White Label Reselling vs. Franchising

White Label Reselling vs. Franchising

Why franchising – as a business and as a concept – might not be the bright idea you think it is and why white label reselling with Rocket Driver may be a much better alternative. 

The Franchise Model

The franchise model of business is not a new concept; it’s as old as business itself. A person wants to go into business; rather than build their own independent business, they buy into an existing business and garner the benefit of a pre-established brand, product and/or service as well as a vetted location that the franchiser approves of. It makes sense – but it costs a lot of money. Many franchises require you buy and stock specified amounts of merchandise, pay monthly, quarterly, or yearly dues to them, share profits, dictate dress codes, pricing, signage, and more. You pay and pay and pay and pay. 

What if things don’t work out? What if the franchise doesn’t do so well? Who pays then? You do. There are no guarantees in business, except with franchises, you are guaranteed to pay them.

The Opportunity

In North America in the US alone, there are over 30 million businesses. Nearly all of them need the services our industry supplies – websites, digital marketing, reputation protection, and more. The fact that technology is accelerating at such an unprecedented pace works directly in our favor. The more businesses automate, the more we profit because it means more competition and, therefore, an increased need for the services we supply. 

For exact economic reasons that we are meeting with success, traditional franchises are failing. Malls are closing down as the new digital economy gains momentum. The movement towards a more informed consumer leads them to healthier lifestyles, which means seeking out quality and trusting in facts – not brands. 

Our Business

Rocket Driver is what is known as a digital marketing white label wholesaler. We are a business that sells exclusively to resellers – never to the end customer. Resellers with us are called Partners; they are individuals and companies that pay a low monthly fee to be a part of the Rocket Driver Program, where they gain access to an entire business infrastructure in a box. Unlike with a franchise, there are no lengthy contracts or terms dictated by us to our partners.

The best part is our partners are all running their digital agencies – they are their own, independent businesses; we don’t facilitate getting them into business; we encourage their success. Partners buy ultra-low from us and sell for whatever they wish into retail space – no rules, no stipulations, no control, total freedom.

The kind of services we supply is digital marketing and developmental services. These services are widely applicable almost universally in business – websites, social media marketing, omnichannel digital advertising, SEO, and business listings. These services are all designed to complement one another, and all have a residual or recurring revenue (monthly fee) component to them – so our partners can charge their clients every month.

Partners with us are furnished with a 100% white-label, brandable website that is video-driven, high converting, and entirely theirs to control. In addition to the website we give to partners, we also furnish them with a suite of business tools to help them run their agencies. The tools we provide include an unlimited CRM system, a marketing automation system with endless email marketing, a screen-sharing application, and much more. A dashboard system allows our partners a convenient way to send analytics to their end-clients and has built-in upselling functionality.


When you sit and compare our industry and business and the freedom and opportunity presented to resellers, it quickly becomes evident that reselling is a fantastic option. 

Franchising as a model made sense in a bygone era where success was nearly guaranteed through centralized, corporate advertising and a lack of competition. In today’s fast-paced business arena, where judgments need to be made on the spot, franchises are quickly becoming a thing of history.

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