SEO Tips and Strategies for Your Agency’s Real Estate Clients

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The real estate sales and brokerage industry is one of the largest industries in the United States. Statistics show the sector was worth over $226.8 billion in 2022. In addition, experts predict it’ll continue to grow at a 4.7 percent compound annual growth rate.

Land is a scarce resource. It becomes increasingly valuable as the population grows because the world will eventually run out of habitable land. As a result, everyone wants to purchase real estate, whether as an investment or for residential or commercial purposes.  

The real estate industry’s paradigms have shifted considerably since the internet and social media platforms. Previously, interested parties would visit a real estate broker’s office, seeking assistance to find their ideal property. Today, online websites like Zillow and Trulia have changed the game.

These websites allow interested buyers and sellers to search for properties online conveniently. Agents and brokers have become less important to the real estate purchase process, requiring them to rethink their position and role in the market.

Research shows that approximately 43 percent of homebuyers search for properties online before contacting an agent. In addition, research also shows that 90 percent of homebuyers use Google to find properties, with over half of homebuyers beginning their search for a new home online.

These figures highlight why real estate agents and brokerages must develop a robust online presence. Otherwise, they’ll miss out on considerable traffic and customers.

If your digital marketing agency has real estate clients, you have an uphill battle to help them rank well in search engines to get more customers on their websites. It also requires a sophisticated understanding of the real estate market because it’ll help you tailor SEO strategies and practices accordingly.  

SEO strategies for the real estate market differ considerably. If your agency doesn’t have experience catering to real estate clients, consider outsourcing white label SEO services from Rocket Driver. Established in 2011, Rocket Driver is a leading white label SEO marketing agency that has worked with numerous agencies, assisting them in helping clients from all niches. They’re ready to help your agency too.

Perform an SEO Audit

Your agency will want to start by performing an SEO audit. It’ll help uncover which pages are performing well and where improvements are possible.

SEO audits can be time-consuming, but they help because you can use them as a benchmark for progress. An audit will also tell if your client currently ranks locally and how much organic traffic they get. Similarly, it’ll also provide information about whether they’re generating leads and converting clients.

Your audit should also focus on the site structure, including redirects and the XML sitemap, page structure, content, links, and website usability.  

Google has several tools, including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Mobile-Friendly Test Tool, and the PageSpeed Insights tool. In addition, you can also use Rocket Driver’s white label agency tools for further analysis.  

Make a local real estate keyword list

Keyword research is crucial for SEO. Real estate requires well-optimized local SEO because most searches will be local. As previously mentioned, approximately 90 percent of homebuyers start their search online. In addition, over half of buyers search for real estate agents online.

You’ll want to ensure customers find your real estate client before others. It’ll require creating a keyword list for local real estate searches and optimizing your client’s website and content accordingly.

Focus on important long-tail real estate keywords

Long-tail keywords are also essential. Customers will use these keywords for highly-specific search results, which means these customers are also likely to be further along their purchasing journeys.

Incorporating long-tail real estate keywords will make your client’s content more relevant, ensuring they rank higher in search results.

Let’s use an example to illustrate. Your client might focus on keywords like “upscale homes in NY.” Focusing on keywords like “high-rise luxury homes in Manhattan, NY” would provide better results.

Ensure your client’s website is accessible

Ensuring your client’s website is accessible to everyone is also crucial. It requires ensuring their website complies with the regulations in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Businesses are legally required to ensure their website is ADA-compliant. However, this is especially necessary for real estate agents and brokerages because they are often lawsuit targets.

Make the website mobile-friendly and easily navigable

In addition to making your website more accessible, you must also ensure your client’s website is mobile-friendly and easily navigable. Research shows that nearly 60 percent of internet traffic originates from a mobile device. You’ll want to ensure your client’s website has a responsive design.

In addition, an easily navigable website is crucial because it improves user experience. Your client’s website must have quick page loading times. Websites with slow page loading times have higher bounce rates, affecting search engine rankings.

If your client’s website isn’t well-optimized, consider getting white label web design services from Rocket Driver. The company is an excellent white label web design agency and can help revamp your client’s website.

Create real estate blogs and FAQ sections to build engagement

Content is king, even in the real estate industry. For instance, let’s assume your client sells luxury homes in NYC. Creating blog posts, case studies, and FAQ sections can help your client get more engagement and traffic, especially if you optimize the content with the right real estate SEO keywords.

Let’s assume your clients want to rank higher in search engine rankings for luxury listings in NYC. You could create blog posts about the best neighborhoods in NYC, top activities to do when in NYC, and the safest neighborhoods in NYC. Creating compelling blog posts and optimizing them with the right keywords will help your client get more traffic. In addition, blog posts are crucial because they can help convince customers during the early stages of their purchasing journeys if they provide helpful and informative content.  

Creating engaging content frequently can be challenging, especially if your agency doesn’t have the resources or personnel. Consider getting white label content and copywriting services from Rocket Driver. Their services will help your real estate client rank better in SERPs.

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