How To Track The Performance Of YouTube Tags

The YouTube User Interface

YouTube is the largest video hosting platform on the internet. Other competitors, like DailyMotion and Vimeo, pale in comparison.

Not only does YouTube have one of the largest active user bases, but research shows the platform’s user base is also extremely loyal. A staggering 62 percent of YouTube users access the platform daily. In addition, YouTube’s own statistics show that the platform has over two billion monthly logged-in users who contribute to the billions of views generated on the platform.

YouTube has also become a fantastic marketing place for businesses and advertisers. Research shows that advertisements can reach over 2.5 billion people on the platform. In addition, it’s also the second-most visited website worldwide, accumulating over 14.43 billion total visits. It only trails behind Google, which also owns YouTube.

Video marketing is quickly becoming the defacto method of promotion for businesses and marketers. A State of Video Marketing 2022 Report shows that approximately 86 percent of businesses used video marketing in 2022. This number is expected to increase in 2023.

You’re already on the right track if your digital marketing agency is using video to help clients reach their marketing goals and objectives. But you cannot upload videos to your client’s website and hope for the best results. You must also use YouTube to your advantage. After all, that’s where most of the world’s audience comes to consume video content.

YouTube has also significantly evolved since its inception. You could once upload videos on the platform and garner thousands of views because the content was limited, and it was easier to stand out. That’s no longer the case. You must learn about the best YouTube SEO tactics to prosper on the platform.

If your agency wants to help clients rank higher in YouTube search results and be picked up by the algorithm, you’ll need to utilize YouTube tags to your advantage. If your agency doesn’t have the necessary resources or expertise to do so, consider outsourcing white label SEO services from Rocket Driver. The organization is a leading white label SEO agency that provides innovative and unique digital marketing solutions.

What are YouTube Tags?

YouTube tags are a crucial part of YouTube SEO. You must include these tags as keywords to your client’s YouTube video because it helps the platform’s crawl bot understand its context and content. It’s necessary for appearing in relevant search results.

Let’s assume your client creates a video about “how to bake the perfect pizza.” You’ll want to use relevant YouTube tags like “pizza,” “pizza recipe,” and “how to knead pizza dough.”

These tags will help YouTube show the video to people searching for these specific terms, meaning your client’s video will reach its target audience.  

Why do YouTube tags matter?

Most marketers think YouTube tags aren’t important because the platform states that video titles, descriptions, and thumbnail matter more. But that doesn’t mean you can give up on YouTube tags. They’re still an excellent way to increase video discoverability and visibility on the platform.

Thousands of hours of content are added to the platform daily. You’ll want to stand out from the rest of the uploaded content, which won’t garner significant views.

How do they differ from Youtube hashtags?

It’s easy to confuse YouTube tags with hashtags. But they do have a significant difference. YouTube tags are primarily used to gain relevancy in YouTube search results. On the other hand, hashtags exist for dedicated searches.

Let’s use an example to illustrate this point better. If you’ve used Twitter, you’ll understand how hashtags work on the platform. Searching for a specific hashtag on Twitter shows you all the tweets that have used that specific hashtag. Hashtags on YouTube work similarly, showing videos with those specific hashtags in the title or description.

Tags also help YouTube’s algorithm determine where to rank the video in search results. If your agency needs assistance boosting YouTube SEO for clients, consider partnering with a white label SEO reseller agency like Rocket Driver.

How to incorporate tags in videos?

Incorporating tags in YouTube videos is straightforward.

  1. Start by going to YouTube. Hover the cursor over your profile picture and select YouTube studio from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select content.
  3. Hover over an existing video to edit and click details.
  4. Scroll down and go to show more.
  5. Add YouTube tags of up to 500 characters.

How to track YouTube tags performance

Tracking the performance of YouTube tags is crucial because clients will want to know if your YouTube SEO efforts are paying dividends. You can use multiple metrics to track the success of your YouTube tags, including views, watch time, engagement, and traffic sources.

  • Views: You’ll want to know how many people have viewed your client’s videos, especially those with YouTube tags in the description.
  • Watch time: You’ll also want to know the watch time and the retention rate.
  • Engagement: Understanding what percentage of viewers engage with your video is also crucial, like whether they like, share, or comment on the video.
  • Traffic sources: It’s also important to understand where viewers are finding your videos and coming from because it’ll help track measurement.

You can use YouTube Creator Studio to determine the efficiency of your YouTube tags. In addition, you can also use white label agency tools by partnering with Rocket Driver to conduct a more detailed analysis.

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Improve Your YouTube SEO with Rocket Driver’s Assistance

YouTube is essential for any video marketing strategy. YouTube tags are crucial because they’ll help your clients rank higher in YouTube search results, meaning more people will view their videos.

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