Preparing a Holiday Season Social Media Strategy for Clients

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The holidays are always the busiest time for companies because sales increase considerably. However, getting consumers to purchase your client’s products or services is challenging because of the fierce competition. Companies partner with digital marketing agencies to ensure they can generate the most leads and customers. They also use several channels to target more customers.

Social media is one of the most effective tools for customer acquisition. If you’re working with a client over the holidays, you cannot overlook the importance of using social media marketing and advertising. Unfortunately, your agency might not offer these services if it isn’t a full-service digital marketing agency. In such cases, getting social media marketing and management services from a white label industry leader is an effective option. Check out Rocket Driver’s white label social media services to assess how a partnership could help your agency.

Statistics show that US holiday retail sales are expected to reach $1.3 trillion, increasing by 3.3 percent over the previous year. However, retail sales aren’t the only thing increasing in the holiday season. E-commerce sales will also witness similar growth.

According to PwC research, consumers plan to spend approximately $1430 this year. In addition, 35 percent of consumers plan to spend more this year than last year. McKinsey analysts share a similar sentiment. Their research shows that people are primed to celebrate the holiday season in style after nearly three years of suppressed shopping behavior due to COVID. Their survey shows that 55 percent of US respondents were awaiting the holiday shopping season and had already saved money to purchase gifts.

Since the holiday season is so busy, it’s also the best time for companies to sell more products and services. Every organization wants a piece of the pie, despite how competitive it might be.

Marketers and businesses can attest that getting customers during the holiday shopping season is difficult. PPC campaigns, for instance, are the most expensive to carry out during the year’s final quarter. Similarly, SEO and content marketing activities aren’t always the best options because they take time. Since your client will want to generate traction during this holiday frenzy, your agency might not have enough time to use these channels to generate interest. As a result, it leaves you with fewer options.

That’s where social media marketing becomes crucial. Research shows over 4.7 billion people use social media. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have over one billion monthly active users, meaning the platform has a built-in audience ready for your client to target.

However, you cannot reach your client’s target audience like you normally would during other parts of the year. You must devise the right social media strategy to target customers during the holiday madness.

Help customers

Holiday shoppers are looking for specific information. Most people purchase gifts for their close ones instead of themselves. Purchasing gifts for other people is more challenging because you don’t know what they want unless they’ve subtly dropped hints.

Your agency should ensure that your client provides helpful information to customers because it’ll help earn their trust. For instance, let’s assume your client sells Christmas sweaters. Their social media profiles should demonstrate why these specific sweaters make a better Christmas gift than other sweaters. In addition, consider helping clients by installing click-to-shop options in social media profiles that redirect them to the product they were browsing.

Be impactful

Another way to get more customers during the holiday season is by being impactful. Ensure your client’s social media strategy involves posts about how they impact their community. Customers are more likely to support a business that gives back to the local community through community outreach programs, food and clothing drives, etc.

For instance, create posts about how your client donates sweaters to the homeless and the poor in their community. It’ll connect with customers and encourage them to purchase products from your client.

Be relevant

It’s also important to ensure your client’s social media posting strategy is relevant. For instance, you don’t want to start posting Christmas-related posts a day before Thanksgiving. Focus on the present.

Understanding customers’ pain points

Understanding customers’ pain points are also crucial. Most companies bombard customers with countless emails, social media posts, text messages, etc. Ensure you don’t adopt the same strategy for your client. Instead, acknowledge their pain points and reduce their stresses by making their lives easier.

Get a grip on your client’s target audience

Your client’s social media strategy will be based on their target audience. For instance, social media content will differ for a brand catering to millennials from a brand for baby boomers. If your client doesn’t know their target audience, they cannot provide them with what they want.

If your client’s target audience is young adults, ensure your social media messaging caters to them and their needs.

Create a plan

Once you’ve considered your client’s target audience and goals, create a content schedule and map your content accordingly. Scheduling posts beforehand is also crucial because it ensures posts occur timely without delays. You’ll also want to utilize paid social media advertisements to further your client’s reach, helping them target their ideal buyer personas.

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