because Google penalizes websites with plagiarized content.

Creating such content means addressing your target audience’s existing pain points and highlighting how working with your agency can solve these issues. For instance, you can create compelling copy detailing mistakes businesses make with their digital marketing strategies and explain how your agency can use its experience and knowledge to help them develop more effective marketing campaigns that increase leads and revenue.

Blogging is also an excellent way to generate more leads because it helps create more indexable pages, which allows your agency’s website to rank higher in search engine rankings. In addition, creating helpful and informative blog posts can assist your agency in generating more leads because you’ll cultivate an audience that views your blog posts as a helpful resource for their business’s marketing activities. This audience will view your agency as an authority on the subject and might seek your services.

Creating engaging copy for your website is challenging and requires using the best copywriting practices. Likewise, content marketing is also time-consuming and resource-intensive. Your agency might not have the necessary resources to perform these activities. If that’s the case, consider getting white label copywriting and content marketing services from Rocket Driver.

Use YouTube videos

A YouTube channel can greatly benefit your agency. YouTube is the most popular online video platform, and video marketing has grown exponentially in recent years. It’s become extremely effective because it helps you reach a broader audience compared to blogging.

Creating YouTube videos can also help your agency’s search visibility because video carousels on Google primarily feature YouTube videos.

Practice the best social media marketing techniques

The best social media marketing practices vary based on the platform. However, you cannot overlook their importance. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have billions of active users. The right social media marketing techniques can help you reach these customers and generate leads.

If you need assistance utilizing the best marketing practices for lead generation, consider getting white label social media marketing and management services from Rocket Driver. They’ll help your agency grow to new heights with their expertise.

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