Customer obsession as a pillar of business growth

Customer obsession as a pillar of business growth

Customer obsession as a pillar of business growth

It may sound strange what we are about to say that you should be obsessed with your customer! Obsession is a powerful word, but it only further demonstrates the importance of this transactional strategy.

To understand how this pillar is fundamental for your company to become a sales machine, act on the customer’s pain, and genuinely optimize the entrepreneurial journey, read on!

What is the customer obsession strategy?

If we tell you that this sales strategy means “being where your customer is,” do you understand that as a sufficient definition? No, and neither do we! But, first of all, we wanted to stress that idea in your head.

Customer obsession is a state of hyper-concentration in which the core of your entire business is based on ensuring a better customer experience from the customer’s perspective.

Above all, customer obsession is a commitment that your business has to spotlight the customer, prioritizing the person that generates your profit. 

There are two specific points worth highlighting:

•   The demands of your customers are more important than any other marketing metric.

•   The customer experience must be excellent throughout the “customer journey,” including marketing, sales, support, and after-sales strategies.

Difference between customer service and customer obsession

Suddenly we find ourselves immersed in a sea of customer-related terms, such as customer service, customer experience, and customer obsession. It is evident that if they are different in their spelling, they also have different meanings – especially for customers. So let’s get to them:

Whereas customer obsession translates the act of business proactivity in which you look at your customer’s pains first, then create strategies to solve them. On the other hand, customer service is a form of assistance to the customer and his pains, but not as targeted and in-depth as customer obsession (which is taken as a principle).

Just as a curiosity, customer experience seeks to understand the consumer’s perceptions of your brand in all their interactions with it.

In the end, all of them want to deeply understand consumer behavior so that you, the entrepreneur, can offer products and services that generate customer-perceived value and set your business apart from the competition.

Why is customer obsession important?

The customer is the starting and the ending point of any business strategy, and businesses that do not adopt this view have little chance of success.

Do you know why? Because looking at your customers more than your competitors will truly set you apart in the marketplace since your company, before anyone else, has cared about the pain presented by your potential customer and offered a better experience to him. Something that no other company has done.

Building strategies based on those implemented by your competitors will make you look sideways or even backward because they have already done it first. And, notice, they did not solve any situation (regarding that potential customers are still looking for solutions).

So, by looking at your customer, you learn to have a long-term vision: you will create, experiment, and innovate and offer exciting solutions to what they are looking for. Being where your customer is is what your business needs!

If you think that customer obsession happens only by mentioning in your business branding – in that “who we are” or “our mission” space on the website -, you’re wrong! If you want to make a difference for your customer, you have to get beyond and make it your routine.

As long as this is done, the products and services offered by your business will always be ahead of what other entrepreneurs in the same industry could do.

Moreover, these are the significant benefits of adopting a customer-obsessed culture:

•   customer loyalty;

•   acquiring potential customers;

•   keeping the business in a constant cycle of innovation.

How can I show customer obsession in my business?

To have a customer-obsessed business, you must, above all, set priorities in your business performance, and in this way, your consumer will almost naturally notice your attention to them.

Although they are apparent, these should be your two priorities to show your obsession:

1. Customer involvement

A company that is passionate about its customer needs to seek, at all times, to maintain a relationship with them. And more than that: you need to understand them, and the best way to do that is:

•   collecting feedback;

•   always be willing to listen to them (a department must exist for this);

•   have an extreme focus on the client;

•   inject empathy into every interaction.

2. Employee engagement

It is no surprise that a customer-obsessed company needs employees engaged with this culture. 

The reasons for this are:

•   improved team performance;

•   reduced employee turnover (because employees will also have great experiences in seeing their work bear fruit).

But keep in mind that having engaged employees require training, mentoring, career development opportunities, and also ways to efficiently manage potential customers and clients.

Now that you know the secret to innovating efficiently don’t forget to keep the corporate culture of customer obsession active. After all, who hasn’t dreamed of being the new Amazon?

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