Making Money Online: Why White Label Works

Making Money Online: Why White Label Works

Lots of people, literally millions worldwide, search every day for ways to make money online. They wind up buying into a laundry list of different schemes, scams, and crackpot ideas. The fact is, like leprechauns, unicorns, and Santa clause, getting rich quickly isn’t real.

You can, however, start a viable business exceptionally quickly, and if you work hard, meeting with success is well within reach of the average person. It’s called white label reselling, specifically, reselling white label digital marketing and developmental services. These are the kinds of services modern businesses of all sizes need to compete and win online.

There is an entire industry of individuals working as reselling, selling websites, pay per click, search engine optimization, reputation management, and much more. This isn’t some telemarketing gimmick, no, not at all. White label resellers are people who run their businesses and buy services low and flip for a profit to end clients who need those services.

It works like this. A reseller, let’s call her Sandra. Sandra sets up a company to sell digital marketing services like websites, social media, and the like. She goes to a white label service provider, for example, us (Rocket Driver); when Sandra gets a client, she bills them and buys the service she’s sold from us, we come in and do the development work on Sandra’s behalf, but the client never even knows who we are – it’s a 100% white label relationship between our business and Sandra’s.

Over time, Sandra builds a large book of business; she sells hundreds of websites. For every client Sandra sells, she charges them a monthly hosting fee, which allows her to pay the hosting fee for the sites she has sold, plus turns a bit of profit. After Sandra has many clients, this free on a per-client basis adds a phenomenal recurring income.

Some services, such as SEO, have tremendous monthly profit because they are delivered and billed. So Sandra collects profit from every sale she makes, making her business a recurring revenue machine.

Now, this is a real business and an entire industry, it isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, but it is quite simply the most straightforward business a person can open, due to the low-risk, high-reward dynamic associated with it. The upside is enormous, the downside low, and the potential enormous.

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