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Real People
100% Authentic, 100% Real and 100% Unstaged
We asked our partners what they thought about our program and that was it - they could say anything they wanted. These testimonials are from real partners are 100% authentic and represent real people who partnered with us to change their lives and build real businesses.

Why people believe in us
Real partners, unscripted, not staged and unedited!

They have over delivered 

“I've been with Rocket Driver now for over 9 months and I truly changed my life. We are doing something that no one else is doing out there.”
Randy J, Colorado
“I am so excited that I found Rocketdriver, the trainers are awesome, the websites are beautiful”

Shanna C.

New York
“I've never seen such a thorough job in documentation, a powerful, powerful, powerful company"

Curt S.

“The support is fantastic, the website prices are very affordable and the program is fantastic.”

Sonia P.  


Rocketdriver has the integrity a person looks for 

“Rocket Driver has paved the way for a lot of us and has made a difference in our lives.”
Nikita S, Nebraska
Another Happy Partner
Thank you Heather!

"I called Rocket Driver three years ago and signed up with them. Here we are 3 years later and I am still with this organization. 

Every thing they said they were going to do, they did. This company goes above and beyond to help you build your business. Rocket Driver and helped me build a salesforce and guided me through a (lot) of questions.

Their developers are really nice. They developed top quality sites for my clients and answered a lot of questions I had which gave me credibility with my clients too. I have built an amazing business over the years thanks to them.

If you are interested in becoming your own boss and building your own business, you should check them out."

Heather C.
Real People
Real Businesses, Real Results
Another Satisfied Partner
A Life Changed For The Better

"I have signed up with a bunch of other companies to be a distributor and none of them even come close to Rocket Driver. I wish I had found this company a long time ago, it would've saved me a lot of time and money. 

If you are  interested in starting your own company or doing your own thing, you should really check them out.

I have nothing bad to say at all about Rocket Driver. Everything they said they would do, they did. I am really impressed. I joined up as a partner on June 23 of this year and I am building a successful client list right now.  

I totally recommend these guys. If you are looking to start an agency or just getting started in the business then they make a logical choice "

Stacy M.
More & More Happy Partners
What more is there to say?

"I found Rocket Driver in Nov. 2015 and did plenty of research on the company before becoming a partner in June of 2016 .

I studied all of their training materials and have just about finished putting together our business plan. All of the training and help that has been given by Tom Lombardi and team is beyond what i expected, they over-deliver 500%. We are done putting everything together with the help of Rocket Driver support and are now in the implementation stage. I have no doubt that we will be highly successful in our business, thanks to the entire Rocket Driver Team. 

Anyone who is negative about this company is either illiterate or has no idea what is needed to build a successful business and should look for a J.O.B. and let someone else do the thinking for them, and make all the MONEY!"

"We have worked closely with the team at Rocket Driver for the last two years, almost from the very beginning of our business. During this time they have provided us with exceptional service concerning training, support and development of top notch websites. 

Whether it’s tailoring a pitch to perfectly suit the needs of digital media agency, to brainstorming on creative and innovative ways to work with ideas on a larger scale. Not only are they dependable and efficient, but they’re fun, savvy, and their energy is contagious. With their level of dedication and drive, their hard work and invaluable insight has greatly contributed to the steady growth of our company. 

We look forward to working with them in the many years ahead! I would recommend Rocket Driver to anyone who is looking for intelligent, fun professionals who know their way around the mobile industry.”

Fred M.
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