What a great year!

Highlights from an incredible year!
Brand New State Of The Art Partner Website 

In 2017 we upgraded all of our partners with a Brand New state of the art marketing website. 
This site is based on conversion and has been designed based on science. 

This upgrade was huge and marked a turning point for our business and for all of our partners. 

In order for you to succeed you need to look like a million bucks, have credibility and have a site that converts. 

This new site does just that. 
Rocket 2.0
Partner Back Office 2.0

RD 2.0 represents a core shift forward for us as a company and for all of you as partners!

We implemented major changes to make the portal easier to access, understand and use.

Some of the upgrades and changes include:

Over 35 new videos that explain everything in detail that are all short, sweet and to the point.

New Homepage: Just click to go most of the sections in the portal.

New "Start Section": For New Partners - 16 quick reference videos to get you up and running asap. 

New Basic Training Section: Quick & Easy Tutorials

New Resources Section: Quick access to documents and resources necessary to run your business.

New intake/quote document: Updated tha coincides now with our 100 new templates.

We did these upgrades and changes in response to the feedback we get each and every day from all of you because it is together that we’ve built this program into what it is today.
Engaging New Templates 

You’re clients now have over 150 new gorgeous templates to choose from! Each one is professionally designed, engaging and conversion-oriented. Also your clients now have access to free high quality images and videos all helping the development process go as smooth as possible. This was a major upgrade.
Faster. Slicker. Richer. New Editor For Your Clients!
New Editor For Clients
Your client's experience got easier, smoother and faster with our slick new editor. Launched at the beginning of 2017, it set the stage for an incredible year of fantastic features and possibilities. Innovative new technology and improved editor performance.

Enjoy slicker, easier site editing with a streamlined process and increased consistency. The most state of the art platform in the biz. 
The Need For Speed! Fastest Sites On The Web!
Google's Need For Speed
Our websites are the only Google Preferred  Platform that is fully aligned with the search giant’s best practices for creating websites with the best possible load times. 

Accomplishing this goal meant making a lot of improvements and adjustments in the way our sites are coded, but by far the biggest challenge was removing any render-blocking JavaScript or CSS. 
New Tablet Editor

The slick new tablet editor gives you the freedom to edit and build websites anywhere you want. 
The improved tablet editor gives your client's now full access to the responsive website editor via tablet!
With slick UI and a touch-friendly design, they will be able to edit & remove widgets, and upload images, anywhere they are.
For helping to make 2017 such a success.

We’re looking forward to a fantastic 2018 together, with exciting new capabilities including mobile editing, more team collaboration, and greater editor flexibility. 

Happy New Year!
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