Becoming a White Label Reseller

Becoming a White Label Reseller

One topic that seems to attract a great deal of general interest is white label reselling. It makes sense that it would since most of our visitors here are either new to the topic of considering becoming a reseller. 

Many approach the subject with a timid attitude because they view it as the kind of pursuit with a lot of pre-requisites, that it’s a closed circuit realm, and only the highly technical will succeed – they could not be more wrong. 

Reselling digital marketing services (or almost any service today) is no more a technical pursuit than selling cars is. The fact is that those who resell services such as those we at Rocket Driver offer are not technicians whatsoever. Our partners (white label resellers) are people from all walks of life and come from a vast and varied background in terms of careers and technical proficiencies. There is absolutely no invisible barrier of technical ability to pass through to resell our services or become successful. 

Our services here at Rocket Driver are what are called managed services. With Rocket Driver, our partners (resellers) sell. Afterward, the responsibility falls back to us to contact the end-clients (in a white-label manner) and perform every aspect of the setup, implementation, and launch of the service in question – leaving very little room for technical hurdles. It’s essential to understand the difference between managed services from us and the DIY services from many others. In reality, DIY services that many offer up as “white label” are pieces of web-based software or tools that require the reseller to perform many functions of provisioning of the service themselves; they have to use the DIY tool to carry out the service. While it is true that many DIY types of white label solutions have technical and logistical hurdles, we do not.

It’s not by accident that our white label services come furnished in a fully managed manner. Given our history in this industry, we’ve come to embrace a model of business that understands that for maximum success, we have to ensure that as much time is spent conducting sales as possible by our partners. This is a fundamental philosophical and practical difference between our model of business and those found at many other white label service providers. We approach reselling not as a technical pursuit but as a business enterprise. 

We offer numerous digital marketing and developmental services, including Web Sites, SEO, Reputation Management, among others. The reason and rationale behind our service set are simple. Our services are designed to complement the others and form components of an interconnected whole. By offering a broad spectrum of services, our partners are empowered to employ their own sales strategies and field our solutions without any concern for the scalability of their businesses – that’s our job, that’s on us. It’s important to consider that with DIY-type solutions, scalability is limited. The reseller has to consider the time and resources necessary to furnish solutions for clients.

Another concern voiced by many considering becoming a white label reseller with us is that of training. Despite mitigating the technical onus from being upon our partners, our partners must become as educated as possible, not just in our solutions but also in the industry in general. We work to ensure our partners are brought up to speed quickly through live webinars and video-based training. Our support department responds quickly, and through our vast and ever-expanding knowledge base, questions are answered and light shed upon important topics. 

If you consider becoming a white label reseller, consider that sales are at the heart of everything related to your business. Without sales, you don’t have a business; this simple fact motivates us in nearly every facet of our business. It shows in many important ways, all of which directly contribute to the success of our partners. 

Everyone knows SEO is a core service; it holds the potential to build a multi-million dollar business. Most white-label service providers offer SEO how one might deliver canned goods; they offer it up, explain what it does – and that’s it. They expect the reseller to go out, find the client, sell them, handle keyword selection, handle service, handle support, handle everything – and get nearly nothing in return. 

With SEO from us, it’s quite a different experience. Our partners enjoy immediate access to video training, brochures, and sales materials, all designed to get them up to speed as quickly as possible. Frequent SEO topical webinars offer a live venue for our partners to ask questions and get answers. Most important of all is something called sales support. 

Sales support is a feature of SEO. Our partners can set up and schedule demonstrations with prospects and bring in senior salespeople and technical personnel right into their demonstrations and sales calls – to close FOR THEM. Not only will our people help to close deals for our partners, but they will also, of course, guide the end-client through the setup and implementation of the SEO campaign. This unprecedented level of assistance is a cornerstone of SEO from Rocket Driver and is indicative of the level of care we have for our partner’s success. 

There are numerous other features of white label reselling with Rocket Driver that we could cover here, but we’ll save that for another day and another article. If you would like to learn more about what we do, we ask that you stop by our site, register, and attend one of our live webinars. We’d love to hear from you.

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