Training Salespeople in White Label Services

Training Salespeople in White Label Services

If there’s one thing we have a lot of experience with here at Rocket Driver, it is helping to train salespeople to become champions of the artform – but what exactly do we do and why do we do it? If you’d like to know, keep reading.

The first thing to understand about training salespeople is that it’s not a subject to be taken lightly – but it’s also not the same as training someone in hard science. No formula’s going to substitute for confidence built upon experience. So at the outset, understand our emphasis is always positively oriented and built upon the knowledge that a good dose of encouragement can do a lot more than an ocean of technobabble.

The tendency of those new to selling the kind of white label services we offer is to get caught up in technical minutiae. We try always to dispel those who harbor such thoughts of the notion that what they’re doing is development – it’s not. The fact of the matter is that everyone selling services like SEO, Websites, Social Media, and the like is involved in consultative selling. The second someone knows more than their prospect, and they are empowered; however, what they do with that power differentiates a salesperson from a consultant.

The first component of our white label sales training is to teach new salespeople how to utilize the systems and resources they have at their disposal from us. These facilities include a full-featured white label CRM system along with a screen sharing application as well as training resources themselves. Once they understand this, it’s time to move on to teaching them our services, but let’s cover some theory first.

A consultant (or consultative salesperson) is there to analyze the specific situation of a given business and advise on the application of a solution that will have a positive outcome.

A salesperson is there to get the ink dry on a contract to make a deal at all costs.

The difference between these two is night and day. When we’re training the salespeople for our partners, we attempt at every junction to teach them in a manner that outputs them as consultative salespeople. The second area we provide education upon is what services to sell and in what order.

Although somewhat subjective, we attempt to give salespeople a framework of understanding to know what service to sell at what time and how these services will affect their prospects. Our goal is not to cram too much technical information into training but rather to give salespeople the raw know-how to close in the right way.

Moving forward from this, we provide salespeople with service training covering every primary service we have. This training – through comprehensive – is not designed to be gone through in a courseware manner. It’s designed so that individual agencies, each with their focus, can point salespeople where to go to study first and onboard them service by service in a way that fits their specific needs.

It’s worth noting here; not all agencies have the same intention or goal. Some of our partners want to build agencies surrounding SEO; others are exclusively Web-focused; some sell everything, and others sell additional services outside the scope of Rocket Driver. The type of salesforce a business cultivates is as custom to them as their taste in music. Through the years, many have asked us which route to take; there is no right or wrong answer. The ultimate judge of whether a salesforce is worthwhile is in its results.

To this end, we provide comprehensive general sales training. Closing techniques, marketing methods, and even sales theory are covered. Confidence building and the merit of experience are always emphasized because, ultimately, the idea is not what closes deals. We attempt to drive salespeople towards a trial and error approach to selling – learn what works for you, discard the rest.

The last thing we do when we train salespeople is to conduct live webinar presentations – in a white-label manner – to train salespeople in a live setting. We allow them to ask specific questions about services, closing, or any other related topic.

We take sales training very seriously, and it’s a delicate task of striking the correct balance between the realm of technology and the pragmatic task of landing business that sticks. We encourage anyone interested in learning what we do for our white label resellers salesforces to visit us on YouTube, attend one of our webinars, or get in touch with us.

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