Why Your White Label SEO Service Should Always Offer Sales Support 

Why Your White Label SEO Service Should Always Offer Sales Support

Why Your White Label SEO Service Should Always Offer Sales Support

White label SEO services should be efficient and streamlined, providing your clients with a great experience. It should be straightforward when clients contact your agency for blogs, link building, or any service. Your agency should hand that task over to white label professionals, where they do all of the work, and you make all of the profit.

However, SEO agencies run into trouble when they have to answer direct questions about the services that their customers are using. Often, they don’t know all the ins and outs, which can create some seriously awkward phone conversations.

For instance, customers may call you with a technical question about the types of websites that your agency posts links on or the content creators they employ. But if you’re not actually the white label company – just an SEO agency using their services – that’s a problem. You might not know how to answer their questions or basic details about the white label SEO provider’s services.

The Value Of White Label Customer Service

Now imagine a different scenario. Instead of having your agency answer all your client’s SEO questions, you get the white label SEO service provider to do it for you. That would certainly reduce the risk of awkward conversations and negate the need for you or your employees to support your client, freeing up your resources and having the white label company handle it for you. They’d offer customer service in a white-label manner, representing your brand.

Think about the difference this would make to your agency’s bottom line? You and your team would no longer have to invest the hours and resources of trying to understand, support, and explain the complex SEO strategies and deliverables to your customers. Instead, you’d hand all over the support to the white label SEO provider and have them handle everything for you.

Take Rocket Driver white label SEO services, for instance. We perform over forty unique tasks for your clients’ campaigns – a massive amount of information for you and your employees to absorb.

Naturally, you and your team can’t be expected to be up to speed with every single item in our SEO arsenal, but we are. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about being an expert whenever clients approach you with SEO questions. Your clients can contact one of our SEO specialists directly and have us do all of the heavy lifting for you.

Sales Plans, Quotes And Proposals

However, sales support for white label SEO goes beyond just offering support and information to your clients. It includes helping your agency sell SEO services. While you’re free to pitch the services to the client, usually, it’s better to go with their honed and refined pitch instead.

Remember, SEO is not a quick sale. It can be a challenging service to sell. You have to have an educated sales team with a lot of experience.

Here again, Rocket Driver is the leader in the industry. We have a specialized staff of SEO sales professionals. Our team will jump on a white-label call with your client to assist, educate, strategize, and set your client’s expectations, helping your agency close the deal much more strategically.


Our sales support includes a detailed analysis, marketing strategy, and proposal, providing more credibility to your agency and helping you close out the deal. These proposals are designed to help generate maximum revenue from each account on your books. The goal is to help your client understand the market opportunities of SEO services, the level of competition, and the budget they will need to rank well on Google. With this comprehensive approach, you can better handle your client’s needs and make them feel comfortable working with your agency.

Incorrect pricing strategies can cost you dearly in the long term. Agencies often get into trouble when they under-quote for improving a client’s ranking on Google. They often have to go back, cap-in-hand, asking for more money several months down the line after having failed to hit their targets.

With our expertise, you can be completely honest from the start. Our White label SEO services enable you to assess your client’s online presence, required budget, and services’ cost to rank higher in search engine results.

Custom Proposals

Because SEO is a long-term investment, some clients aren’t always ready to spend money immediately. However, the fact that they are interested isn’t something that you should take lightly. They may be willing to buy services from you in the future. For this reason, you want a white label agency like ours that offers comprehensive SEO proposals. These can be extremely helpful when you want to close a deal.

Clients may be unable to make decisions immediately in some circumstances. Perhaps you’re speaking with a stakeholder that lacks that level of authority. In other cases, they might not have the investment at that time and would need to budget for it accordingly.

In either case, having a detailed SEO proposal is the best choice. It includes a detailed analysis of the cost-benefit of choosing your services and recommendations for each project.

It’s not just a technical document, though. It’s also something that has professional weight. Clients will be more inclined to do business with your firm when they see the level of detail you can provide and the impact of the SEO services on their online presence.

The Bottom Line

Of course, there’s far more to white label SEO services than we’ve had time to mention here, but hopefully, you get the point: customer service is a valuable part of the package. Avoid white label companies that overlook support to reduce their overhead. Their lack of customer service will eventually come back to bite you.

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