Khari N.
Cindy P.
Michael B.
Eric. A
"I called Rocket Driver three years ago and signed up with them. Here we are 3 years later and I am still with this organization. 

Every thing they said they were going to do, they did. This company goes above and beyond to help you build your business. Rocket Driver helped me build a nationwide company by supplying me with sales people and giving me all the help, training and support that I needed. 

Their developers are amazing. They developed high quality sites for my clients that intern gave me a lot of credibility and a ton referrals. I have built an amazing business over the years thanks to my hard work, dedication, perseverance, passion and with the help of RocketDriver. My ability to earn residual income on all of my clients is what took me to the next level. I haven't lost a client since the day I joined Rocket Driver. 

Anyone that writes a negative comment about RocketDriver doesn't know the company and never joined as a partner. They have no idea who this company is and what they stand for. 

If you are interested in becoming your own boss, you should check them out."

Heather C.
Sonia P. 
Channon W.
Jonathan B.
Nikita S.
[1/30/17, 2:30:24 PM] Rocket Driver:
" I was interested in becoming a partner with Rocket Driver and had my brother who is an attorney do a full background investigation on them. Here is what he came back with. 

#1 They are a very reputable company that has been in business for over 6 years.
#2 The develop state of the art technologies, mobile sites, responsive websites and eCommerce websites. They develop websites in 78 languages. They have a huge portfolio of websites that they have developed over the years. 
#3 The Rocket Driver development team has over 15 years of experience and have developed over 10,000 websites. They are the leader in their industry. (niche market) 
#4 They are 100% American based. They do not outsource their work. 
#5 Rocket Driver is the only company that develops the websites for you so you can focus on sales and building your business. 
#6 They are the only company in the world that supplies you with sales people to help you build your business. 
#7 You control all of the money. You are in full control of your business and your sales people, which means when you make a sale to a business, the business you sold pays you and not Rocket Driver giving you 100% control of your money. No other company does that. 
#8 They had their partners help them develop their business and back offices over the years which gives you a proven system that works. 
#9 They have world class support open 7 days a week - 12 hours a day. 
#10 You have 24 hour - 7 day a week access to their partner portal which has all of the tools that you need to run a profitable business. 
#11 They give you a Tool that detects if a site is mobile or not in 5 seconds or less to help you and your sales people with only contacting businesses that are not mobile. 
#12 You have access to 11 million free leads + 100,00 new leads every month
#13 All marketing materials > contracts - scripts - provided!
#14 You get to own your own business - Your company name, not theirs.
#15 Rocket Driver is the only white label company that is not retail. They don't compete against you. 
#16 You get a free State of the art CRM to track your sales reps which is crucial for any business. 
#17 They give you a free Email Marketing Suite so you can track who opens your emails. 

I wanted to share this information with anyone that is interested in partnering with them. They are what they say they are and what they claim they are. They are a real company with a real opportunity for you to become your own boss. If your wondering if I became a partner, the obvious answer is yes. "

Marcelo O.
"I have signed up with a bunch of other companies to be a distributor and none of them even come close to Rocket Driver. I wish I had found this company a long time ago, it would've saved me a ton of cash and time. 

If you are an entrepreneur and are interested in started your own company or doing your own thing, you should really check out Rocket Driver, you will be glad you did. This company has been around for a very long time and is the best in it's class. 

I have nothing bad to say at all about Rocket Driver. Everything they said they would do, they did. I am really impressed. I joined up as a partner on June 23 and I am building a successful website development business. 

I am making more money and have more time and freedom than I thought I would ever have. I stand behind them 110%, but don't take my word for it, go on their website and read it cover to cover, like i did, then call and talk to them yourself. 

Two thumbs up for Rocket Driver. I totally recommend this company if you are serious about starting a real business. If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme and don't want to put in the hard work, then they are not the company for you. "

Stacy M.
"I did a lot of research before making my decision to partner with Rocket Driver and they are the best in the business. If you are interested in running your own business and selling a product that businesses must have, they are the only solution. Great company, state of the art mobile solutions and amazing support. 
This company is the real deal."

Bill E.

"Rocket Driver is an amazing company. This company gives you everything that they promise you. 
I have never been part of such a professional organization. 

Their support and training is the best I have ever seen. They really Rock! "

Kurt S.
"WOW! These guys blew me away when I accessed their back office. They are the REAL DEAL!!!!! 

Rocket Driver is so professional. They are the nicest people that are interested in helping me build my own company. I am so impressed with them that I decided to write a testimonial. 

I have been a partner for 2 months and they proved to me that they are the #1 in the industry. I have never been so happy and have never made so much money in my LIFE!!!!

I would like to formally thank Rocket Driver because they really deserve it. You guys really Rock!!! Thank you soooooooooo much! "

Tony C.
"Rocket Driver has been a great company to work with. Whenever we have a question or an issue, they are always quick to help and to offer additional solutions when necessary. Overall my experience has been wonderful and I would gladly recommend this company! 

I've been a reseller for years and I highly recommend it! It's been a great additional piece to be able to offer my marketing clients. 

Keep up the great work! "

"In my experience with Rocket Driver they are innovators. There are many white label companies to choose from but I have tested them all and found Rocket Driver to be the best in the business.

Their support is amazing and quick to respond to issues and questions.

Rocket Driver is the leader in the business of mobile design. "

Jerome Walker
" The Rocket Driver team have given us the support, training & tools that we needed to build our company. I have over 100 sales people working for me and have sold thousands of websites. The biggest difference is that Rocket Driver really cares about us! Their coaching is thorough and has been critical for us to achieve the growth that we have amassed. 

I am continually impressed with their customer support, all the way up to Tom’s true passion for seeing each of us succeed. 

Rocket Driver is easily the best! Thanks so much and keep up the amazing work!

I would recommend anyone to partner with them. "

Melanie W.
"Rocket Driver is the #1 company to partner with hands down! If you want to build your own company and take advantage of the booming mobile industry then you should check this company. 

I always wanted to be in the tech industry but I was scared since I am not a techie. Selling responsive website design is easy. You don't need to be a techie at all. Rocket Driver's training is very detailed and concise! They broke it down to me in laymen's terms. They gave me the confidence to go out there and build a successful digital agency. 

You should really check them out if you are tired of working for someone else. They changed my life. "

Brett W.
"Right now I earn $5,000 week average as a partner for Rocket Driver. I joined 2 months ago. I am building my own company with my own name. I control all of the money and my business. Rocket Driver has talented people working for them that have the know how to help anyone build a thriving company in the mobile industry. It doesn't matter if you are technically challenged. They are methodical and thorough with their training. I learned the industry in a few days and made my first sale on the 2 week. I earned $4,000 on my first sale and from then on I never looked backed. 

I am working on building my company to the point where I can earn $10,000 weekly. I am almost there. I can scale this business as fast and big as I want because Rocket Driver builds the websites for my clients. They have amazing tools in their back office which helps me close a lot of deals. Their support is phenomenal. This company really cares about their partners and their success. 10 stars for Rocket Driver! 

They changed my life practically overnight. One thing I can share is that if you are lazy then forget it. You need to work hard. If you follow their proven road map and have passion and attitude you will make more money than you have ever made. "

William B.
"I just became a partner with Rocket Driver and I am amazed at how professional they are. I have never seen such a thorough back office. Everything you can possible think of is in the back office to help me learn the industry. All the tools I need are there. Marketing materials, scripts, contracts, training, I mean everything. 

I have tried other white label companies and they don't even come close to Rocket Driver. This company is the real deal. I have no doubt in my mind that I will be successful. You know why? Because this company is not a gimmick. They are 100% legitimate. I have never seen anything like this. Honestly, I am so lucky I found them. 

5 STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Trish S.
"Best products and support in the business.

My favorite part about Rocket Driver is how fast they innovate their products and the quality in which they create their mobile solutions. Their support is absolutely incredible. "

Jill Krantzen
"The best in the business! 

- They develop the mobile sites so I don't have to. I can focus on selling and building my company. They are the only company that does this. 
- Great customer support 
- Kind, courteous, knowledgable & fast response
- Excellent training, marketing materials & tools 
- Powerful revenue generating features
- Constantly innovating
- Market leader 

Totally impressed! "

" After going on their site, I called them to see if they would answer the phone and they did. I was helped by an individual that was very informative and intelligent who made me feel really comfortable. He answered all of the questions and concerns that I had. 

I decided to join Rocket Driver as a partner. The training I have in my back office is very detailed and thorough. All the training is numbered and step by step. I am really impressed with this company."

Rick P.
"I found Rocket Driver in Nov. 2015 and did plenty of research on the company before becoming a partner in June of 2016 .

I studied all of their training materials and have just about finished putting together our business plan. All of the training and help that has been given by Tom Lombardi and team is beyond what i expected, they over-deliver 500%. We are done putting everything together with the help of Rocket Driver support and are now in the implementation stage. I have no doubt that we will be highly successful in our business, thanks to the entire Rocket Driver Team. 

Anyone who is negative about this company is either illiterate or has no idea what is needed to build a successful business and should look for a J.O.B. and let someone else do the thinking for them, and make all the MONEY!"

"We have worked closely with the team at Rocket Driver for the last two years, almost from the very beginning of our business. During this time they have provided us with exceptional service concerning training, support and development of top notch websites. 

Whether it’s tailoring a pitch to perfectly suit the needs of digital media agency, to brainstorming on creative and innovative ways to work with ideas on a larger scale. Not only are they dependable and efficient, but they’re fun, savvy, and their energy is contagious. With their level of dedication and drive, their hard work and invaluable insight has greatly contributed to the steady growth of our company. 

We look forward to working with them in the many years ahead! I would recommend Rocket Driver to anyone who is looking for intelligent, fun professionals who know their way around the mobile industry.”

Fred M.

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