The Door Is Open: White Label Reselling

The Door Is Open - White Label Reselling

Have you ever sat down and thought to yourself, “I wish I had my own business – then I wouldn’t have to work for someone else!” – if so, then the path is clear, and it’s waiting for you – white label reselling. Our industry is one of limitless potential.

The industry we’re talking about is internet marketing. The services that present the opportunity are digital marketing and development services, services like websites, reputation management, search engine optimization, and social media management. These kinds of services carry a premium, but all have a recurring revenue intrinsic to their delivery as services. When you find an agency selling these solutions, you bill your client each month and therefore get paid repeatedly. If you sell high-quality solutions, the sky’s the limit; clients will not only never quit; they’ll buy more services and more of those services -making you more and more money. 

The name of the game today is reselling, reselling white label digital marketing services. This is how average, everyday people are founding their agencies and meeting with success – they’re not going back to school and “learning to code,” they’re finding white label service providers and learning to sell. Our company, Rocket Driver, is one such white-label service provider. We’ve been in this space for the past decade, helping entrepreneurs and agencies get founded and supplying them with all the critical tools, services, and training necessary to dominate in this space.

The recent worldwide release of our flagship partner program brings a combo of 6 digital services, an unlimited CRM, single sign-on client-facing dashboard system, screen sharing application, and complete marketing automation system with drip campaigns and full training into one partnership with us. It doesn’t, however, stop there. The services released by us in 3.0 are fully managed services, meaning that we now handle the setup, implementation, and full end-client phone-based support of all services our partners (resellers) sell.

All of this is, of course, combined with world-class training – a significant emphasis on our part. Training in this industry is essential to success. We take it very seriously, providing robust video training to all of our partners and live webinar-based training on an ongoing basis each week. In addition to training for our partners, we give specific training for our partners’ salespeople. Salesperson training is 100% white label and is designed to focus upon the core areas of importance to their role as salespeople – services, systems, and making sales. 

A Great Time to Hop In

Whether you’re considering jumping into this industry with Rocket Driver as your partner or not, now is undoubtedly a great time to decide to become a white label reseller. According to numerous sources, the market is slated to expand to over 200 billion in 2020 according to multiple sources. Though we don’t do polling, we certainly trust that growth is not only here but is accelerating with time. For those looking to take the plunge, now is a great time to do it.

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