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Earn $500 on every referral you send us!
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What is Rocket Affiliates?
Rocket Affiliates is an affiliate marketing program we've created for a way for us to partner with people just like you to market our partner program together - earning big in the process.
How does it work?
The way it works is simple, you sign up to our affiliate program and will receive a link; The link you receive will track those who go through it so we can associate those who buy with you - so you get paid. 

The more you share your link, the more people see it, the more who sign up, the more money you will make.

We make this process extremely easy and the odds are you already have the means to make your first few sales already - but more about further down this page...
What you can earn
We pay $500.00 per member you sign up, if you are only moderately successful and share to just a handful of people per day, you can expect to get, say, a handful of sales a month, earning you $1500-$4000 extra each month?
Not too bad for five minutes a day of work.

If you work hard and push it, you will likely do a lot better of course and earnings of $6000 - $7000 + per month are not uncommon - this is, after all, a state of the art program that represents a tremendous value, so it's easy to sell.
This is how easy it is to make it work for you!
We make earning with us as easy as humanly possible - by leveraging the power of social media. With our affiliate program all you need to do is sign up, share and post - use your already existing contact lists as ready-made lead sources to sell to and start earning right away.
Have social media?
Share and earn - it's that simple!
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Join our affiliate program! For every person that signs up under you, you get $500 for just a referral!

For a limited time we are having a special offer for our partners: 

For those who sign up now and bring someone into our program at ANY LEVEL we are offering $500 for the referral! This another great way to make money at Rocket Driver; But there is a catch, read below...
Make a video & it gets better!
We admit it, we lied above when we said there was a catch, it's really an opportunity. 

If you are an avid video blogger or maybe even not so avid but willing to give it a try, we are willing to reward you. Your chances of making more money go through the roof by posting your videos on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.

If you sign on now and bring someone into our program, we are not only going to give $500 we're going to give you 250 leads as a thank you for promoting our company.
Make a YouTube video promoting Rocket Driver and receive 
250 leads
How cool is that?

 Sign up now to become an Affiliate

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