Partnership Program

A True Partnership
With us you always matter and are never alone.
Overview Partnership Features Our Commitments
You sell
Focus on growing your business

The Rocket Driver Website Development Partnership is the only turnkey solution that empowers, entrepreneurs, designers and agencies of all sizes to grow their businesses by focusing on sales instead of costly development. With us you interface with a professional development team who handles all the development tasks for you.
We do all the heavy lifting for you
Time is money, why waste it? 

The Rocket Driver Website Development Partnership is designed for growth, flexibility and scalability. We do 100% of the development work for you so you don't have to. Unlike others in this industry you don't have to work with clunky tools or do edits yourself - we do all of the heavy lifting for you.
Our Back Office
The grand central station of your business

The RocketDriver Partner back office is loaded with all of the tools that you need for your day to day operations. 

We have been building the RD back office for over five years. It’s the most detailed, comprehensive and thorough back office compared to any white label company in the industry. 

We take your partnership and success seriously and it’s our mission to make sure you have what you need to build a profitable business. 

Partnership Features

Our experts teach you everything you need to know to get you up to speed quickly so you can start making money asap!
We are not a do it yourself company. We develop all of the websites for your clients so you don't have to!
Success Roadmap
We have a proven road map to success! Everything is step by step so you don't make any mistakes. Why reinvent the wheel?
Your Website
Receive your very own customization ready website when you join RD. Everything you need to start selling right away!
Marketing Tools
Supercharge Your Lead Generation & Closing Efforts By Providing Customized Mobile-Friendly Analysis Reports!
Great Support
We are open 6 days a week 12 hours a day to answer any questions that you have. We are always available to help you succeed!

Closing Techniques
Proven closing techniques trained upon for you and your salespeople to learn, grow and utilize in building your company!

Program Overview

Our partner program at a glance
What's included and what makes it unique
100% Private Label Services
All services from us are 100% white label, private label and unbranded - when you partner with us, we become your silent partner, doing the development work behind the scenes without your clients ever knowing about us.

Comprehensive Training
Hours of video training, recorded and live webinars for you and your salespeople - who, by the way, have their own training portal! - yep, you heard us right, we not only train you, but we train your salespeople - but more about them further down this page... oops we've said too much!

We do marketing so you don't have to! All new partners are furnished with leads of businesses that are not mobile to help them make sales as quickly as possible - we know, it's too good to be true, but it is!

Advertising for salespeople can be a chore for someone just starting a business, so we do that for our partners too. We place ads and collect resumes, perform cursory sorting and pass them onto our partners - one less thing to do!

Customizable Website
Our partners need websites, so we furnish you with a website built in the exact same technology that they sell. The site is 100% editable and customizable but comes ready-to-roll - just add a logo!

Closing Techniques
We train our partners and their salespeople in the most important part of this business - closing deals. We cover everything from basic closing techniques every sales pro should know to the most advanced and product specific techniques possible.

Much Much More...
Closing techniques, software, online tools, links - we have so many things included in this partnership it would take us too long to list it all here, so why don't you watch below and see if we missed anything? Or better yet, join us and we'll talk on a webinar?

Comprehensive Training

Don't worry! 
You don't need to be a geek to sell this!

It's literally not Rocket Science. Our training is very thorough and step by step. 
Our expert trainers have decades of experience in sales, marketing, IT, programming and more, if you ever have a question they are here to guide you.

State of the Art Technology

Technology you can bank on (literally)

When we say our technology is state of the art - we really mean it. Our websites are not only built to be responsive and adaptable to all of today's devices, they are built on a platform with the future in mind, we new devices emerge sites built with us will not antiquate and age like most others - but that's not all. 

Our sites are built with the modern wireless world in mind and that means mobile visitors who are using variable connections (3G, 4G etc) and therefore sites need to be built to accommodate them - we do this. Our platform is the only one currently in existence that is Google preferred for page speed, this means faster load times and less lost customers for our partners clients.
Our sites are built on the only Google-preferred platform fully optimized for page speed.


The fastest in the business

We are one of the fastest development houses in the industry because we utilize both industry standard agile development processes internally as well as advanced and custom project management, design and development systems to get our work done efficiently. In fact, a large part of why our pricing is so competitive is because our development processes and technology allow for ultra-fast development, cutting down on costs which directly translate into lower prices for our services.
A proven roadmap

We have developed literally thousands and thousands of websites and guide our partners through the process of development from the moment they land a client. Whether it is gathering of content, gathering information such as passwords or other vital data - we are there to help at every step. We understand that development of sites can seem intimidating to those new to this industry - we are your development arm and will guide you through a proven roadmap.
Safe & Reliable

We understand the delicate intricacies of developing websites for businesses that have sensitive information on them, we also have some of the strictest security in the business. Passwords shared with us and other sensitive data is kept secure the entire time and never shared with any third parties. We are a safe, reliable development company and always follow industry leading security protocols to ensure our partners are safe and can rest easy working with us.

Road Map to Success

Time to hit the road!

We have been in the development business for decades 
and know this industry inside and out. Our proven road map to success will make your learning curve an easy one to navigate no matter your level of technical expertise. We will help you avoid the pitfalls and mistakes by giving you 
all of the knowledge you need to be successful.

Your Own Website

Your very own website from day one

We care about your success that is why we supply you with a beautiful state of the art responsive website.

Your site comes loaded with content, images, videos, statistics and
a monster portfolio
to give you all of the credibility you need to impress prospects and close deals.

Your Sales Reps Get Their Very Own Back Office - Agent Portal 

Your sales reps will have access to their own back office via an agent login tab on your marketing website that is provided to you when becoming a partner with RocketDriver.

Your sales reps will have all the tools they need to sell your mobile solutions. They are provided with sales training videos and a massive marketing and resource library.

Managing your sales reps is easy. They have one convenient resourceful location where they can find everything they need to make a sale.

Marketing Tools

Everything you need to start selling immediately

We furnish our partners with
the most robust and real-world useful marketing toolkit that we believe, has ever been assembled in this industry.

The first set of tools we've assembled and supply are software tools important to selling.
Revenue Robot

Supercharge Your Lead Generation & Closing Efforts By Providing Customized Mobile-Friendly Analysis Reports!

Stop "Telling" And Start "Showing" Your Prospects How They Are Getting Crushed By Their Mobile-Friendly Competition. In this day and age people need to see it to believe it. 

Increase your closing rates by 70-120% by using this state of the art marketing technology.

► Leverage a proven and powerful lead generation and "closing machine" created by a fellow RocketDriver partner!!!!!

► Clearly show your prospect how bad their website appears on mobile devices (and screenshots of their mobile-friendly competitors!)

► Differentiate your business and leave your competitors in the dust by providing customized and valuable competitive research to your prospects It's simple.

Scripts & Docs

Our marketing tools come in two forms - rebrandable (white label) materials useful for conducting prospecting, consulting, marketing and above all else sales. These are furnished in industry standard formats that anyone can edit to suit their needs.
Google & Bing - Mobile Site Analyzers!
These tools will tell you if a site is mobile or not in less than 5 seconds.
Power Point Presentations
Beautifully designed power points explaining the industry and our technology to help you close business. 
All editable and re-branded to you.
Condensed and detailed explanations about the mobile industry and our technology to show your clients! Great for sales.
Sales scripts
Great sales pitches created by our sales pro's that have been in the development industry for over 15 years! We teach you what to say to help you close business and what not to say, so you don't lose the sale.
Sales Tactics
Prospecting: Finding new customers.
Qualifying: Deciding which leads to follow.
Sequential requests: Classic sales methods.
Objection-handling: Ways to overcome objections to the sale.
Closing techniques: Many ways of closing the sale.
The sales presentation: In front of the customer.
Amazing Sales tips: Useful wisdom not covered elsewhere.
PDF's & Word Docs
Show your potential customers the importance of having a responsive site with these detailed sales presentations. All presentations are white labeled and editable.
Sales Ebooks 
Whether you’re looking to bone up on the latest design trends, or provide branded material to your client’s about website personalization, we have you covered.
Pre made flyers targeted by industry to help you market your company to the hottest industries.
Email sales templates
Our executives created over 10 different sales email templates for you and your reps to send out to prospects to get their interest levels in high gear.
Website Monthly Analytics Reports
We supply you with killer reports for you to show your prospective clients how state of the art the RD website platform is!
Corporate Docs
Website Design Agreements, Proposals, Invoices, Credit card authorization forms, Independent Contractor Agreements, Non Compete Agreements, Sales Rep Agreements, Independent Agent Agreements and much more!
Performance Docs
Milestone Maps , Action Item Lists, Business Needs Worksheets, Marketing Analysis Worksheets. Keep your business organized, set milestones and much more!
Merchant Services
We have been partners with First Data for over 6 years. The First Data Merchant Services is the most competitively priced and easiest credit card processing programs available to partners.
Free CRM
A free platform that aligns sales and marketing so you can manage your pipeline without breaking a sweat. You can have 100 sales reps or 10,000. It's totally free!

Closing Techniques

One asset nobody in sales can work without!

The best marketing and service training in the world is only as useful as the ability people to translate it into dollars and cents, we know this and because we do we provide some of the best sales training in the entire industry.

A big part of our sales training centers around comprehension and utilization of closing techniques. A partial list of techniques we teach can be viewed below.
  • 1-2-3 Close
  • Adjournment Close
  • Affordable Close
  • Alternative Close 
  • Artisan Close
  • Ask-the-Manager Close
  • Assumptive Close
  • Balance-sheet Close
  • Best-time Close.
  • Bonus Close
  • Bracket Close
  • Calculator Close
  • Calendar Close
  • Companion Close
  • Compliment Close
  • Concession Close
  • Conditional Close.
  • Daily Cost Close
  • Demonstration Close
  • Diagram Close
  • Distraction Close
  • Doubt Close
  • Economic Close
  • Embarrassment Close
  • Emotion Close 
  • Empathy Close
  • Empty-offer Close
  • Exclusivity Close
  • Extra Information Close
  • Future Close
  • Golden Bridge Close
  • Handover Close
  • Handshake Close
  • Humor Close
  • Hurry Close
  • IQ Close
  • Handshake Close
  • Humor Close
  • Hurry Close
  • IQ Close
  • Minor points Close
  • Never-the-best-time Close
  • No-hassle Close
  • Now-or-never Close
  • Opportunity Cost Close
  • Ownership Close
  • Price-promise Close
  • Puppy Close
  • Quality Close
  • Rational Close
  • Repetition Close
  • Requirements Close
  • Reversal Close
  • Shame Close
  • Shopping List Close
  • Similarity Close
  • Summary Close
  • Testimonial Close
  • Thermometer Close
  • Treat Close
  • Valuable Customer Close
  • Ultimatum Close
  • Yes-set Close

World Class Support

We are always standing by to answer any of your questions! 

Our support is open 6 days a week 9 hours a day via our state of the art ticketing system. Our VIP and Ultra partners enjoy preferred (expedited) ticketing support as well as phone support. We make every attempt to make ourselves available and accessible to our partners through ongoing live webinars and events. 

Our Commitments

At Rocketdriver we value our partners above all else and make several commitments to our members:
  • We will do everything in our power to equip you with everything possible to succeed
  • We will always do everything we can to support you, your salespeople and your business
  • We promise to take you seriously, listen to you and let you help teach us what you need
  • We promise to give you the best training that we can provide for you and your salespeople
  • We promise to genuinely care about your experience with us and act accordingly

The Entire
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