Reseller Comparison

All Resellers Are Not The Same!
The differences between them can literally make or break your business.
Huge Differences

Before you hop into this industry with both feet, it's important you understand the critical differences between a company like Rocketdriver and most of the others that exist out there. These differences are not nominal, they are crucial! if you choose the wrong development company you could be looking at problems that range of basic security to development failure to being outright scammed or having identity theft perpetrated against you or your clients.
Let's Compare
Apples to Apples
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Who does the work?

We do, 100% of development is done by Rocketdriver - in house, by our development staff.

We do not sub out the work to any third party contractors - ever. Everything from us is done by us, under our management.
Who does the work?

With many the reseller (you) do the work, the company merely provides software to do it.

With others, the work is subbed out to third party contractors overseas who you do not know and will never be aware of.
Where is the work done?

Under direct management of RD - in house - we sub out nothing and push onto other companies.
Where is the work done?

With many the work is done by the resellers themselves (you) but some push the work overseas or sub it out to unknown developers.
How safe is this?

Extremely safe! as a company we follow stringent safety protocols, employ SSL encryption and never share your or your clients data with anyone - ever.
How safe is this?

Who knows? we don't! when you sub work out overseas to companies not in any way compelled to obey the laws of your country anything can happen - and often does.
Pricing & Costs

Our pricing is not only extremely affordable - wholesale priced, but when you look at the overall cost of ownership over time, we're dramatically cheaper.
Pricing & Costs

Expensive! when you consider that you either be doing your own support or having to go back to this company and pay more and more each time something is needed - its not cheap.

Rocketdriver has over six years in business and thousands upon thousands of satisfied clients. 

Our development staff have collectively hundreds of years of experience.

Unknown and unverifiable, when you work with most outsourcing firms they sub work out to third party contractors, who may again sub it out.

You don't know who is doing development and you cannot find out.

We use state of the art and industry leading tools, platforms and technologies to construct everything we produce and every service we offer.

Most importantly, our technology will be here in the future, there will never be a time when your website gets shut down.

Many outsourcing firms use obsolete software programmed by third parties. 

Some even field websites and other solutions with known security vulnerabilities knowing full well that most people cannot and will not check it out.
Reputation & Ethics

With thousands of partners and many thousands more of projects to our credit we have managed to keep a very good reputation. 

If you look us up online we pass any test of credibility - because we are a legitimate company.
Reputation & Ethics

The reputations of most white labeler reselling companies is sketchy at best and at worst its downright criminal. 

A quick google search will often reveal complaint after complain and a veritable wreckage trail of victims - don't become one of them, do your homework.

We publish a massive portfolio of websites and other work we have completed - it speaks for itself.

Most importantly however is that our portfolio is OUR PORTFOLIO we actually completed all of the work published in it.

We design, develop and complete all work in-house, by our designers and developers. This is crucially important to understand - our partners do not have to do any work, it is done our trained professionals - not by them.

We stand behind our work.

The portfolio's published by many white label reseller companies are false for several reasons.

Firstly, the ones published by the tool-maker style reseller companies are actually the portfolio of users work - not the companies work.

Secondly, the work published by the sub-out or outsourced web development companies are actually the work of other web firms.

Lastly, there are many reselling companies that publish outright fake portfolios they've stolen from other people.
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