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We are the only company that provides leads of businesses that are not mobile friendly to our partners.

You will have access to 10 - 11 Million businesses are not mobile!
Leads in all 50 states!
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The leads we provide to members as well as sell (at cost) are from qualified businesses that have been verified to not have mobile friendly sites.

These leads are literally money waiting to be picked up, we generate them (at great expense) and offer them to our partners.

We generate these ultra high quality leads so our partners can focus on the one thing that is going to grow their business - sales.

Our entire focus as a business is on obtaining strategic success for our partners and a huge part of that is to have them focusing on efforts that grow their businesses so they can not only be profitable at the level they are currently at - but to grow them more and more. Having a ready-made at-cost lead source set up by us allows our members to do just that - grow and grow.
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Can you believe it?

That's right, we are the only white label company in existence that provides its partners with actual, viable sales leads that they can go out and sell to.

Leads are not given to all membership levels but are sold at cost - zero profit on our part - to all partners.

We do this as a way to not only make ourselves a one-stop-shop but to ensure our partners have access to the resources they need to be successful in this industry in a convenient way.
The data you will receive
  • Business Name
  • Owner Name
  • Phone #
  • Fax #
  • Website URL
  • Business Revenue
  • Number of Employees
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Email
  • Address
All the leads that you will receive are from businesses whose websites are not mobile friendly.

All of this data is verified by Google!
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