What Is Workflow Automation and Why Is It Important?

What Is Workflow Automation and Why Is It Important?

What Is Workflow Automation, and Why Is It Important?

Gone are the days when one had to sit down and map the business processes on paper. Then, what has come to its replacement? Workflow automation is the word for it. It is quite a buzzword among the business community.

The business intellectuals are very well aware of this term. But, others might need to see it in action to understand what it is. If implemented, workflow automation can make the business processes a cakewalk. As easy as it seems, this is not the case. Businesses need to look at and understand the complete framework of business processes. Alongside, they should also pay attention to every little action taking place.

But, what is workflow automation? How is it beneficial for businesses? And what is its importance? Let us walk you through it.

Workflow automation- Definition

It is the automation of tasks involved in business processes to reduce human intervention. Through automation, automatic triggers take place between people, tasks, and technology. This helps to carry out the business process. 

The bottom line of workflow automation is the streamlining of tasks. This increases efficiency and reduces errors. This impacts business productivity. 

Once you know what workflow automation is, you might wonder what benefits it serve?

What are the benefits of workflow automation?

Workflow automation benefits every sector of the business, including sales, marketing, and others. Along with business organization and productivity, here is a list of benefits it serves: 

1. Reduced redundant activities:

Implementing workflow automation allows the business to automate iterative tasks. You can have a clear picture of which activities are repetitive and can be automated. This not only increases productivity but eliminates any human error. Further, this allows the team to focus on core business tasks and streamline their efforts for business growth.

2. Transparency and business accountability:

Workflow automation makes it easier for managers to have an overview of the processes. The integration of tasks for various projects further provides ease of monitoring and management. It also increases the accountability for projects. This allows the team to understand the bottlenecks and work together to rectify them. 

3. Internal communication strategies:

Effective communication among the team is quintessential for smooth business operations. The advanced workflow automation functionality allows the team to work and exchange their thought process throughout the work. This also prompts the members to work on the tasks and the project. A good workflow automation software makes it easier to maintain productivity as well.


4. Improved customer management system:

Workflow automation eliminates overwhelming customers with duplicate messages. It further delivers the correct information when needed. Along with this, CRM is also a part of workflow management. This plays a crucial role in customer management and retention in the business world.

5. Strengthened marketing automation:

Workflow automation helps in integrating automated tasks with real-life marketing processes. Alongside, it plays a key role in lead nurturing and the online sales process. This helps businesses in not increasing the conversion rates. It also improves business profitability. It plays a key role in holding the customers throughout the pipeline of the marketing funnel. 

6. Robust search process:

With ample data available online, it isn’t easy to search the data. Workflow automation organizes the data based on several criteria. This makes the search process robust and efficient.

The users can access the data from system storage, including:

  • Payment information of the clients
  • Data management of supply chain
  • Teams and their work
  • Search based on chronology

This not only saves a chunk of time but also saves the data and documents from getting lost.

7. Increased sustainability with reduced carbon footprint:

The more digital your business goes, the better it is for the corporate carbon footprint. Automation reduces the strain on natural resources and environmental energy.


Workflow Automation and Its Importance

Once you know the benefits of workflow automation, check out its importance as well. Workflow automation is a core part of all business operations. This plays a key role in accelerating business growth. Here are some of the reasons that justify its importance:

  • Cost-saving: Why spend more when you can save? You can opt for good workflow automation software to get your business process done the right way.
  • Task efficiency and accuracy: Workflow automation allows businesses to complete their tasks without any disruptions. Moreover, it also eliminates the risk associated with human errors.
  • Polished end-product: It allows delivering the best to the customers. In the case of specific projects, you do not want to leave any stones unturned to please the clients. 

Uses of workflow automation across industry verticals

Businesses can use workflow automation across several industry verticals. These include marketing, finance, legal, healthcare, and many others. It helps in making the workflow processes effective and streamlined. These businesses can opt for workflow automation software to get the tasks done. Here is how businesses can use workflow automation across several industries:

a) Healthcare industry:

  • Automation of staff work schedule
  • Tracking the record of patients getting admitted and discharged
  • Maintaining the health records of patients

b) Legal industry:

  • Automation of billing
  • Adding inputs for new client information
  • Submit reviews and tracking the contact information of customers and clients
  • Case deadline management 

c) Human resources management industry:

  •  Automation of workflow like timesheets
  • Employee onboarding and onboarding management
  • Managing changes taking place in the company
  • Monitoring activities of employees and task management
What is Workflow optimization

Best Workflow Automation Software

After knowing what is workflow automation? What are its benefits? Now give a thought to workflow automation implementation. You can do so by deploying workflow automation software. But, how to choose the best workflow software for your business? Is there any specific software that works the best? Well, the choice varies for every business. So, we provide you with a list of workflow automation software and its features to choose from. Check the list below:

1. PeppyBiz:

 PeppyBiz is the one-stop destination for all your workflow automation needs. We provide fulfilling results with our effective workflow building and management strategies. We work with our clients to help them map out the conversion paths for the business prospects. Here is a list of features that we have in store for you:

  • Providing a flexible journey to the prospects to get the task completed in a few clicks.
  • Engaging with leads through alternate paths and methods
  • Provision of workflow templates to create drip campaigns
  • Personalization of drip campaigns to build a lasting impression on customers
  • Creation of inter-connected workflows to automate the critical business processes
  • Sending sales notifications to the customers
  • Moving the leads across the marketing funnel based on their action
  • Get a detailed analysis of customer actions with drip campaign analytics
  • Update the data in all apps with automation

2. Integrify:

This workflow automation software follows a service-based approach. It involves support and consulting to provide the best process improvements. For the majority of workflows, this software offers a drag-and-drop editor option. Alongside, they also offer a knowledge base system to their users. Depending on their requirements, the businesses can further upgrade their software.

 3. Zapier:

For project management users, this workflow automation software is a great choice. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface making the workflow process seamless. With over 500 integration options, the users can build entire email workflows. Alongside, one of the best packages of Zapier is the “free forever” plan that it offers. Under this, the users can carry out 100 tasks/month. Following this, they also offer several other packages for the users to choose from.

4. Kissflow:

This workflow automation software offers cloud-based services. The users need not have any coding knowledge to use this software. With this, users can create and deploy several business processes in the app. As compared to other software, this one has a more straightforward approach that can be followed. They offer a visual interface allowing the users to follow up with the sequential tasks. They further provide access to user management, KPIs, dashboards, ease of use. Alongside, they also have affordable pricing and plans. 

5. Bpm online:

It offers a very interactive user interface. Additionally, it is more like a suite of workflow tools made handy. Right from leads to sales, it takes care of the complete operating process. They offer the option of both deploying it as an on-premise tool or cloud-based service. There are several other products available on the suite on the bpm online you can choose from. Moreover, it can be used both as a CRM tool as well as a workflow automation software.


 The list of benefits and workflow automation software does not end here. There are several others which the business can opt for. These ones are the most noticeable ones. It is a wise decision to incorporate workflow automation software for all businesses. After all, who doesn’t want to make their work easier and efficient? Workflow automation is the savior of all those rigorous hours of brainstorming. Now, with this workflow automation software in hand, all you need to do is make a plan, strategize and get going!

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