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Rocketdriver was a company founded by sales, marketing and development professionals with experience in outsourcing who saw a major problem in the marketplace; Broadly speaking the market for outsourcing of development is limited with three basic options - hire an independent developer, hire an expensive company or hire a company with no business experience - all three are terrible options that conspire to make white label development nearly inaccessible to the very people who need it the most - entrepreneurs and business people. 

It was with this understanding that the concept of Rocketdriver was borne - a company built by marketers who understood development and the needs of the market.
Rocketdriver is a company founded by hard hitting marketers with real-world experience - not a business founded by academics. This is expressed in our overall attitude as a company where we place a strong emphasis upon personal motivation, self-study and hard work.
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The RD team has a varied and strong background in information technology, sales of all kinds, marketing of all types and business consulting of a wide, varied nature as well as the fact we are all entrepreneurs - there isn't a single member of senior staff that hasn't owned their own businesses and been in the very shoes our partners are in each and every day.

We pride ourselves on being a company that is forever learning and forever acting as students of our craft - growing as times change.
Company Bio
Founded in 2011, Rocketdriver is a privately owned business headquartered in New York City and is proudly 100% American owned and operated. We pride ourselves on an impeccable reputation, clean bill of health as a business and many thousands of projects completed to our (white label) credit. 

We don't divulge the precise number of partners that we have but will say that one of the best aspects of our business is that not only do very few of our members quit - they often come back later and have very positive things to say about us. As a company Rocketdriver is also a great place to work - check out our careers page for more information.
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Our Mission
Our mission as a business is to do the best job possible bringing entrepreneurs the training, education, support and (above all else) services that empower them to grow healthy companies of their own. 

This basic mission translates into numerous sub-plots, we want to be the best training business we can possibly be, to deliver the best content to members possible, to deliver the best marketing materials, to consistently conduct recruiting flawlessly, to keep our operations as personalized as possible while we grow in volume to meet the demands of a growing base of partners.
History & Goals
Historically speaking RD has been a successful business with growth occurring nearly every quarter since we've been in business - but growth (to us) is not just numeric, its qualitative and technological. Just adding members to a company that is itself unresponsive isn't a good long term plan - we know that and have continually taken measures to ensure not just our future but the future of our partners is secure.

As we proceed into the future we are keeping an eye on introducing new services and working feverishly to introduce new features to our members. 
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Media Inquiries
If you are a blogger, reviewer or member of the press and would like to get more information from us than this page presents please feel free to contact us. We pride ourselves on being transparent about our program and welcome the opportunity to be reviewed, interviewed or to just have a chat.

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