5 Helpful Web Designing Tips For Agencies

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Websites have become crucial tools for businesses and organizations in today’s digital world. Not only do websites help create brand awareness, but they’re also the centerpiece of your digital marketing strategy.

Websites have become crucial tools for businesses and organizations in today’s digital world. Not only do websites help create brand awareness, but they’re also the centerpiece of your digital marketing strategy.

Potential and existing customers are likelier to spend longer on your website if it’s well-designed. As a result, focusing on responsive design, page speed, mobile optimization, and user navigation is crucial because it enhances user experience.

Whether you’re designing your agency’s website or a client’s site, make sure you devote time and resources to good web design.

If you need assistance creating a well-designed website without the necessary expertise, consider outsourcing services to a white label web design agency.

Rocket Driver, established in 2011, is a leading white label digital marketing agency that offers services such as white label SEO, graphic design, content marketing and copywriting, social media management, and SMS marketing.

The company’s innovative digital marketing solutions will help your agency cement itself as a formidable player in the industry. Partnering with Rocket Driver means you’ll receive exceptional digital marketing services for any niche your clients are in, even if you’re a smaller-sized organization.

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Here are some helpful web designing tips for agencies.

Implement a visual hierarchy

Visual hierarchy refers to using arrangements, size, colors, and contrast to make visual elements of your website more prominent than others.

Using colorful text, images, icons, and large fonts allows you to direct the audience’s attention to specific website elements. Surrounding these important elements with whitespace makes them more prominent, drawing the audience’s eye to them. 

Let’s assume your agency is creating a home page for a clothing and apparel company. The website’s home page is categorized into three sections. These include an introduction, a link to their online store, and a contact section. 

If you wish to make the online store’s link more prominent than the other sections, start by placing it at the top of the web page to make sure visitors don’t miss the link to the client’s online store. You can use videos, images, and icons to make this section more appealing. In addition, consider using a larger font size and text to draw emphasis to it. Surrounding it with whitespace will also make it more prominent, prompting the users to take action.

Simplify the design

Simplifying web design is crucial because it improves your site’s navigation. Good website design leads the user to their desired content. Meanwhile, a poorly designed website confuses users because they don’t know where to find the content they want, affecting the user experience.

Keeping design elements simple also decreases web page load time. Statistics show that most users will leave a website if it takes more than two seconds to load. 

A simple web design allows you to focus on the core message your client wants to convey. For instance, keeping the previous example in mind, let’s assume your clothing apparel client wants to generate more leads by having users contact them. A straightforward design will allow users to learn about the company’s offerings, provide information about why the client’s products are right for them, and then take users to the contact section, where they can reach out to the sales representatives with queries.

Focus on mobile optimization

Statistics show that nearly 59 percent of internet traffic comes from a mobile device. Smartphones have evolved considerably over the past decade, which means more people are using mobile devices to browse the internet than before. As a result, your agency must focus on optimizing your website for mobile users.

Google’s mobile-first indexing approach prioritizes the mobile version of your site’s content to rank and index. Therefore, if your client’s website isn’t mobile-friendly, it might not rank as high on search engines as it should. 

Responsive web design automatically changes the CSS of your website depending on the device type and screen size. 

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Minimize load time and maximize page speed

Load times and page speed affect bounce rates. Users prefer websites that can load within two or three seconds. Otherwise, they lose interest and leave your website.

Google considers page speed an important factor when ranking websites because it impacts user experience. Websites with slow page speeds and longer load times negatively affect conversions. They also have a lower average time spent on the page.

Your agency can minimize load times and increase page speed in various ways. Limiting and eliminating unnecessary redirects is one way. Adding a trailing slash at the end of URLs is another way to minimize load times.

Similarly, large image files cause long load times. Compressing and resizing images can reduce load times and increase page speed. Consider using PNG and JPEG files because they’re easier to compress, and every modern browser supports them.

Consider white label web design services

Consider white label web design services if your agency doesn’t have the expertise or staff to create well-designed web pages for clients. If you’re looking for white label web designers based in New York, we can help you. Rocket Driver is a digital marketing agency that has been an industry leader since 2011.  

Working with us allows you to offer clients customized web development and design solutions at a fraction of the cost. We’ll handle your client’s web design needs while you focus on managing client relationships and offering them your expertise in other areas.

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Get White Label Web Design Services from Rocket Driver

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