5 Tips to Boost Your Website Conversion Rate Using Images

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E-commerce continues to grow rapidly. The E-commerce marketing landscape has become fiercely competitive. If your agency needs assistance helping E-commerce clients achieve their marketing goals, consider getting white label marketing solutions from Rocket Driver.

Research shows that US E-commerce sales grew by 16.1 percent in 2022, reaching approximately $1.06 trillion. It’s a significant contrast from a few years ago when E-commerce was still in its initial stages. Only two years ago, E-commerce accounted for 17.8 percent of total sales. Today, the figure is over 21 percent. It’s expected to continue growing, reaching nearly 25 percent by 2025.

Online shopping is a very different experience from visiting a brick-and-mortar store. The traditional retail experience allows consumers to browse a business’s catalog and experience its products and services firsthand. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to replicate that exact experience online.

Products listed on an E-commerce store aren’t tangible. Consumers cannot see or feel them, meaning they don’t have firsthand knowledge about these products. Writing product descriptions is great because it helps customers learn more about a product’s specifications and purpose, but it’s still not enough in most cases.

That’s why E-commerce stores and websites must adopt different tactics. Pause momentarily and think about the world’s largest E-commerce websites like Amazon and eBay. Businesses posting products on these websites must share images and visual content to help consumers get a general idea of the product.

E-commerce conversion rates are typically lower than retail conversion rates, which is to be expected. However, data shows that the average E-commerce conversion rate was significantly low this year, averaging a meager 2.05 percent.

If your agency works with E-commerce clients or businesses who sell their products through their website, you’ll want to help them increase their conversion rates. You’ll need to use images and visual content to improve their conversion rates.

The most straightforward plan might be to use stock images from royalty-free websites on the internet, but they won’t go far in improving conversion rates. Instead, you’ll need to create customized images and visual content for clients, meaning graphic design services are crucial. If your agency doesn’t offer graphic design services, consider partnering with a white label graphic design agency like Rocket Driver. Their white label graphic design services can help your agency create compelling images that boost your client’s conversion rates.

Use images freely and frequently

Online shoppers have never refrained from buying products because your client has too many images showcasing them. However, the opposite is true. Consumers are less likely to purchase them if your client only has one or two low-quality images showcasing their products.  

It’s important to understand that high-quality, high-resolution pictures drive E-commerce sales. In addition, ensure your client showcases products from multiple angles. For instance, let’s assume your client sells women’s shoes online. They’ve recently introduced new six-inch heels. Ensure your client uploads pictures of the shoe from every angle, including the sole, the sides, etc.

A zoomed-in picture can also help increase conversions. Likewise, having a model wear the shoes and pose in various positions can also help increase sales.

The more pictures, the better because customers are more likely to trust what they see.

Consider creating a mascot

You might have noticed that some websites have mascots they use for branding purposes. These mascots are highly effective because they enhance user experience, brand awareness, and brand identity. For instance, think about the McDonald’s mascot. It’s an iconic image that resonates with users, helping them establish a bond with the brand.  

The good news is that a mascot can do wonders for your client’s website without incurring a significant expense. Mascots can act as marketing motifs, generate the desired emotional effect, and contribute to your client’s branding.  

Utilize an emotional touch

Customers respond to either emotions or logic. That’s why most advertising copy focuses on utilizing one or both aspects to appeal to customers. Establishing an emotional touch is necessary because customers can relate to your client’s product and services.

For instance, let’s assume your client operates a clothing business that’s minority-owned and women-led. It also creates clothing items for young women.

You’ll want to use images that relay your client’s brand’s vision and mission to the consumers. Therefore, consider using young female models in pictures across your client’s website. Showcase these young women in the workplace, school, or at home wearing your client’s products. It’ll help your client’s target audience relate more easily, meaning they’ll develop an emotional connection with your client’s brand. It’ll also make it easier to convert them into consumers.

Use high-quality images for social media

Social media marketing and advertising are excellent ways to generate leads and conversions for your client’s business. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have over a billion monthly active users, meaning there’s already a built-in audience. Creating advertisements with high-quality images can drive traffic to your client’s website, leading to more conversions. Carousel ads are particularly effective because they combine different visual formats, which you can use to create compelling content to boost conversions.

While some digital marketing agencies operate as full-service agencies, most don’t have the resources or personnel. As a result, they offer a few select services to clients. If your agency doesn’t offer social media marketing, you’re missing out on an effective channel to help your client increase sales. Consider partnering with an industry leader like Rocket Driver and getting white label social media marketing services from them.

Create validation

Validation is important for online shoppers. They want to be convinced the product they’re purchasing is legitimate. One way to create validation is by showing other people who have also used the products.

Most websites will rely on written testimonials from previous clients to showcase legitimacy and credibility, but that’s an old-school way of thinking. Instead, relying on user-generated content that shows satisfied customers with your client’s product is more effective. Such images also relate more with the audience because they see regular people who aren’t models or paid actors using your client’s products, increasing trust.

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